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 Fetish cams – Fetishes- Everyone has one.

30 popular Fetishes Requested on Cam

That special thing gets your dick hard and have you transfixed and addicted. The thing that always turns you on and has you desperate to get your rocks off. Our Live cam chats are the kinkiest online

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Most guys know the best place to get all your fetish needs fulfilled is on a live fetish webcam site. The webcams have hundreds of sexy women online who can and will give you everything you need.

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But what are the most common fetishes? What are the things these gorgeous females get asked for more than any other? Let’s find out with a list of the 30 most popular fetishes asked or on cam.

FOOT FETISH 1-Feet –The number one fetish in the world. A foot fetish is the most common of all and is one easily given on cam.

The girls can dangle their feet at you, showing you their soles, painted toenails, toe rings, heels or ankles. Whatever area of their feet gets you off, they can focus on it for you. They can rub oil on them to get them wet and slippery, or they can show you how they give their awesome footjobs. One of the most popular requests in the fetish cams section is to Check out our fetish phone sex chat.

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Millions of guys get off on seeing sexy ladies smoking, and be it cigarettes, cigars or even pipes, thousands of camgirls smoke and love to do it sexily for guys like you.

They love to take a ciggie from the packet, put it between their lips, light it, inhale and blow the smoke at you. Or they can focus on flicking the ash into an ashtray or stubbing it. Tell them what area gets you off, and they can show you

3 – Ass
All guys love a pert ass, and 90% of the girls on here all have the tightest, sexiest asses you ever saw, and they love to show them off to you.

Whether you like them butt naked, in a thong, covered with knickers or enclosed in a pair of tight trousers, jeans or skirt, the women on this site have the wardrobe to satisfy whatever craving you have to see their arse
4 – Cleavage
Small? Big? Gigantic? No bigger than a handful? Pert? Floppy?

However you like your female tits to be, and whatever kind gets your motor running, there are girls here who fit the bill perfectly and not only do they all have fantastic tits, but they also love to get them out and fondle and rub them for you to get you hard and watch you wank. Rubbing oil on them, licking their nipples, groping them, shoving a dildo between them and showing you how they give soapy tit wanks. Whatever you want, if boobs are your thing, these babes are the ones for you sexy teasing girls on fantasy line – roleplay  big tit phone sex
Toned and slim, shapely and tanned or the thunder thighs of a BBW, legs are a massive turn-on.

Seeing them at the end of a tight skirt or tiny shorts, all glistening and toned will have your dick rock hard. They will fondle and stroke them and put their webcams up close to give you a clear image. These fetish cam girls sure know how to put on a show for horny members


6 – Stockings
From fishnets to sheer silk and lace, stockings have been a popular fetish for guys since they were first invented. Black, red, white, whatever the colour and material the chicks on this website can put a pair on that will satisfy your desires. Paired with a set of suspenders and matching panties, you have every man’s fantasy ready to do anything that gets you off
7 – Tights
Like stockings, tights are another popular turn-on. Tan, black, white, thick or sheer, a pair of pantyhose on a gorgeous woman is enough to get the juices flowing.

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8 – Leather
The way it creaks or the way it smells. Maybe it’s the way the light shines on it. Whatever it is, if you have a leather fetish, the girls online have jackets, skirts, trousers or coats that will bring your leather fetish to life. Tell them what item of clothing you like the best, and they will dress up in it for you and let you take it all in
Rubber cams9 – Rubber

Much like leather, a rubber fetish is derived from the smell, the sound it makes, the way it clings to her every curve or the light shining from it. All the live cam girls have skirts, dresses, trousers, catsuits and even stockings made from rubber that they can put on for you, and in a huge range of colours

10 – PVC
A cross between rubber and leather, PVC clothing is a favourite of BDSM submissives. – Top-requested outfit change in the fetish cams section coupled with panties
11 – Lipstick
You are watching her twist the end and put it to her gorgeous, full lips and gently run it around them, applying the lipstick colour. Maybe you like to watch her lick them afterwards or to see her put a piece of tissue between her lips and gently press on it.

These ladies have thousands of lipsticks in every colour imaginable, so whichever part of the application you like and whatever colour you fantasise about, they can make it a reality.
12 – Nails
Long and pointy, short and dainty, uncut or bitten to the tips. There is a woman on here with the type of nails you lust over. They can paint them for you if that’s what you like, or they can show you them up close, turning their hands to give you a full view. Thanks to HD webcams, you will see everything in perfect technicolour. We do have the best nail fetish chats online
13 – Tongue
A sexy tongue reminds guys of getting blowjobs, so it’s easy to see why a tongue fetish is so popular. She can stick it out, roll it around, twist it, roll it or show you how she loves to lick lollies. They can put their cams right up close to it and let you see it all in an uncensored cam show
14 – Belly Button
Whether you like an inning or an outie, pierced or tattooed, the sexy navels of these live babes on cam will fit the bill perfectly. On a flat, toned stomach or a BBW belly, they will flash their belly buttons for you and bring the cam up close for you to wank off to
bdsm chat15 – BDSM
If you like to be dominated by powerful women and serve at their feet, then there are dozens of Dominatrixes on here who will show you female supremacy and make you grovel at their feet. From CBT and ballbusting to chastity and cuckolding to nipple torture and sissy maid humiliation, they are experts in controlling men and will put you firmly in your place with no mercy shown
16 – Spitting
Be it being spat on by a dominatrix or simply just gobbing onto a cup, spitting is a bigger fetish than most people realise. The females on here can spit in a cup, their hand or even directly onto the webcam for a pov session. Thick gobs or stringy drops, they can do it any way you want them to.
17 – Burping
Lots of men love to see a woman burp. Loud or quiet, they get off on seeing a woman “less than perfect.”
18 – Farting
More popular than anyone knows, men who love to hear women letting off are in the right place. Loudly letting a rip or quietly letting the gas out, the girls here have no qualms about letting it all out for your enjoyment.
19 – Jewellery
Watches, bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces, you name it, and someone has a fetish. If you like to see chunky or subtle jewellery on a sexy female, then use the free cam area to tell her what you like, and she will wear it for you. She will put it on your screen and watch you wank off to it as she flashes it at you and lets you see it adorning her body
20 –Anal
Men have loved fucking or watching women get fucked up the ass for as long as time itself. They love how their eyes widen, and the groans as a huge cock penetrate their asshole. The chicks on here love it, too, which is perfect. They can take huge dildos up their brown star and love to ram it in and out right up to the hilt and fuck themselves crazy with it.
21 – Double Penetration
One in the pussy and one in the ass, guys who enjoy cam-to-cam sex shows are in the best place. All the girls here can take two massive dildos and go to town while you wank and watch. Stretching both holes to their limits, they love to see how turned on you get.
22 – Balloons
From taking it out of the packet and stretching it to blowing it up to trying it or bursting it, whatever you like about balloons can be satisfied here. Hugely popular, all the chicks carry a selection of balloons just for guys like you. They blow them up and bounce them around, giving you the delicious hollow ping before they sit on them or stomp them with their heels to burst them to get you off.
bbw webcams23 – BBW (Big Beautiful Women)
Chubby, chunky or obese, whatever. If you like women who carry a bit of meat, then you are in luck. Whatever size you want, there are BBWs on here who love to get naked or dress up slutty and let their bellies hang out chunky thighs flash, and chins dance. They are not ashamed of their bodies and love to see men like you show them how sexy they are by getting hard and jerking off to them.
24 – Shorts
Do you like knee-length baggy shorts? Tight thigh length? Or skimpy, tiny hot pants that barely cover their ass cheeks? Worry not, as the women in here have every type imaginable that they will wear for you and parade up and down for you to enjoy. Either with a t-shirt, crop top or just topless, they will dress for you however you, please.
25 – Panties
Everyone loves panties. Lacey, silky, skimpy things or even granny panties, whatever kind you enjoy, is possible. All the babes love to flash them and rub them for you. They can also rub themselves through the knickers and get off, which is a huge turn-on.
28 – Boots
One of the most popular fetishes out there, nearly every man has a fetish for a woman in a pair of boots. From furry uggs to anklets to knee-high fuck me boots to thigh highs, each camgirl has a pair that will float your boat, and they will wear them for you and walk up and down to let you hear the click on the floor or lie on the bed and spread their legs for you to enjoy the view
high heel fetish29 – High Heels
Much like boots, every guy likes high heels. The way it pushes a woman’s chest out to highlight her cleavage, to the click click click on the floor. With their ankles on display and feet inside a pair of high heel shoes, the sight I enough to have your cock hardening and these girls know it. They’ll put their heels on with a skirt, trousers, panties or just naked and circle them up close for you to adore and cum over
30– Hairy Women
Most people think men only like shaved pussy, but a big thick hairy pussy is more popular. They love a thickly covered bush or a Brazilian, even a landing strip. Pubic hair is a big turn-on for many men, but some love hairy armpits. Whatever you like, there is a chick on here who is hairy and ready to flash it for you.

So there you have it, the top 30 fetishes asked for on live cam. If you have one of these, or even if what gets you off isn’t on the list, the live webcam girls are open-minded and ready to indulge your every fantasy.

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