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Every submissive guy who likes to serve at the feet of a dominant woman also has a particular fetish that goes hand in hand with any femdom session they have. It can be for the dominatrix to be wearing things like leather, PVC, or rubber or it can be for smoking, spitting, or even gloves. But whatever it is, a session is not fantastic without it.

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If you are one such guy and you have a need to submit to a powerful woman but also have a fetish that you need to incorporate into a session, then the best place for you to go is to a live femdom cams site. On these sites, there are dozens of dominant females who are all experts not only in the art of dominating men but also in utilizing whatever fetishes they have and using them in their sessions.

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There are dozens of live Dommes available right now who can satisfy your desires and your fetishes in a domination cam show. No matter if you like to be dominated by a teenage humiliatrix a milf Domme, a granny dominatrix or even if you like a shemale Mistress, there is the woman for you online at this site. Check out and session with Kik Mistress if you dare

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By using the free webcam chat facility you can talk to the Domme and let her know what you want to do in your session but also any particular fetish you have. She is not a mind reader so it is important to tell her exactly what you like so she can tailor the show to the way you want it.

Contrary to popular belief among vanilla people, a domination session is not the slave doing whatever the Mistress wants. The sub actually decides what the show will entail and what will happen so it is vital you tell her everything you want.

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If you have a smoking fetish for example, then as soon as you enter the private area of her fem-dom cam room, she will take a cigarette and slowly light it up.

Taking a long drag and looking you in the eye with an arrogant stare, she will light it as the tip glows orange. Taking it between her perfectly manicured fingers, she will blow a thick puff of smoke right at you and you will feel like it has encased and enveloped you.

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You will instinctively close your eyes and practically be able to smell it. Ordering you to come closer and open your mouth, she will point her ciggie right up close to you and flick the ash into your mouth, ordering you to swallow it.

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You will practically be able to taste the unique taste of her ash as she uses you as an ashtray and casually finishes her ciggy and deposits her ash in your mouth.

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Or if you like feet, she will take her boots off and then shove her foot right up to the screen and give you a close-up shot of it.

Telling you to come close and worship it, she will run her fingers across the top and the sole while you watch with an open mouth. Wiggling her toes, she will ask you if you want to worship her feet, to kiss them and lick them.

Her perfect tootsies will be so close as you obediently lick them. Looking at the deliciously sexy little pieces of grime and sweat that gather, you will be almost able to taste the saltiness and your dick will be pulsing and desperate to be wanked.

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If you have a fetish for clothing such as leather then you are also in luck. Each female dominant has an extensive wardrobe collection that is brimming with different outfits so all you need to do is tell her you like leather and if it is a particular item of clothing as well, tell her this also.

She will wear this outfit for you and model it. Within the session, she will move around and make sure you get perfect views of it from all angles. For example, leaning forward to show her cleavage encased in a leather dress or turning around so you can see it perfectly hugging her ass in a pair of leather trousers.

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Each dominatrix is extremely knowledgeable at making sure all your desires are met.

There is plenty of online sites that have fetish cams available to you with plenty of girls waiting to experiment with new fetishes and sexual fantasies, so no matter what you have in mind be sure to let our girls know what you want.

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There are lots of sites with fetish cam girls waiting to chat, too many to list but the site listed above will take you to the very best adult fetish site with live cams, live fantasy chat, phone chats, cam to cam, sex play and so much more you can also check out other sites like fetishcamsonline.com- For fetish webcam and fantasy exploring in a live secure setting some great reviews of the top fetish sites online with the top chat hosts who enjoy

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Our mistresses enjoy giving you humiliation tasks while they take pictures and videos and add them to their websites. Are you a slave that needs to be humiliated by a cruel Femdom?

Read our BDSM slave rules here our rules include all types of kinks and fetishes that we like to bring into any webcam show with you however we do want our kinksters to know what we expect of them and likewise what they should expect from us as fetish mistresses


These are just a few examples of the types of ways it can go. Whatever you have a fetish for, if you also want to submit and serve a powerful female then this can all be fulfilled for you on this site.View all of our Live femdom cams- At femdomcamshows

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