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We have some amazing live femdom hosts waiting to have fun with you in an online BDSM cam session. Just enter the live free chat sessions below and begin your journey into slave training and strict online Mistress webcam shows.

What Kind of Shows Do I get on a Live Webcam Show? 

Great question and although the list could go on forever I will highlight the most popular types of webcam shows you would get in a live Mistress online session. If you are new to the whole BDSM arena please note it does not always have to be about pain, it can be erotic, sensual and teasing play as well. Mistresses enjoy Meeting new novices as well as seasoned players to the arena.

Phone sex UK Mistress for domination  by phone call

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Calls cost £2.00 per minute plus access charge. Callers must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. All calls are recorded. ).

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Tease and denial ( You are teased and denied an orgasm)

Cock and Ball Torture

Strap on Play – Anal play, prostate massage

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Verbal abuse

Fetish Cams including smoking, feet, balloons, High heels and latex

Spanking Sessions

Small penis humiliation

Sissy sessions/humiliation, training

Ballbusting sessions

Blackmail fantasy

financial domination

Giantess Roleplay

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So much more but these are just some of the more popular requests that are asked for daily in an online dungeon webcam session. If you are a sub/slave/sissy and are ready to become collared by a real live dominatrix, then step inside and begin your journey into the whole BDSM world, our Mistresses are waiting, with whips and canes, dressed in sexy fetish clothes, like leather, latex. PVC and rubber. See our live Mistress video chats here

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All men like a woman who takes control. There is nothing sexier than a female who takes charge, takes the lead and issues the orders in the bedroom. Even the most macho guy in the world likes his women to be in control and calling the shots between the sheets. But for some guys, it extends way past just kinky bedroom fun.

One of our top Mistresses Kik Mistress Enjoys many types of S&M sessions with weak unsuspecting, vulnerable slaves and sissy sluts. Check out her page to learn more about what she enjoys

Kik Mistress

It is a way of life. Female is the superior sex and some males have an insatiable desire to be dominated and controlled 24/7 by a superior, dominant woman. It’s in all us males and thankfully there are plenty of women out there who also feel like they are the superior sex and that men are beneath them.

We have hundreds of Kik femdoms online in the humiliation cams section where they wait to pounce and verbally abuse weak male slaves, sissy girls and all submissives

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You just need to find one who is open-minded, kinky and up for anything. We have hundreds of BDSM Mistresses live all waiting to make you the perfect little submissive. All waiting to mould you as they want you

And this is where things get difficult. It’s not easy to bring up your desire for femdom to your wife or GF. It’s easy enough to say you’d like her to dress as a nurse in stockings and suspenders.

Are you ready to step inside our Mistress camS Rooms for proper BDSM slave training?

But to say you want her to slap your face, call you names and whip you with her belt while wearing a leather catsuit is a tad more difficult to bring out into the open!

Have a Look at our page BDSM sex ideas – Sexual Fantasies – Punishments for effective behaviours

But thankfully there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. Thanks to the internet and the invention of the webcam, all you need is to log onto any number of live cam sites which will feature a femdom or BDSM section.

This will be filled with gorgeous, strict and sadistic Mistresses who will take all your fantasies and make them become a reality. Ready to check out the cruellest Domina mistresses online?

No matter what your idea of the perfect kind of woman to dominate and control you, you will find her here. The fiery redhead, cold raven haired Domme or cute blond, or mistress cams there is a massive selection and you will never be found with anyone to order you around.

And no matter what your particular fetish or kink, I guarantee you you’ll never find a Mistress online who will not be willing to act out your wildest fantasies with you. If you are into CBT, sissy dressing, SPH, JOI, chastity, anal training or any number of other kinks, there are webcam mistresses available who will blow your mind.

So don’t sneak around looking at tube sites and pictures when you’re on your own. There is no substitute for a live domination session. It gets everything tailored exactly to your tastes and the added POV femdom experience of strict, powerful women looking you in the eye as you fall to their feet is something you don’t get with videos.

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tease and denied

You can also check out our cam2cam sex page and see how much better it is to send your online dominatrix your webcam so she can see that you are carrying out all tasks that she demands of you slave.

Having the Mistress tell you what to do can be so humiliating to some slaves, they see you as their sex slave to play with, dominating, caning and face sitting is some of the top types of cam shows these cruel females enjoy. This is BDSM bondage at its very best, brutal female domination with a dom who does not give a shit about your pathetic little feelings. You can also view hundreds of live webcam at any

View our page for tips on how to be a good submissive

All of our strict mistress chat have women who live the lifestyle who enjoy the power, who like to make a slave or sissy girls world crumble in front of them. Are you a submissive who needs to be put in your place?

Does watching a femdom strapon make you weak and powerless? Are you ready for some kinky Bondage?

The sadistic twisted punishment of a superior lady? These cruel Mistresses thrive on control to punish a submissive. They are bossy babes who get off on dominance, who enjoy making you feel worthless.

3 reasons Our  Website is one of the best Sites For Bdsm chat online with a fast-growing community and a huge selection of hosts

Massive selection of Mistresses has a great selection of online dominatrixes who thrive on the whole BDSM experience, they live the lifestyle and many of them have their very own dungeons. You can select the exact type of Mistress you want by using the search facility.

These are everyday women who enjoy sliding on their rubber outfits to appease all slaves and sissies. Our Dominatrixes actually listen and interact with the members and enjoy pushing slaves to their hardest limits

You can view the Dominatrix Webcam Free First before taking it further

One of the great things about this site is you can click right through to the free rooms and interact with the amateur and lifestyle Mistresses. Just click the chatbox and view the women for free, no need to sign up at first, and access to the webcams round the clock, no need to enter your credit card details unless you want a private session with the host.

The best webcam sessions with cruel Domina’s who enjoy cracking that whip and cuffing they useless little sissy girls and submissives. When she says jump you say “how high”.

so: Some of the reasons you should join our Online Mistress Web Cam Training

Easy to join

Free to Join

Cheap for private sessions

Thousands of cam models to select from

Search Facility

Trusted name

View Multiple webcams at the same time

You can have 2 Mistress Cam models direct you at the same time, no need to just be directed by one model at a time, you can view multiple cameras at the same time. This is why viewing Mistress webcam online and beginning your slave training is a must for us. Click the live streaming feeds and submit to your Mistress straight away.

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Thought about chastity and what it be like for your cock to be locked up in its own little prison hell? Well wonder no more checkout our chastity cams section for more information on how we control your manhood

This is not just like fifty shades of grey this is more about power exchange, Marquis de Sade.

These pro-dommes enjoy flogging and discussing all things fetish and BDSM over in any BDSM community.

If you think you are ready to test the waters and brave enough not to use a safe word, then head on into our live cruel Femdom cam chat areas and see just how far our Mistresses will push you.

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