Humiliation Cams Chat – 20 Ways to Humiliate a cam slave

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 Humiliation Cams -How to Humiliate a Cam Slave – Male or Female

 Humiliation cams Chat – Ideas and ways to humiliate a cam slave- Any dominant female knows that the best way to treat their slaves is with constant humiliation. It makes the slave more humble and serves to keep him in line, fearful of what she will do next or what she will pile on the degradation and an online Mistress is no different.

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As each dominatrix is live, they can issue commands and instructions to their poor submissives in real-time and really keep them on their toes. We are always looking for new cam slaves Perhaps you want to be the master and humiliate our cam girls – we have a whole section for that to

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There are dozens of femdom online right now with the experience and the sadisticness to make their slaves suffer. Are you a sub? Do you dream and fantasize about serving a strict Mistress on a webcam? If so, here are our  20 ways to humiliate webcam chat ideas listed below

20 ways to humiliate a slave on cam – Great humiliation webcam ideas to use in humiliation cams shows with your slave. sissy/subject – How do I know? Because I used them on webcam for 15 years – Enter Cam slave time for your torment. Our chat rooms are open 247 for all forms of degradation

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Cum Humiliation

Our Mistresses & Dominas love nothing more than cum humiliation, forcing their weak slaves & sissy bitches to eat cum loads, play with cum, in fact, the more humiliating the better. Think of cum eating instructions and you are close to how intense cum humiliation can be,

Best ideas on how to humiliate a slave – femdom humiliation 101

Webcam humiliation at its very best with lots of slave humiliation ideas to use on your own submissives either online or offline, we are always on the lookout for the slave on cam to degrade and dominate in kinky fetish and fun ways. Slave Humiliation is what we do best.

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1 – Make Him Beg To Cum

Orgasm denial is femdom 101. Control the cock you control the slave. Don’t let him cum and the frustration begins almost instantly, rendering him much more respondent to her abuse. Introduce cum humiliation the session forced and drinking directly from self-sucking or from a condom.

And of course, it is also extremely humiliating for a male to have to get on his knees and beg to be allowed to orgasm. The femdom slave should always know his place in orgasm control.

Wanking multiple times a day for years and now suddenly he has to plead at the feet of a powerful woman who cares not a jot for his suffering. The humiliation of having to beg to be allowed to do what real men do anytime they want makes this one of the most humiliating things a Dominatrix can do

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Live free chat rooms in the humiliation webcam section so you can test it out before you take a private 121 show – the Best way for the cam slave to test the water that is femdom humiliation 101

2 – Make Him Wear Sissy Panties

Making a male slave wear frilly sissy panties is very degrading. Fluffy and frilly, he will be deeply ashamed at having to wear girly, feminine underwear. The self-consciousness he feels and the shame of having these knickers on in front of a woman will burn deep and make for a very humiliated slave. From forced panty-wearing – Ie force him into panties or make him wear cum filled panties, this is all part of the online femdom training sessions for losers.

3 – Have Him Perform Anal On Himself

No man wants to feel a thick, 8-inch object inserted up their ass so making a slave take a dildo or vibrator and fuck his slutty ass will be very embarrassing. Making him bend over or get on all fours and slowly insert it, laughing at his groans as his asshole is filled.

Then give him orders to fuck himself harder and harder, faster and faster till he builds up a rhythm. A femdom slave should know how to use anal sex toys.

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4 – Get Him To Show His Oral Skills

The only thing worse for a straight slave than anal is being forced to perform blow jobs. He doesn’t want a dick in his mouth which is what makes this such an effective humiliation. Making him get on his knees and give fellatio to a dildo, instructing him how to suck and lick it and how fast to do it, will be very, very degrading

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5 – Ignore Him

It might not sound like it, but ignoring a slave is very humiliating. Sitting reading a magazine, filing your nails, surfing the web, or whatever, while he sits silently, desperate for your attention but not getting it is a powerful tool for a Domme to use. He worships the ground she walks on and lives for her attention so for her to sit and not even acknowledge him affects him deeply.

This was always one of my favorites – Just ignoring him and making him pay for the privilege – One of our top ideas for the humiliation cams section

6 – Make Him Hump A Pillow On The Floor

Letting him get sexual relief is one thing but why should he get to enjoy it? There are many ways to make it humiliating and having him put a pillow or cushion on the ground and then hump it like a dog in heat is about as humiliating as it gets. Especially if she laughs and cackles at him as he does so and then cheers sarcastically when he cums

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7 – Small Penis Humiliation

The ultimate form of humiliation and the go-to act for all mistresses. All men value the size of their manhood so for a gorgeous woman, whom he idolizes and worships, to ridicule it, laugh at it and point is shameful. She can also make him measure it against small objects such as chipolata sausages, baby carrots, and the like to really hit home to him just how small his dick really is. Another good way is for her to make him get a ruler and tell her exactly how small it measures up as

8 – Stand In The Corner

Being forced to stand in the corner like a naughty schoolboy is an effective way to get a sub to regress. Similar to number 5, having him stand in the corner with his hands on his head while she reads her emails or does some online shopping will make his cheeks burn red and the humility will hit him hard

9 – Make Him Pee Sitting Down

Sounds so simple but making a male sit down to pee is very embarrassing. Being able to stand up and pee anywhere is what being a man is all about so to force him to sit down to do it will make him feel emasculated and feminine. As he sits on the pan he will be unable to think of anything other than the days he could stand, whip his dick out and piss standing up. Now he has to sit down as a woman

10 – Make Him Lick The Toilet Seat

Nothing says humiliation more than having to lick a toilet seat. With her harsh tone and cutting, sarcastic quips, she will look on as he runs his tongue over the seat, under the rim, and all up to the back. She will also make him stick his head right in the pan and lick around the inside as well. For good measure, she might also get him to flush with his head still in there

11 – Make Him Eat Dog Food

For the more extreme humiliation, forcing a slave to tip a can of dog food out and then eat it all up is as far out as it gets. The foul stench, the taste, and the very idea will ring in his head

12 – Forbid him From Standing

Make him get on his knees or on all fours and don’t let him stand up. Make him go across the room to fetch things and then go back for something else. Make him crawl around all over the floor on his hands and knees till they ache. It degrading to be on all fours in front of a strong female who is insulting you so this method is very effective

13 – Collar him

To be made to wear a collar that shows you are owned and the property of another human being is very humiliating. Putting the leather or metal collar around his neck and buckling it up, a slave will be instantly aware of how degrading this is. For added effect, she can make him put a name tag on it saying “slave” or some other humiliating name. Some Mistresses will attach a little bell that rings every time he moves.

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You can check out our other page on humiliation tasks for slaves and sissy

14 – Make Him Eat Off The Floor

Have him prepare a meal like a salad (even something simple like a sandwich or bowl of cereal) and then tip it onto the floor before getting on his knees and eating it from there. With the dirt and grime mixing with it, it will be very degrading. It is also common for the dominatrix to forbid the use of hands, forcing him to get his face right down to the floor. This will give him a good close-up view of the bits of hair and dirt on the floor to add to his humiliation

15 – Make Him Eat From A Dog Bowl

As above but with the added humiliation of it being a dog bowl. Make him feel less like a human and more like an animal and he will be very subservient and obedient.

16 – Make Him Be Naked In A CFNM Scenario

The clothed female naked male is a given for any femdom session. Being naked is instantly humbling for a man, especially in the presence of a powerful female who is clothed and her modesty protected while he is exposed. She will ridicule his body shape, cock size, and any blemishes he has to really add to the deep shame he will already be experiencing

 17 – Make Him Write On His Body

Using lipstick or magic markers, make him write humiliating slogans on his body. Things like “I suck cock for money” “Small dick loser” “I am a waste of skin” to name a few. Then make him repeat them all and stand in front of a mirror and look at his new “tattoos”!

18 – Make Him Shave Off All His Hair

Force him to get a razor and start shaving. Running it all over his head, the look of despair on his face as his hair starts to fall out and fall to the floor will be priceless. Then when he is bald you can laugh at him and throw insults at him and call him names – One of our favourite humiliating slave tasks

19 – Make Him Go Outside Naked

Have him be butt naked and then go out into the garden. All the way to the other end and back. You can make him do this as many times as you want. He will be terrified someone will see him or that he will find himself on youtube. Public humiliation is an extremely effective tool and can be used as nothing more than a deterrent as even the thought of you forcing it on him will make him eager to please to avoid having it done to him.

20 – Make Him Take A Cold Shower

With the freezing cold water splashing down on him, he will be shivering and shaking. She will, of course, be laughing and insulting him as it happens.

For good measure, the cold will make his already small dick shrivel up even more. A good addition to some SPH! Just enter our chat room and be prepared for some femdom tasks with females who enjoy laughing at men. From predicament domination to outdoor public scenarios, you will soon see our fem doms have every aspect of this niche covered.

So there you have it. 20 ways to humiliate a slave on our humiliation cams. As you can see, just because it is not real-time and is on cam does not mean you will suffer any less. You will still be degraded and humiliated by a live female dominant who will drive you to tears.

With excellent, tips, ideas, techniques & methods on the best ways to degrade your own cam slaves or cam sissy, this site/blog uses real scenarios from real sessions with subs, we enjoy all types of subs including panty slave, anal slaves & cock slaves.

If you are a submissive that needs to be trained, ass whipped, dick whipped, sploshed, and made to eat your own cum, then you are welcome in our live chats

In any cam show the Mistress will usually require her submissive slave to have a webcam so she can watch him in a cam to cam session this always works better for humiliation type shows as the Femdom can actually see that the slave/sissy is doing as instructed plus it is highly entertaining for Mistresses watching the slaves carrying out these tasks, so if you do have a webcam be sure to let her know before the session begins.

Pictures below of some of my own Humiliation webcam and real-time Sessions

humiliation sessions, splosh shows

Splosh session with a slave covered in custard and cream and made to lay there all day as pictures and videos were taken of him to add to sites and blogs. Humiliating slave tasks is what we thrive on we think up more and more degrading tasks & ways for our cam slaves every day

slave humiliation

Disgusting little slave dressed in an outfit that restrains him  he has no movement in this outfit and I decided he should not be allowed to breathe the same air as me, so a mask was added, he was left all day dressed like this

slave humiliation, sissy humiliation

What do you do if you are thirsty? Of course, you get some water and this useless twat is no different except he has to drink using a straw from the toilet pan and this is the only way he can have any fluids ( enjoy loser)

When a slave is forced to realize he will never be as big or as good as a real man, cuckold shows is what Mistress really enjoys introducing the boy to the man

Dirty Anal play with Alice the slut, sliding that dildo in that ass and having to keep it there all day was really a challenge to this little bitch but having to take it back out and do ass to mouth is when it really gets degrading and is the ultimate in any humiliation session. Cruel dominatrixes like me thrive on the most outrageous ways to make a slave feel like crap.

sissy panty cams, sissy degarded

Suck on Mistresses well worn, used sweaty panties, especially when I have had another alpha male cum inside them especially for this little sissy slut to clean and suck up, if she leaves a stain on them she is punished

These are just some of the ways you can degrade, humiliate and dominate your slaves, sissies, novices, seasoned players etc online, keep checking back as we will be adding new ways to do this as well as more pictures and videos for you. You can also check out our sissy humiliation gallery and blog post here

Naked Female Humiliation – Cam girls

We also have naked female humiliation where you can enter our cam girls chat rooms and humiliate them live, demand they get naked and use sex toy son themselves as you direct them, make them spread wide for pussy inspection, you could demand they tie up their tits with rope and do double penetration on themselves. The list for this is endless but we will add some ideas for you to use below

1- Tit bondage – Demand they tie up their tits

2-Apply sloppy makeup

3 -put pegs on their nipples

4- pegs on the clit and pussy lips

5-make them spank themselves – self spanking as you direct

6-Demand they wet their panties and they must continue to wear them

7- Order them to taste and suck the sex toy they have just used on themselves

8-Ass to Mouth

9 – Draw all over their body writing things like ” slut” “whore” “slapper”

10 -Keep them on the edge make them rub their clit but don’t let them cum, frustrate the hell out of the cam girl – Make her beg

11- Make her call you sir and Master

12- Order her to wear a diaper

cam girl humiliation

Humiliating Ideas to Introduce to your cam slave/Guy
  • Dildo  domination – Make  the cam slave take the biggest dildo ever
  • Gay domination – Make them have gay sex or admit they want to
  • Have them beg for a strap on
  • Make it as Kinky as possible
  • Make her shave off her pussy hair  or demand she grow  it into a huge bush depending on what she dislikes
  • Always ensure it is nasty
  • Remind them at all times mistress humiliation is always a huge part of their life now
  • If it is a male slave demand he dresses as a schoolgirl or a sissy
  •   Nylon Humiliation, make them cover their body in nylon
  • Cuckold – Threaten them with BBC ( BIG BLACK COCK)
  • Introduce some very humiliating anal sex sessions
  • Remind them they are enow your sex slave and must obey everything you demand
  • Threaten to make a naked humiliation video all about them & upload it online to tube sites
  • Ensure they do deepthroat properly make them gag
  • Ass kissing – Is another great humiliation technique
  • Threaten them with public outdoor degradation – public disgrace
  • Ensure they dance naked for you, with star jumps, press-ups

The above is just another few ideas that can be introduced to any Humiliation type session whether it be on live cam, text chat, real-time or even in phone sex,  and not forgetting Sms txt sessions.

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