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Little Dick Humiliation – Sph Ideas, Techniques, and ways

One of the most popular types of femdom sessions there is, small penis humiliation is the go-to way to humiliate a slave or to be humiliated as a submissive. All men’s most precious objects dangle between their legs and to have beautiful and unattainable women mock their cock size is a huge turn-on for submissive men.

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The feeling of helplessness as this powerful female sneers at and ridicules their penis is the number one way of female domination.

If you are a guy with a tiny teeny little cock and you need to be reminded of just how pathetic it is, the best and easiest way is to use a femdom cam site like this one. You can also view our Dominatrix, who enjoys sph UK phonesex

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There are hundreds of Dommes online who will gladly cock mock you to tears and ridicule that stub you call a penis. If this is something that interests you and you want to have SPH but you don’t know how to go about it or how to make it happen then we have compiled a list of 50 of the most popular ways for an sph femdom webcam session to unfold. See Domination phone chat with Mistress Vonn


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1 – Insult it
It’s SPH 101. She will hurl a torrent of nasty, horrible, degrading insults at you as she makes you stand there and take it. All of the dommes online here can give you no-holds-barred, extreme verbal degradation, or something a bit milder if that is what you would like to start with.


2 – Make You Measure It
You know it’s small. You already know it’s tiny. But imagine being made to find out just HOW small it is. Using a ruler or tape measure, she will have you clarify just what a tiny knob you have. And for good measure, when you announce the results she will cackle and laugh at you.

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3 – Make You Compare It To Small Objects
Knowing your dick is tiny is one thing but to have it compared to small objects is a humiliating activity. Chapsticks, AAA batteries, biro lids, chipolata sausages or baby carrots are the most popular objects to use as everyone has at least some of them in the house. As these tiny things dwarf your stub, it will be hilarious for her and shameful for you

4 – Make You Look At Pictures Of Big Cocks
It is a hurtful experience for men cursed with a tiny penis to have to see big dicks but that is exactly what these cruel Dominas will do. They will send you picture after picture of really big dicks and make your comment on each and everyone, usually about how you wish you had one that size


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5 – Wiggle Her Pinkie At You
The universal sign for cock mock, she will hold her hand up and smirk or laugh at you as she wiggles her pinkie finger at you. It signifies that you are smaller than her little finger

6 – Use Two Fingers To Wank With
Well, you can’t use your whole hand anyway so she will make you use your two fingers to masturbate. She will giggle and laugh as you frantically pump out a spurt. For added humiliation purposes, she will insult you as you do it. Picture wanking as a gorgeous woman calls you names. How degrading to be turned on as your cock is insulted.

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7 – Listen To Her wank As She Insults Your Dick Size
Just think, you have such a tiny penis and it disgusts her so much that rather than have sex she would rather use her own hand. You will know this because she will go to great lengths to tell you. As she masturbates, flicks her clit, and gets herself off, she will be calling you names and insulting you. Oh, and no, you won’t be allowed to wank as she does it either. make sure to visit camtocamsex  so they can all laugh at your little package

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8 – Rub Ice On It To Make It Even Smaller
As if it isn’t small enough for her to laugh at she will make you take some ice cubes and make it even smaller. You’re already self-conscious about it and now your Mistress is making it worse for you. Fun for her. For you, not so much – Humiliating cocktail weenies is what we do well

9 – Invite Some Friends To Your Cam Session
The only thing worse than having a beautiful woman insulting you and mocking your cock is when she has some friends over and they join in. Multiple females all pointing, staring, and laughing at you as you just sit there and let it happen. The utter humiliation and degradation of this one are not for the faint-hearted.

10 – Put You In Chastity
Since it’s too small to be of any use to a woman, why should you get any pleasure out of it? Or why should you slink off and masturbate thinking about her in her skin-tight trousers, short skirt, low-cut top, or bikini? You’re not a real man so why should you get to act like one? She will snap your cock into a plastic cage that forbids erections or masturbation and keeps you frustrated and denied. It’s your own fault for having a small dick.


11 – Bring A Real Man With A Proper Sized Dick Into The Show
Since you are jealous of real men with proper cocks, she will take it a step further and make you look at the cock of a real man. She will make your cock worship her real man and comment on how big and thick it is and how you wish you had one like it. For added degradation, he can join in as well and make you ashamed

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12 – Take Pictures To Put On Her Blog
Knowing how tiny you are and her making fun of you is one thing but just think how humiliating it will be if she takes a snapshot and posts it to her blog. And even worse, what if she leaves the comments open? The whole world has access to view your stubby little nub and post insults and ridicule it. To add insult to injury, she will most likely make you read all the comments as well. (For femdom scenario reasons, no Dominatrix will post pictures online without your consent and will blur your face and tattoos as well

13 – Post-A Pic Of A Ruler With A Mark Beside The 3cm Line
The randomness of the picture will rouse many a curiosity and there will be lots of questions about what it means from innocent commenters who wonder what it is. You know and your Mistress knows but despite you being aware no one else knows, it will still be humiliating for it to be up there. Plus you have the added fear of not being 100% sure your Mistress won’t reveal what it means at some point!

14 – Hold Her Thumb And Forefinger Close Together
Alongside the pinkie wiggling mentioned earlier, the symbol of holding her thumb and forefinger an inch apart is mocking your size or lack of. As she smirks and holds her hand up close to the webcam, she will also squint through the itsy-bitsy gap

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15 – Dress You Up Like A Female
Well if you were a proper male you would have a properly sized penis but since you don’t, and you’re not, why should you strut around pretending you’re a man? She will use forced feminization on you and dress you up in a frilly skirt, stockings, high heels, and a padded bra. You have the privates like a female so you should dress accordingly

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16 – Make You Watch Her With Real Men
Since you and your little nubbin aren’t capable of satisfying this gorgeous woman, she will make you suffer by making you watch her with a real man. A well-hung man who knows how to pleasure a woman. They will make you sit and watch as he licks her out, she sucks his big dick then he flips her over and plunges his erection into her wet pussy and fucks her till she’s screaming his name.

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17 – Dry Heave
Watching her mimic a dry heave as she looks at your ugly dick will make you ashamed. It is a big insult for her to give you and the fact she is your dream woman and yet she is dry boaking at the sight of your penis will make you want to cry

18 – Answer The Door Naked
For those who want public humiliation, she might make you order a takeaway and then answer the door butt-naked. The delivery guy (or woman if you’re unlucky) will then get a good look at your lack of manhood and you will be the butt of many jokes with their friends for weeks to come. Pretty humiliating huh?

19 – Cuckold You
Working perfectly alongside No. 10 on the list (putting you in chastity), she will then decide to tell you all about her sex actions with real men and all the things she does to them and what they do to her, all the while you have to sit and picture it whilst wishing she would do those things for you but knowing you will never get them.

20 – Call Her Friends Or Skype Them To Tell Them About You
A variation of public humiliation, she will call her friends when you are in session and ignore you while they talk about you as if you aren’t even there. As they giggle and laugh, you will be deeply humiliated.

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21 – Masturbate Using Tweezers
If you are so tiny that the two-finger method mentioned earlier won’t even work for you, an even more degrading act is to be made to use tweezers.

22 – Stretch It Using Weights
Don’t think of it as a cruel act, think of it as her way of trying to help you get a bigger pee-pee. She will make you attach a rope to your penis and then tie on more and more weights to make it heavier and heavier until it has stretched. She might also make you swing it around to make it stretch further. Isn’t that nice of her?

23 – Call It Your Clitty
It’s so small it can barely be classed as a penis so if it isn’t that then it can only be an oversized clit. Therefore, you will be forbidden from calling it a penis and must refer to it as a clit or clitty from now on. This one works in tandem with the forced feminization discussed earlier in number 15 on this list.

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24 – The Toilet Roll Test
If it fits inside a toilet roll then it’s not thick enough for her. If it doesn’t come out of the other end then it’s not big enough. You both know you’ll fail the test but it is fun for her to make you do it anyway

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25 – Tie A Ribbon Round It
Most Dommes use pink when doing this to their subs as it is the most humiliating colour.
26 – Watch Her Give A Dildo A Foot Job
Best performed in front of slaves who have a foot fetish, watching her give a dildo a foot job when you know you are way too small to receive one from her sexy feet will be utter torture for you and you will be made to watch for as long as she decides.

27 – Giggle Behind Her Hand And Point At It
An extremely humiliating act, she will stifle a laugh and point at your cock as she giggles behind her hand. This scenario works best if the Mistress you choose from the femdom cams site is in the teen (18 yrs +) or Co-ed (19 – 24 yrs old) category. It is more degrading when it comes from a young Domme

28 – Remind You Wanking Is Your Only Way For Relief
All men love sex and feeling wet, warm pussy as they fuck it but SPH Dommes love to remind their subs that women don’t want men with small cocks and that you will never get women like her to sleep with you therefore your only sexual outlet is masturbating and using your hand. You are literally a wanker who can’t get a real live woman.

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29 – Recall Your Most Hurtful Memories
She will make you recant all those girls who laughed at you in school. All the females in college ignored you as a sports player. All the females in your office avoided you so they didn’t have to talk to you. All the women in bars and clubs who screwed their faces up when you approached them. Every painful memory you have and she will make you bring them all out and tell her about them

30 – Change Your Name
Maybe it will be “little dick”, “maggot penis” or “micro cock”. Maybe it will be something like a spud, Shrek, or potato face. Maybe she will go after a physical defect such as tubby, speccy, lardass, or shorty. Or if she is using forced feminization she may call you a humiliating girl name such as Alice, Jemima, or Susan. Whatever it is, it will be humiliating no matter what to have your male name changed and have to answer when she uses it will mind fuck you

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31 – Yawn As She Listens To You Defend It
If you are one of those small-dick guys who believe that “size doesn’t matter” then you will probably try to defend your lack of manhood to this woman. As you frantically try to tell her how you don’t need a big cock to be a real man, she will sit bored, with her eyes glazing over, and yawn as you prattle on. She’s heard it all before and it’s bullshit on your part. Incidentally, see number 43

32 – Use Warm Air To Make It Grow
You both know it’s pointless but she will still have lots of fun humiliating you by talking of making it bigger by using heat on it. As a bonus, the heat will make you squirm and she can enjoy your suffering

33 – Compare Your Cock To A Dildo
It’s common knowledge that almost every woman has a dildo she can use on herself. In cases of guys like you, however, they will take great delight in showing you their big rubber dildos and making you all aware of the size difference. The 10-inch dildo they use to satisfy themselves versus your 2-inch stump. But if a bitter realization for you eh?

34 – Read Self-Help Leaflets On Living With A Small Penis
There are hundreds of pamphlets and self-help books out there to help and aid men afflicted with a small cock. Making you read them if you are the type of guy who wants to pretend that it “isn’t that small” or even the crushing realization it’s something you need to even think about will be a degrading experience.

35 – Give You Real Men Problems You Will Never Face
There are lots of problems well-hung men face. Not being able to wear tight briefs or trousers as the bulge is prominent for one. They also can’t run in loose shorts or flop about. Some men are so big they can’t get fully erect. These and many more issues affect guys with large penises and the mean bitches online here will take great pleasure in reminding you they’re problems you’ll never have to deal with.

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36 – Hide It Behind Pubic Hair
It is so utterly repulsive to her that she might demand you keep it hidden behind a mound of pubes. The fact it can even BE hidden by your pubic hair is hilarious though.

37 – Have You Describe To Her How Small It Is
You know it’s too small to be any good to a woman but thinking it and being forced to tell all to the woman of your dreams as she laughs at you is something else. You will be made to go into detail about the size, girth, lack of pleasure it can give, and what objects it compares to. By the end, you will be completely dejected.

38 – Laugh At Your Erection
Having a tiny cock is one thing but to see it standing to attention will be too much for her to bear and she will be in kinks of laughter. All 3 inches standing up proud and erect, totally oblivious to how ridiculous it looks. You will know though, as she will tell you in between fits of laughter. Most men love the feeling of an erection but listening to her cruel comments and howling laughter will make you wish yours away. Being the pathetic type of loser you are though, you’ll only get more turned on!

39 – Hold It In Your Hand
Making you hold it in your hand so it is dwarfed by your palm is an amusing trick for these mean bitches online to play on you. It makes it look even smaller than normal

40 – Compare Your Size To Her Ex
No man likes to think he is inferior to the guy she dated before him but for the heartless dominas on this live cam site, they will make sure you know that’s exactly the case. They will tell in great detail his size and the way he stretched them and made them orgasm and that you don’t come close to measuring up to him

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41 – Shave Your Pubes
The opposite of no 36, by making you shave all your pubes off is exposing just how small it is to the rest of the world. With no hair to hide it behind or use as an excuse as to why it’s not very prominent, you will have no way to hide or disguise your lack of size and your shame will be open for all to see.

42 – Tuck It away To Give You A Pussy Instead Of A Dick
Since you are not a real man and that little thing is barely a cock anyway, she will have you tuck it back between your legs and make you look like you have a pussy instead of a penis.

43 – Size Does Indeed Matter. A Lot
“Size doesn’t matter” is a phrase that was invented to make losers like you feel better. Well, these cruel Dommes will make sure to let you know that size DOES matter. They want men with big dicks and small dick losers like you just don’t cut it. No woman wants to see a man take his pants off and be sporting a 2-inch nothing so your Mistress will take great pleasure in crushing your desperate hope

44 – Piss Sitting Down
Men pee standing up. Since your little dojra doesn’t count as making you a man, you don’t get to stand up when peeing. You’ll be made to sit down like a girl

45 – Push It In
Well, cocks hang out. If yours isn’t big enough to constitute being a cock then why wouldn’t she make you push it in and make it just not be there so it looks like an extra belly button? A very humiliating experience, especially when she laughs at it

46 – See How Many Coins Can Fit Against It
Sitting your cock on a plate, she will make you put coins against it to see how much it takes to reach the end. Not many are our guesses!

47 – Wear A T-Shirt That States Her Desire For Big Cocks
To have a constant reminder right in front of you that she only wants big cocks will make it clear to you every time you look at her that you have no chance with her. This type of action works well if you are roleplaying cruel wife or sadistic girlfriend scenarios or if you are looking for something to add to your kinky sex life as a couple


48 – Have You Wear Tight Clothes To Highlight Your Lack Of Bulge
While no 35 says a prominent bulge isn’t a problem you will ever have, it being clear to all and sundry that you have practically nothing between your legs will be even worse but that’s exactly what these sadistic Dominas will do. They will make you wear the tightest, smallest briefs or shorts there are and then laugh at the lack of bulge

49 – Google Search “What Women Think Of Men With Small Cocks”
As said earlier on, “size doesn’t matter” is a bullshit phrase and to add to it, the Domme will make you google search it. The results, millions of posts from women, will make it clear that no matter what women say to your face, they are bitching and insulting you online about it. Every result will be filled with women complaining that their partner is far too small to give them any pleasure. This type of session will live with you for a long time afterwards as whenever a woman tells you that she thinks size isn’t important you will not believe her and wonder what she thinks.

50 – Fingernail Test
Like all the other tests on this list, you are measuring your cock against one of the smallest things it can be measured against. Your fingernail. Our guess is even that will be bigger than your penis.

So there you have it. Fifty of the most common ways for small penis humiliation. If you read any of them and thought “Yeah that sounds good” then sign up to the site today, right now, and find a Dominatrix. Enter her free femdom cam chat area and tell her you are a small dick wonder and what it is you want to try. It’s as easy as that. All the Dominas have the experience needed to give you the session you want and they are all experts at guiding nervous newbies through the door into a life of servitude and humiliation at the feet of gorgeous, strong, powerful women.
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