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Mistress cams our online Mistresses are waiting to train their cam slaves online. Webcam sessions of online Domination & humiliation cams by a serious Dominatrix with over 15 yrs experience of in online BDSM as well as Real-time Live sessions

I am a very powerful, extremely Strict Mistress who loves nothing more than taking advantage of and using weak, useless, pathetic little losers like you. I am a Mistress Online


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Enter one of my cam sites and you WILL be under my spell. Be under no illusions. You will want nothing more than to worship me, adore me, pamper and spoil me. Your entire existence will be devoted to ensuring I am properly catered to. I will manipulate you and get inside your head until it all you can think about 24hrs a day,7 days a week.

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All you will be thinking about will be logging into cam sites and clicking into my cam room and entering my world. More femdom chat rooms  for you to check out here

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Imaginative,creative,gorgeous,stunning and powerful. All words that describe me. From my gorgeous long blonde hair, my beautiful big blue eyes and to my plunging, heaving cleavage I am every man’s fantasy woman. You could only dream of a woman like me.

My mistress cams begin with a power play and exchange where I suss out what I want to do with my weak slaves and sissy bitches, Beginning with an interview for me to find out whether I want you in my stable of slaves or not.

Cam slave training then starts and BDSM punishments as well as demanding you stand naked in front of me for inspection ridicule, abuse, and domination. This is  the point you will be given your slave tasks to be completed

I know you probably do. I’m WAY out of your league though. The only way I would even consider acknowledging your existence is for you to pay me. Tribute me, shower me with gifts, and enter webcam sessions. I really don’t care so long as you’re paying for my time. You are NOTHING to me.

You only exist to serve me

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Prove it to me. Show me how pathetic and weak you are by entering a webcam session with me and letting me abuse, humiliate and degrade you. Are you ready for your Jerk instructions? Enter the joi cams and see just how ruthless I really am a loser

I love nothing more than to bring grown men to their knees. I love teasing, tormenting, and humiliating

Being a very dominant yet very friendly Mistress I take great pleasure in leading you into a false sense of security.

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Do you think I won’t turn on you? You are mistaken. I am the most twisted person you will ever come across. I am what you call a complete mind fuck. I love to let you think we get on and that I like you when in fact it could not be further from the truth. I just love to play with you, to keep you hanging on and coming back for more and more

My only goal in life is to RUIN you mentally, physically, psychologically I don’t care about anything else.

If you’re in pain I will laugh

If you’re scared I will laugh

If you’re humiliated I will laugh

If your neighbor, GF/ wife catches you I will laugh
I love shemale and tranny humiliation at

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And if I drain you financially till your credit card is maxed out, your bank is overdrawn and your wife throws you out, and you’re living on the streets? I  will laugh. I’ll simply toss you to the side and take on the next loser.

Our Bdsm sessions are always made up of committed Mistresses who push all boundaries to their fullest extent. Viewing sites such as livebdsmcams.net will take you on a proper journey of power and exchange and how to submit and obey a dominant superior lady

I am very destructive, opinionated, moody, crabit and
I loathe time wasters. I can spot a freeloader and/or a
time waster a mile away. I will wheedle you out very quickly.
I am a serious pro-domme and am only interested in serious

I love nothing more than watching you on your webcam if you have one and giving you instructions as to what to do.

Mistress also enjoys full ownership and collaring slaves and wants you to note if you agree to this you must buy and pay for a contract and not visit other Mistresses when under full ownership.

Mistress will carry out all threats she makes if you tell her  you want it to be “real”

I love online slave training and will be making up packages for you to buy of tasks you need to do.

Please watch out  and keep an eye on my blog for updates

I have to admit I do enjoy adult baby cams

What I enjoy

Mistress enjoys the following types of sessions /scenarios

Cbt (cock n ball torture)
forced feminization
Strap on play
splosh play
Adult Baby Cams
orgasm control
nipple torture
Blackmail scenario
Financial Domination ( serious players)
Chastity cams
Contracts ( need to be discussed and paid for)
All forms of Humiliation from Sph ( small penis humiliation) see pics of small dick here to public humiliation, made to wank outdoors or at your flatmate’s bedroom door I love daring risky play.
Rope play
All  night prisoner (see separate page for these details)


Smoking, nails, boots, PVC, latex, rubber, leather, gas masks, heels, platforms, panties, wigs, teeth, mouth
The list of fetishes is endless I love them all including you being nasty with toilet play

Reasons why some people like sexual submission 

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