Ballbusting story with my cam Mistress then real time

My story of a real live session with a Dominatrix from a cam show

We had spent a while online getting to know each other, and we had several cam chats during which she often had me punish my own balls for her amusement.

I could tell how much it turned her own watching me, and I knew this was the mistress I needed to give my balls to in person.

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Meeting the ballbusting mistress in person was scary.  I won’t lie, I was absolutely terrified, and after being let into Mistresses apartment, my fears only grew stronger.

Her place was exactly as I had seen it in our many cam chats, and she looked exactly how she did on her photos and webcam.

ballbusting story - girls busts mans balls

I immediately felt weak and submissive, as she barked at me to take my clothes off.  Naked and standing in front of her I felt extremely exposed but very turned on.

” Turn around” she commanded, ”and put your hands up against the wall”,

I turned around immediately and put my hands up against her wall.

Before I could even steady my balance, I heard footsteps running up behind me and felt her foot plough in between my legs and into my balls, I tried to gasp for breath, but the pain caused me to buckle to my knees, gripping at my balls I looked up, Mistress was standing above me smiling, ”so you wanted to give me your balls, now it’s time to live up to what you’ve promised”.

Still smiling she pointed to a tall shoe rack, filled with various shoes and boots… ”Choose a pair” she commanded, realising that I was about to choose the pair of shoes which were going to be responsible for busting my balls, I grimaced, and chose a flat pair of boots, hoping that the lack of heel would cause the least amount of pain.

Mistress smiled at my decision, ”Perfect” she said, ”I do like a pair of flat shoes to be able to take a nice long run”.   Leading me by the hand she took me over to some stocks.

She commanded me to put my head and hands into the stocks, while she placed a spreader bar on my ankles, forcing my legs apart.  Feeling very exposed and humiliated I looked up, only to be faced with a camera,

rested on a tripod and pointed directly at me.  ”What’s that in aid of? ” I asked, worried about why Mistress was smiling such an evil smile.

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”That’s my camera” she replied, ”and you are going to be part of my live ballbusting show”.  A noise sounded from behind mistress, and I realised it was the sound of viewers entering her chat room.

I could not believe I was about to undergo having my balls abused and tortured and in front of an audience.  There was no going back, now chained and spread in the stocks, with the camera facing me, I watched as Mistress strapped up the boots I had myself chosen for her to wear.

I could see myself on the live cam screen in front of me, which meant I could see Mistress backing up behind me and going as far back to the other side of the room as she could.  With my head in the stocks, I was unable to look around, but I could see clearly on the streaming cam everything that was happening behind me, and my balls knew what was about to happen.

Time felt like it slowed down as I saw mistress running from the other side of the room, and then felt the huge impact of her boot in my scrotum, I screamed and tried to double over, but the stocks held me firmly in position, meanwhile, the familiar noise of the cam room pinging continued, new viewers entering the chat room to watch my ball- busting nightmare fantasy.

I had barely caught my breath when I felt a second kick, this time I had no breath to scream with, my body rigid, it prepared for a third, and I wasn’t wrong, third followed by forth followed by fifth and sixth.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t scream, sweat streamed down my face, I felt powerless to this beautiful Mistress, and as I gasped and panted, she looked down on me and smiled, she knew the power she had over me, and she loved it.

I had never been to a Femdom before, and least of all had I thought I would have booked one for pain infliction, but my growing desire to fill my fantasies and try a real-life experience got the better of me.

I don’t regret it, although Mistress did as she said and turned my whole session into a live cam chat between us and thousands of viewers, who saw me getting put through my paces.

My balls were literally black and blue the next morning, but the whole experience was so hot that I know it’s only a matter of time before I end up booking another session.

I know if I book again it will be with the same Mistress, she has learned my limits and knows how to push them, and next time I would like to book even longer and let my balls really take the beating they deserve.

I feel like it’s an honour to serve such a beautiful dominatrix and let her have her fun and enjoyment in abusing my balls.  Knowing how much it turns her on, and she has told me this many times, makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Who would have thought I would meet the woman who would take my balls on some internet chat site.

I do feel like they now belong to her, and anyone who fantasises about ballbusting or any form of CBT will know what a powerful and addictive feeling that is.

I do still chat online with other Dominatrix who are into the same scene, it always turns me on to see just how much so many women seem to enjoy doing this to guys like me.

Our pain is their pleasure, and that is the greatest pleasure I could want for myself.  Thinking about my session with the cam model who met me is enough to keep me hooked and wanting more.

Of course, I am planning more experiences in the future where I give my balls to a strong Mistress, not just in cam chats but also in real life, the experience was too much of a turn on to make a one-time thing, and I need another Mistress to leave her signature on my balls in the form of bruises after she’s busted them to the limit.

One of the hottest parts of Mistress busting my ball in our live session was the fact she gave me a safe word but then preceded to gag me so I didn’t scream too loud, which in turn stopped me from being able to use the safe word, I’m sure she was aware of this, as she smirked when she strapped the gag onto my face.

I must admit there were several parts of our session including her swinging foot repeatedly into my already bruised ball sack which almost had me in tears, but her shrieks of laughter and delight at my suffering kept my cock rock hard through the whole session.

It was just as I imagined it would be, my beautiful and excruciating pain combined with her pleasure and laughter, nothing has ever felt better, than the look on her face in the camera facing me, as she kicked me hard over and over.

She has promised me that next time I go back she will be testing out her new boxing gloves in a device she has created, in which I will lie down exposed through a small window in a coffin-shaped box, and she will repeatedly punch me while recording the session again on her live chat stream.

It is a session we are both looking forward to, and as I am such a convert to serving a woman this way, I will be taking some steel toe cap boots for her, which I would like her to do the honours with. My balls belong to her.

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