I cum over long nails

When I cum Over Mistresses Long nails  – Fetish

I have a confession to make. I cum over long nails. There, I have said it. Any time I am out and about and I see a woman with long fingernails I get an instantaneous boner and I need to disappear sharpish to the nearest quiet place to wank off. I can not help myself. Seeing those extra-long nails on a woman’s fingers, all filed and painted bright colours and lacquered to make them shine.

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If I am in the mall or a store and I see a lady with long nails, I try to follow her around discretely and watch her. I love the way they have to pick things up by their fingertips and the way their nails are sticking over the top. Of how they are always sticking them out to avoid them getting broken. It gets me going every single time.

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My current partner knows all about my fetish and luckily she is keen and up for anything in the sex department. I sometimes use a live fetish webcam site to have my fix fulfilled online but she loves to tease me with her long nails and does all the things I like and that turns me on so I switch between the two. I can spend hours lying on the bed watching her file them and then taking an age to paint them.



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Takes her time with every stroke of the brush and teases me with every movement. Her nails are around an inch and a half long and I must wank off about 12 times a day just from seeing them so when it is used as part of our sex life it gets me so turned on I feel like I am about to explode.

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Sometimes she will have me lying naked on the bed and then gently, oh so gently, run her fingernails across my chest or along my legs. It gives me goosebumps and makes my dick go rock solid. Feeling the sharp point that she files them down to running across my skin is an incredible turn-on. She will usually make a cup with her nails and softly tickle my balls and then drag them up to my rock-hard and throbbing shaft. Teasing the cock head by clicking them across it.


This usually gets them covered in pre-cum and I watch as she gently uses her tongue to lick it all off. She will continue upwards, across my stomach, and up to my chest. Smiling at me, she takes my nipples between the points of her nail and squeezes. I inhale sharply and I feel like my dick is about to explode. She runs her fingertips over my cheeks as I am lost in a euphoric trance and I am in a daze with lust and desire.

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If she is feeling particularly naughty she will then drag her nails down my chest so I feel them. She will then grab my dick and start wanking it fast and then slow, teasing me and clicking her talons together. I always erupt in a sea of thick cum as the beautiful woman so turns me on with long fingernails and it goes all over her hand and in particular, her nails. I love to cum over long nails and she dutifully obliges!

Watching her lick it off is an incredible turn and seeing my white spunk on them gets me hard again!
Even when we are not indulging in foreplay, she will still torment and tease me by casually flicking her hair and making sure I see her nails up close. She looks at me slyly as she notices me staring and twisting. She knows this gets my dick hard. Sometimes she will also sit and click her nails together. She was making a sort of clicking noise.

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Softly and gently, she drives me insane with it! Or she will sit and tap the ends off of a plastic object or glass like a tumbler. She is a real tease queen. A fetish tease queen who knows how to get what she wants!
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