forced chastity

Forced Chastity – What is it what does it mean?

Forced chastity. Locking a submissive male’s cock in a chastity device against his will.
For all male slaves, the most effective and complete way for them to be totally and completely controlled is by putting their dick in chastity and locking it away securely so they get no sexual relief and can even get hard or give themselves a little stroke to ease the frustration.

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This total denial will make him more submissive almost instantly, thus rendering him a much better-behaved slave. His entire focus will be on pleasing his Mistress and ensuring he does nothing to annoy her in such a way that she will not unlock him.

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The phrase “control the cock and you control the man” is never apter than when applied in a female domination scenario.

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Chastity devices come in plastic, rubber, metal, and in some cases wood. By far the most popular is plastic and is the most commonly used type of chastity device there is.

Not that the material used to make it will bother you much. For you, the end result will be the same. No erections, no jerking off, no orgasms unless she permits you. Zilch, nada, zero, nothing. Of course, you don’t want to have to go cold turkey.

Chastity control is also used as part of masturbation control you can see our page on masturbation instructions and control here

You enjoy a sneaky wank when Mistress isn’t looking don’t you? Well no more. You are going to have the plastic ring put around your cock and balls, your dick (if it can even be called that since it’s so small it’s almost just an enlarged clit) shoved inside the plastic casing, and both parts secured with a little padlock to which she holds the key.

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She is now your keyholder and has complete and utter control over you.

Forced chastity is an effective means of control but it is also an incredibly effective BDSM punishment idea.


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No man, not even a submissive, wants to be forced to give up his sexual relief and be kept chaste. The constant frustration, the aching balls as they fill with pent-up cum, and the severe discomfort as your cock tries to get hard but is stopped by the cage.

There are lots of Dominas on this live femdom cams site who are going to become your online chastity keyholder. They will make you lock your cock up and there is nothing you can do about it.

You can also learn about the D/s lifestyle and what it involves. You will find a lot of it is control and power exchange and this would include chastity  ownership and control of your orgasm

Every Dominatrix on here is an expert at teasing and tormenting their online chastity slaves after they have been shut away with no access.
As well as keeping you chaste during your chastity webcam sessions, forced chastity is also one of the best BDSM punishment ideas to use.

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Of all the things a slave can do that might anger or annoy his Goddess to such an extent that he will feel the wrath of her temper, there is one thing that all male subs fear the most.

The unauthorized erection. Getting hard when you are kissing or massaging her feet, performing ass worship, having your nipples toyed with, or even if she is tying you up and her boobs are close to your face, letting that thing between your legs get hard is a very big no-no.

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If you are a slave who can not control himself and gets erections without permission then putting you into chastity is the perfect way to stop it from happening.

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With the cold, hard plastic surrounding your penis, it will be unable to get fully or even half erect. How long you spend locked up depends on her mood.
Chastising your slave is almost a necessity for some subs. It is obvious the second they leave the session he is going to be beating his meat like a spotty teenager or even during the session.

It is not uncommon for subs to reach down to their hard-on and give it a few strokes just to relieve some of the pent-up pressure. Lord help any of you who try that and get caught though.

She will force chastity on you so fast your head will spin. No more touching yourself for you. Very effective, quick, and easy punishment for unruly slaves. For added effect, she can put a spiked chastity cage on you which feels normal when flaccid but when you get turned on and try to get hard, those little spikes dig in HARD and it hurts. Make sure to also check out the very experienced Mistress  Vonn for all of your mistress phone sex chats

TeamViewer Mistress cams users need also be careful. If she has access to your computer, checks your browser history, and sees you have been looking at other women or, heaven forbid, went to another Mistress then you need to know who owns and controls you, and that person is your chastity keyholder Mistress.

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Of course, it does not only need to be oversexed subs who get forced chastity punishment.

Any sort of infraction at all can be punished with time in lock-up. Even the threat of getting locked up will bring even the most wayward slave to heel pretty sharpish.


Not to mention that after even only a day of not getting to cum, your balls will become very sensitive and will be ripe for some cock and ball torture.

The pain is magnified 10x when your nuts are full of pent-up spunk
All of the mean bitches online at this female domination webcam site love playing sadistic, cruel games with their chaste slaves.


Flashing their boobs, taunting you with their cleavage, their bum as it is encased in leather or rubber, dangling their feet inches from your face, or the ultimate in sexual torture techniques.

Wanking your chastity or putting her head down there and giving you a blowjob while you are in forced chastity. This is one of the cruellest, most sadistic, and heartless things a Dominatrix can do and all of the ones on this site will laugh as they do it!

There is an endless selection of cruel Mistresses and sadistic Goddesses online right now who will force you into chastity and then tease, torment and torture you.

Some of the Mistresses take the opportunity to use forced chastity as a way of humiliation, emasculating you is always high up on their agenda and what better way to do that than to lock your cock up in its little prison in the chastity device you can have a look at our humiliation cams – 20 ways to humiliate your cam slave

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