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Bdsm Ideas – Humiliation Tasks Ideas  & List

Bdsm Ideas with Fun Humiliation tasks for the submissives and sissy sluts.Being humiliated is one thing for an unfortunate slave. It is just one of those things you must endure if you want to avoid upsetting your Mistress enough to punish you or, even worse, make her send you away and never be near her again then read on for some of our top BDSM ideas

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The use of humiliation is femdom 101

Degrading and forcing their slaves to be embarrassed and make their faces burn red with shame is the perfect way for a Domina to show just who is in control and to cement inside the subbrain that she can do anything to him that she wants.

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She can force him to humiliate himself, or she can do it, and he just has to accept it, tolerate it and deal with it.

Any good Dominatrix has the kind of twisted, sadistic mindset to keep coming up with more degrading ways to humiliate their subs.

The more inventive, the better. It is all well and good humiliating him, but to be a truly effective Domme, you need not only a dominant personality and the ability to torture him with heartless efficiency, but you also need to have a sense of fun to be able to enjoy the sight of your slave doing whatever you are making him do.

Here are a few examples of tasks that can be fun and consensual for a submissive:

  1. Name-calling: The submissive may be verbally abused and called a lot of names by the dominant during the scene. This can be a fun way to explore different forms of verbal humiliation and can be tailored to the individual’s preferences.
  2. Objectification: The submissive may be instructed to wear certain clothing or perform certain actions that objectify them. For example, they may be made to wear a collar or leash or may be instructed to crawl or beg.
  3. Chores and errands: The submissive may be given tasks such as cleaning or doing errands while being humiliated by having to wear a humiliating outfit or being spoken to in a degrading manner.
  4. Public Humiliation: The submissive may be taken out in public and be humiliated by the dominant in a public place, such as a park or mall.
  5. Writing task: The submissive may be given a task to write about their own humiliations, experiences or thoughts and share it with the dominant
  6. Cuckolding: The submissive may be made to watch or listen as the dominant has a sexual encounter with another person.

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Humiliation play can be a fun and exciting aspect of BDSM for some people, but it’s important to remember that it’s a form of consensual non-consent, where both parties have agreed to the activity and have set clear boundaries.

Now that might sound crazy to the vanilla people. “Fun? It isn’t supposed to be fun, is it?”.

Well, it is supposed to be for her, so she needs a good sense of it to enjoy what she is doing to him. The cackling laughter and sadistic laughing will ring in his ears, or her cruel smirking as his cheeks burn bright red with shame will burn into his brain. Check out our top cam-to-cam sex site  for more kinky cam chats

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They have the experience to come up with different ways to make you embarrass yourself for their amusement.

Are you a sub looking for a Mistress like this?

Do you want to be humiliated but do not know where to begin? Looking for at least a starting point for something that you can maybe add your spin to?

Here we have compiled a list of some very humiliating slave tasks

You can try or ones you can adapt to suit your tastes.

  • Lick the toilet bowl. As if scrubbing the toilet wasn’t bad enough, she will make you do it with your tongue. Towering over you, maybe with her foot on your back and a collar and lead around your neck, she will make you lick the porcelain bowl clean. If that is just a bit too much, though, she may have you use a toothbrush instead.
  • Wear a diaper. Toilet privileges have been removed for you, and you are wearing a diaper. You can beg, plead and grovel to go to the bathroom, but she will just smirk at your desperation and make you wet your diaper and then, for total degradation, force you to sit in it.
  • Small penis humiliation. Female domination and sph go together like salt and vinegar. Almost all male slaves will have their cock size ruthlessly mocked by having it measured, compared to small objects such as baby carrots, to real men’s cocks, be laughed at or have her wiggle her pinky finger at you. checkout the small dick pictures for real entertainment value
  • Be cuckolded. You are not man enough to satisfy your dream woman. No matter how hard you try or how much you want it, you just don’t do it for her, so imagine how degraded you will feel as she fucks another man right in front of you and makes it clear that you are not a man enough for her.
  • You are locked in chastity. The perfect compliment to go with cuckolding, your cock will be locked inside chastity, and she will become your online chastity keyholder and will control all your orgasms. They belong to her now, and you will be utterly degraded and humiliated as you are forced to grovel and beg to be allowed to cum.
  • Wear female underwear. Being naked in front of her is bad enough. CFNM is an embarrassing thing, but to be forced to wear women’s panties is even worse, especially for heterosexual men. Walking around in skimpy panties or frilly knickers will be a humiliating experience.
  • Being made to stand as she covers you in custard, shoves cream cakes or plates of cream into your face, tips bowls of baked beans over your head, throws jello at you, smears you in mustard or peanut butter or covers you in messy foodstuffs, possibly also making you roll around in it and getting you as messy as possible. She will have great fun throwing the food at you, laughing as she does so
  • Pour cornflakes into your panties. As if wearing women’s underwear wasn’t bad enough, she will take them, pour a packet of them in your knickers and then a jar of honey or treacle for good measure and make you walk around like that. Every single crunch will remind you of what she is doing to you. Even worse if she makes you sit down!
  • Write things on your body. Degrading slogans such as “wimp”, “loser”, “faggot”, or “small dick wanker” as common, but this could also take the form of having “insert cock here” written on your back and an arrow pointing to your ass (or written on your face and the arrow pointing at your mouth).
  • Sing and Dance. Not like you’re at a karaoke either. That’s too easy and not humiliating at all. No, you will perform I’m a little teapot or the birdie song as you prance around and sing your little heart out as she sits and laughs at you. It might not sound too bad but trust us, it is!
  • Supervised masturbation. You might enjoy a nice wank often, but you always do it in private. Imagine how degrading it will be to tuck your meat in front of your Mistress as she sits laughing at you and mocking you, especially at being a wanker because you can’t get any pussy. Having to masturbate for your sexual relief is bad enough, but to have to put on a show at the same time will stay with you for a long time afterwards.
  • Wear a butt plug with a piggy tail. As if having an object shoved up your arse wasn’t bad enough, having one with a curly little pigtail stick out will be even worse. She will point, laugh and make piggy snort noises at you.
  • Ask a shop assistant if they have these panties in your size. Public humiliation is a popular fantasy. Going to a store, you will be required to find a young cute assistant and take the prettiest, frilliest panties to her and ask if they come in your size.
  • Cum over a dildo, then suck it off. Perfect if you haven’t cum in a long time, you must ejaculate all over a large dildo and then give it a long blowjob to clean your mess off it. This works so well because after you have ejaculated, you no longer feel horny, so the task of fellating a dildo and cum eating instructions will not be a pleasurable experience for you.
  • Golden shower. There is nothing more degrading than being pissed on. She will have you lie on your back, mouth open or gagged shut, straddle you with a foot on either side and then pee all over your chest, stomach and face.
  • Hump a pillow. To gain sexual relief, you’re not going to be enjoying it. You will put a pillow on the floor and then hump it like a dog. No hands allowed.
  • Hump her leg. Even more degrading, she will sit cross-legged as you lean into her shin and then desperately try to get yourself off by rubbing your hard-on against her boot or stockings. As if supervised masturbation wasn’t bad enough!
  • Pee sitting down. Real men stand up to take a piss. Loser beta males sit down to pee like women and little girls, so you are not allowed to stand. Now you need to sit down to urinate.
  • Make you go outside naked. To the bottom of the garden and back again. Multiple times if she wants you to. You will be terrified of being seen or of someone videoing it and uploading it online.
  • Visit a Tranny for a session – This is where Mistress will pick an online shemale or an escort and make you visit her for a kinky dirty session where you will beg to suck the tranny cock – View our Ideas for shemale cams chat
  • Controlled sex toy – Make them wear a controlled smartphone sex toy to work where you can control it from home.
  • Ruined orgasm – Make them wank all day, teasing and edging all day, then ruin that orgasm and laugh in their face.
  • Eat from the dog bowl – Pour a lot of scraps into the dog bowl push their head down with your boot and make them lick it clean.
  • Eat food from the toilet – Fill the toilet with broken biscuits and make them get them out with their tongue.
  • Counting Game – make them count a box of cornflakes and if they look like they are doing it too easily, pour syrup all over them. If they complain, push their head into it and then demand they also count the ones stuck to their forehead.
  • Stand in a corner  – Make them stand in the corner naked and only be allowed to come out and speak if you snap your fingers. Make them stand in that corner all night  – sleep deprivation.
  • Call The plumber day – This is the day when you dress them up and make them call many different plumbers out to give you quotes for your leaking sink. The slave must deal with every plumber while dressed like a slut.
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  • Social media play – Make them publish a post about themselves on their social media, but you have control of their pc at the time and switch it off, so the post has to stay for the length of time it takes them to boot up again.
  • Fake Tan – Demand he buys the darkest fake tan and applies it all over his body, then tell him to slip on a bikini or go outside for a walk.
  • Pee his panties- While wearing light-coloured trousers, ensure he pees himself to leave a huge stain, then send him to the supermarket to buy some incontinence pads. More here at Mistress phone chat
  • Handcuff to trolly – Take them shopping and handcuff them to the trolly.

So there you have a list of things that are humiliating and degrading for webcam slaves and real-time slaves alike.

Did you see Something you wanted to try? Or something you thought might be worth a shot but that you wanted to change a bit?

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For a bonus, you can give the Mistress a brief outline of what you want to try and then trust her sadistic mind to add her take.

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Femdom Humiliation Tasks

Mistress always enjoys dishing out new ideas to humiliate, degrade and embarrass her worthless slaves and sissies. Watching them squirm as they find out their next tasks.

We enjoy all sorts of BDSM games to keep the submissive guessing and wondering what could happen next. mistress phone  chat the UK

  1. Blackmail Humiliation Tasks
  2. Public Humiliation
  3. Using social media such as Twitter, Insta, YouTube, Facebook
  4. Using Team Viewer and taking remote access to the sub’s computer or laptop
  5. Finding new and kinky cuckold tasks
  6. Dominating sexual tasks to do at home
  7. Cum Eating Instructions
  8. Degradation tasks –  from shaving body hair to drinking pee, covering themselves in gunge, peeing their pants etc
  9. Mental Humiliation – Boring, tedious tasks
  10. Introduce Anal  tasks from mild to very extreme
  11. chastity humiliation tasks just to be cruel and make sure to laugh at them or get yourself off when they are in their little prison
  12. Toilet training scenarios
  13. Humiliating Joi Tasks
  14. Introduce sex writing tasks
  15. When in chastity, make sure they watch porn with you
  16. Diapers – Make them wear an adult diaper and train them in it

These are just a few other ideas to introduce to your slave and sissy when dishing out your cruel humiliation cam sessions. These ideas and methods will be added, so keep checking back for more.

We enjoy posting pictures and videos of our slaves and sissy girls to humiliate them further.

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