Cock And Ball Torture Webcams

Cock And Ball Torture Webcams

Ready for cock and ball torture webcams with cruel Mistresses who enjoy ballbusting and cock torture? Then step inside our live chat rooms right now and experience exactly how it will feel as these dominant females make you use objects on that cock and balls and they watch and laugh at your misery.

Online Cock and Ball torture and Ballbusting Cams

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One of the most popular fetishes for femdom enthusiasts is CBT or cock and ball torture.

A man’s cock and balls are his most valued possession so for guys who like to be dominated by women, having her pound on them and destroy them to show her contempt for the male species is the ultimate way to show subservience to the female species and to show his true place in life.

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Get ready for the most sadistic cock and ball torture webcams online where these kinky females enjoy seeing their weak slaves & submissives suffer in a real live session. Use the cam to cam sex session so as Mistress can watch you carry out the tasks that she instructs you to do

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c1932712And as already said, asking your wife or girlfriend to beat your cock with a riding crop is not very easy. So the best way is to go to a live femdom webcam site and have a Mistress online do it. There are hundreds of superior women who will be only too happy to have you smash your family jewels for nothing more than their amusement.

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Perhaps you need to be bent over like a bitch while you have that cock covered in pegs; maybe you need some proper anal training to coincide with your cock and ball torture; if that is the case then check out the strapon cams section for girls wearing strapons and ready to stretch your butt.

Some of the harshest and cruellest Mistresses are black dominatrices, and there are plenty of them here See our Mistress cam room here

They will take great glee in making you punch yourself in the balls, slap them with a belt, put elastic bands around your cock, whack your cock with a ruler, or any number of other ways they can think of which will cause pain and humiliation for you and fantastic amusement for them.

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And isn’t that what we men are here for? To keep women happy, no matter the cost? Our live Mistresses are available 247 with cruel bitches who enjoy destroying your cock and balls.

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As someone who has enjoyed his fair amount of live CBT webcam sessions, I can tell you that by far the greatest experience to be had is when you are not specific. that is, give your Mistress the scope to administer CBT in any manner she chooses. If you say “Make me punch my balls” it detracts from the enjoyment of the session. But if you say “I want CBT in any manner you choose” then you will be in for a real treat.

Every single one of the online Mistresses has a delectably sadistic, mischievous mind and can administer pain to your precious member that will remain with you long after the bruising has subsided.


Take a look at the superior online Mistress above. This is MissNikki whom I had the honour of serving and suffering last week. I gave her the scope to do as she pleased and the live cock and ball torture session I received did not disappoint.

She had me with SIX elastic bands tied tightly around my cock which made my balls super sensitive. And she then made me whack them 20 times with a ruler.

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She laughed at every stroke as I groaned and doubled over, but she simply yelled “harder” till I had completed all 20. then she made me attach the stims machine and had me crank up the voltage, all the while pinging the elastic bands against my aching cock. It was a session I will never forget, and from one of the most gorgeous Mistresses online you will ever meet.

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Online cbt cam sessions can be done at any level you want though. From nervous beginner to experienced hardcore abuse, tell your Mistress your level, and she will administer the session to your level of experience.

You don’t need to be nervous, she does not bite. Well, unless you ask her to! This is the world of mean bitches, women who don’t give a shit and all they truly want to do is torture your dick, jump on your balls and make your life a misery; they enjoy watching weak men suffer, and they thrive on viewing sissies being degraded and in any type of domination chat room you will come to find that these mean ladies show no mercy.

The webcam shows are cheap which is great for those who just want to dabble a bit and experiment in the whole BDSM  world but are not sure what area they want to try or for those who just can’t afford a real-time session in person as let’s face it they are pricey at £130 an hour for some dungeon session in person it can soon mount up.

This is why testing out on cheap domination or humiliation room is always a great way to go to test them out and see for yourself if it is indeed an area you want to take further.


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