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Joi cams with Females who love giving out Jerk off Instructions. If you are ready for your wanking instructions then step into our live free video cam chats and begin your  journey into wank play, edge play, and cum instructions online

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Weak male slaves do not deserve pleasure or to feel good. That is why I am an online chastity keyholder to lots of slaves. They use less and insignificant so I do not care one little bit about how much your aching blue balls hurt or if tease and denial cams leave you frustrated and desperate.
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joi cams, jerk off playThat is your problem and I actually enjoy the feeling of knowing that I control your orgasms and you suffer each and every day because of me. I am one of many live mean bitches who take the control I have over you and use it to make you suffer. Constantly.
However, it is medically unsafe to not empty your balls every so often so sometimes I will have to relent and let you cum. It pains me to do it and I hate letting you do it but needs must.

The giddy way you can hardly hide your smiles as you think you are going to be allowed to have a nice wank irritate me so I decided long ago you would not be unlocked and allowed to just tug away like a spotty teenager who just got a glimpse of side boob in a magazine.

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chastity cams liveI control your orgasms and that means I also control every single aspect of them. When I decide to remove your dick from forced chastity to allow you to ejaculate, I always make you do it on MY terms. I will decide how you cum when you cum and I will also decide HOW you do it. I always use live jerk off instructions so I can see the slave wanking and this allows me to gauge his reactions and his body language so that I can really torment him to the fullest extent possible.
JOI cams are a particular favorite of mine since even though I need to let you spunk, I can still torture you when you are doing something other real men take for granted.

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I always start off by having you slowly, oh so slowly, stroke your dick till it is rock hard. After days or weeks of denial, it will be aching and throbbing in no time. As you struggle, I will be flashing my cleavage or my ass to really turn you on and drive you nuts. As you grunt with frustration, I will have you pump it a set number of times. Maybe 9. Then stop and take your handoff. Then I’ll have you do 8 strokes. Then 10. Then 4. Or as many as I think will get you right to the edge but deny you that final stroke for desperate relief. Then I will have your wank but decide how fast. Perhaps she will then demand you eat your cum

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wank instructions camsFast, slow, fast, faster, faster, slower, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow, slower, faster, slow, faster
And on and on like that till you do not know which way is up. JOI webcam sessions are great fun for me as, by this point, you are almost in tears!
Then I sometimes decide to only allow you upwards strokes. This makes your penis throb and jerk but will never let you cum. Softly stroking your shaft, slaves’ heads always jerk back and forward as they slump and struggle to hold back their orgasm because I have not given the cum command. It always makes me smile to see my tortured slaves in agony with pent-up frustration and despair. It’s amusing to me, playing with my male toys and having them suffer at my whim. Knowing I can relieve them any time I want and grant them permission but also knowing that I hold this complete control over his body and mind.
cock control camsUsually, I will employ a little CBT online as well. I will make them pull on their swollen balls HARD as they jerk off and as their face twists in agony, I get a certain glow of satisfaction.
Eventually, however, I get bored and decide to let them ejaculate. As they tense and shoot their load in a big thick pile of thick, creamy spunk, they are breathless and all pleased with themselves. Weeks of pent-up frustration over and they have finally been allowed to relieve themselves. Their live jerk-off instructions session is over but now comes the hard part. They will now be given cum eating instructions. I spent weeks building up that cum in your balls, and you think you can just get rid of my hard work by wiping it on a cloth and throwing it away? Oh, no boy. Not on your Nelly. You will eat and lick up all that mess and you will do it with a smile on your face and you will thank me for it as well.

sexy blond mistress wearing fishnet stockings online web cam chatsOur fetish chat rooms are full of females with amazing imaginations, they know exactly what spot to hit and when they start with demanding you sign a contract to become their property when they collar you and deny you any pleasure when they own your orgasm’s and sex life, You at that point realize there is no going back, no escape for weak useless boys like you, you may as well do as you are told and take they wank instructions, cock instructions, and cum play because there is nowhere else to go.
JOI cam Mistresses are plentiful online. There are dozens of Dommes just waiting to get their hands on a horny, frustrated little orgasm denied slave like you and to drive him to the brink of insanity by giving him jerk-off-instruction.
Log on now and get ready to suffer for your strict mistress

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