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Chastity cams live

Chastity Cams is an area of female domination that gives a Mistress the ultimate control over a male slave. Controlling his orgasms. The old saying “control the cock, you control the man” is never more valid than in bdsm.

All submissive males get turned on by having a strong, powerful and dominant woman control, humiliate and degrade them. It is in their psyche. This means that their hormones are all ramped up during and after the bdsm 101 webcam session which not only means that it is clear what will happen when she is not present to keep an eye on you but it also makes her solution even more effective.

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By locking your cock (or her cock, depending on how you look at it!) she not only prevents you from jerking off but it stops you even getting hard.

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Nothing pleases a sadistic Dominatrix more than hearing slaves whimpering and seeing them suffer and with the use of chastity cams, you will certainly be suffering alright. Forget tube sites and their POV chastity videos. Those are lame and boring and you can tell the women doing them are inexperienced. Use live femdom cams and you will have an expert who is very well experienced and will make it all the more real for you

A chastity bdsm webcam session can be had by either her “forcing” you into chastity by being locked up in front of her or by you already having your cage on when you enter her private chat room. Either way, if chastity and orgasm control is your “thing” with regards to femdom then you have come to the right place.

On here there are hundreds of Dommes who are all looking to become your online chastity keyholder who keeps you locked away for days, weeks, months at a time and has you climbing the walls with frustration and your desire to cum is your only driving thought.
This femdom webcams site is full of Dominas who all love locking their male slaves up and teasing them to hear them whimper. Hundreds of Dominatrix’s live and online who are experts in chastising male slaves and using it to their full advantage and keeping their subs in line. It is a fact of life that men think with their dicks.

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Therefore it stands to reason that the best way to break him and make him totally subservient is to control how often he feels an orgasm. That is what makes chastity so effective.

It instantly makes him more subservient and eager to please. He will not answer back, refuse any order and will do anything just to be allowed time out of his cage and possibly cum.

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Just imagine having a superior female ordering you to put your dick in that little plastic cage, snapping the padlock shut and then sitting smirking as you feel the tightness and restriction around your cock. Already you will feel your penis begin to grow and start getting erect only to be stopped by the hard plastic.

The pain is excruciating but will only get worse the more your cock strains. What will not be helping is that your sadistic Mistress will be teasing you by flashing her boobs, her pussy, her ass, making you watch porn, dangling her feet if you have a foot fetish or telling you all about how she has sex with real men and the things she does with them.

In fact, anything to keep your cock straining in its cage and causing you severe discomfort. It is a given that if chastity turns you on then this presents it’s on the problem since an erection will no doubt “arise” as soon as she makes you get the cage and this obviously makes putting it on impossible so cock and ball torture will usually proceed. Slapping your cock, punching your balls, whipping it, caning it, anything at all to make it flaccid so it can be locked away.

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Maybe when you are locked up she will bring out a dildo and torment you by showing you how she gives oral sex to real men or giving it a handjob. If you have a foot fetish then she will show you it getting a foot job. Running her hands up and down, rubbing the head, lightly tapping her nails along it, licking the tip, pouring oil on it to make it slippery and taking it in her mouth. All the while, you will be sitting with your dick locked in that plastic prison, straining and desperate to get hard.

Perhaps she may demand you turn on your webcam so she can tease you and watch you at the same time as you squirm while locked in your little prison – our cam to cam sex chat rooms are always an absolute must with our Mistresses

Or maybe she will make you find porn that gets you going? All of these Mistresses are expert manipulators and will get inside your head to find out all your fetishes and turn-ons before using them against you. Whether you like face sitting, black on white, girl, on girl, ass worship, leather, denim, PVC, feet, lips, tits, legs, you name it, she will find it out then make you watch porn whilst locked.

Or perhaps the ultimate cruelty. Having you locked away, unable to touch yourself to gain relief, while she spreads her legs and masturbates. As she moans and bites her bottom lip as she rubs her clit, your dick will be trying to burst the cage to get hard.
Or maybe you can bring Viagra to your session.

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Swallow that pill and all she then has to do is what for the begging to begin!
There are many ways and forms with which a live chastity cams session can unfold so use the free bdsm webcam chat option to discuss with your Goddess what is to happen and how you use it to progress.
An endless selection of cruel chastity webcam online keyholders await. Join up now and you better not keep them waiting

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