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You and your preferences will always be considered throughout our Mistress cams sessions. You will immediately see that we have a sizable variety of online Females eager to seduce you in a live webcam show when you join the femdom mistress cams section, so be ready.

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They adore pushing their boundaries to the farthest points with their sissy girls and submissives. Are you ready to be dominated?

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There are several of the top Dominatrixes waiting to fulfil any fantasies or desires you may have in the BDSM arena in the cam mistress chat rooms. These dominatrices webcam shows are ruthless, kinky, seductive, and extremely addicting.

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You are their puppet and tiny toy, and they want to exploit you, mock you, and squander all of your money. Are you prepared to receive instructions? Check out the free chat room and talk to the Mistresses about your domme cam show there.

Our Live Mistress Cams are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and include cruel, vicious bitches who adore intimidating, deceiving mind fucks, and loser sessions.

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Additionally, we have some incredible Mistress Strapon Cam rooms with the top Online Femdoms skilled at using their power and strapons to achieve their objectives.

Maybe you are a slave to money and want online financial dominance.

Perhaps you require online chastity control or webcam directions for cum eating.

Do you require an online key holder? Mistress’s online chat has more information.

Then view our live, harsh, evil Mistresses right away!

Maybe using guided masturbation Cams is the best option? Whatever the setting, fetish, or rigorous dominatrix, they are all waiting.

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chat window is open right now and allows you to see all of our stern, nasty, and cruel dominatrixes. 
They are anxious to whip you, beat you up, and humiliate you. 
Because they like everything that includes misery and humiliation, they find enormous satisfaction in your suffering.


These Mistress webcams include some of the Best in online BDSM and collaring situations, lifestyle Mistresses, and femdoms who yearn to be praised, revered, and obedient.

Come forward and tell your fantastic Mistress how lovely she is if you kneel nude with that pitiful ass in the air. For the greatest online slave training and contracts with fetish females that prefer to be in charge, check out some of our other kinky femdom cams.

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Live fetish cams featuring taboo and roleplay may be found here.

Prepare to indulge her and let her dry you out with her milk. Start your slave adventure into ownership, tease and denial, forced feminization, and live spanking cams by entering the live Mistress webcam rooms immediately.

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In our live dominatrix cam rooms, many sexist ladies are eager to tear you apart.
These ruthless women embodied the stereotype of strong-willed cruel, and incredibly wicked women.

They simply like torturing and humiliating helpless captives. Enter the online mistress cams rooms right away to watch as sexy; busty Superior women dominate weak men who need to be disciplined and controlled in a safe environment.

If you want to start a journey without turning back and where you will be owned and known as “the subject” and not just the slave, click here for the mistress phone chat.

Looking for fresh approaches to completely degrade your cam buddy or slave? The most humiliating, degrading techniques can be read here: 200 Plus Ways for Bdsm Humiliation with your Slave/sissy. Then look no further; we have prepared a guide for you to use and utilise in any session with a submissive, slave, or sissy. It ensures that you will leave them in no doubt as to who the boss is.

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Webcams of superior top mistresses with cruel, sadistic twists

To ensure that any pain whores genuinely suffer throughout the session, the great Mistresses will always add a twist to your cam session, such as having you perform the most embarrassing tasks possible.

You will not meet any average girls; instead, you will encounter nasty, brutal, and vicious Females who enjoy using all available means of control and subterfuge. They all believe that women should rule the world and that men should always submit to women.

When it comes to putting a weak guy in his place and making him aware that she is in authority at all times, they take no prisoners. You’ll know where you stand in her incredible universe after a few blows of the whip or cane and a tour of her dungeon.

Your purpose is to serve Mistress on Webcam.

Your sole purpose in life is to serve her. The only reason you are there is so that she can play with and manipulate you—from draining you of all of your money and eliciting all of your dirty little secrets for use in a blackmail cam show to making sure she financially wrecks you in a financial dominance show.

These ladies won’t accept no for an answer; they will persist until you are pleading with them to serve, appease, and accept your place in her stable. Additionally, our live site has femdoms on camera.

There are countless powerful women eager to make your pitiful existence as terrible as possible, each clutching a whip and a pair of shackles.

This is precisely what you can anticipate when you start serving a genuine dominatrix, from degradation to humiliation, from making sure you know your position in her universe.

Perhaps the financial domination agreement or the chastity contract will be displayed for you to read, sign, and abide by. You have now agreed to live this life as a slave boy, and this is exactly what you must do at all times to appease your virtual mistress.

Don’t forget to visit our femdom chat room, where we have many movies, images, and details about what occurs in a live femdom cam show.


Bound and gagged, whipped and caned, restrained and anal insertion are just a few things on these women’s minds. To gain what they want, they will do everything, including degrade, humiliate, rule over, and tread all over you.

You are worthless to them; you are a mere dollar sign, someone to abuse, use, and have a bit of fun with; they don’t care if they hurt your feelings; they do not care if you are in pain from the spanking or CBT sessions, or how humiliated you feel from dressing up like a sissy girl and sucking a dildo. These women love power; strong female domination is what happens in these live cam shows; enter at your own pearl.

When these ladies start demanding your full attention and ordering you to stand in a corner with your back turned to them, with your ass in the air, then you know they mean business. Check out the domination cams page for more information on what to expect in the live mistress cam show.

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These dominants enjoy watching you squirm as they demand you serve and obey them at all times. They back you into a corner with sadistic blackmail and financial domination. Are you ready to obey? Are you ready to take things to the next level? Are you ready to meet evil bitches who spank, talk means, and push your hard limits? If so, enter and meet the best in online domination with a twist.

There are hundreds of Online Domina Mistresses available right now who are available to take you further in your journey of female domination and of submitting to the superior sex.

Whether you want ballbusting, cbt, humiliation, cock mock, forced sissification, chastity, foot worship, boot worship, anal training, or any of the other countless acts found within BDSM, femdom, and S&M, this is the only site you will need.

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Our online Dominatrixes, Dominas, and Femdoms enjoy everything regarding cam slave training, assignments, tasks, ideas, methods, and most of all, training. They enjoy TeamViewer sessions, Kik and TikTok. They enjoy taking humiliating pictures of you in their degrading, humiliating cams room and then showing them off to everyone on Insta

Hundreds of Dommes live and are ready to dominate you to within an inch of your life, humiliate you and control you.

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They are waiting on you and are itching to get their hands on you and put you in your place, right down on the floor where you belong.

Why Use Femdom Cams? Are They Cheap?

There are many reasons why you might use femdom cams to submit to a dominant female. The main reason is convenience. It is so easy just to strip naked, log on and select a Mistress and have a session.

With real-time Domination, you need to get ready and travel, not to mention have to book an appointment. Not so with webcam domination.

Also, your location might be a problem in finding the Mistress you want. Not everyone lives near major cities with Dominas for real-time sessions, and it could be a long distance to the nearest one, especially if you have specific requirements for the type of Mistress you wish to serve.

So convenience and practicality are the main reasons to use femdom cams for your submission needs.

Is it expensive? Are these Mistress Cams The Cheapest?

In years gone by, it was expensive, yes, but these days the price has dropped considerably. The days of $4 a minute are long gone, and nowadays, the price for an English-speaking Online dominatrix is as low as $2 per minute, and if that is still too much, then there are fetish girls from Eastern Europe available for as low as 33c per minute.

This allows you to have a pretty decent length of the session for pretty much minimal outlay. For $10, you can have an almost 30-minute session. Now that’s good value in anyone’s book!

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Do I Need A Webcam?

The short answer is, no, you don’t. The Mistress you choose will have one, but you don’t need one if you don’t have one.

It will make for a much better session if you do, as she will be able to feed off your reactions far better than if you just type, but it is not a requirement that you need one to enjoy the site.

In fact, many subs deliberately don’t use a webcam of their own because they feel more comfortable not showing their face. If you feel like this, then it’s fine. All of the Dommes will understand and will have seasoned this way before

What Areas Of Femdom Can Be Done On Domination Cams?

Basically, all of them. Whilst it is obviously different to do many acts such as cock and ball torture, spanking, slapping. Anal training (to name but a few) to yourself rather than have her do, it is still an enjoyable experience as all of the live Mistress webcam Dommes have experience and know exactly how to conduct a webcam domination experience to give you the session exactly how you want it to be.

I Have A Specific Fantasy. Can We Do Roleplay?

Of course, you can! Every Mistress loves roleplay scenarios, and they enjoy stepping out of themselves and becoming other people in specific roleplays.

The cruel cuckolding wife, the ball-busting wife, the sadistic secretary, the dominant nurse, the ex-girlfriend dentist, the list is endless. In a nutshell, use the free cam chats option to describe in detail your specific roleplay scenario, then enter private and enjoy!

What Types Of Dominatrix Are Available?

Every single type you could imagine.

Blondes – Hot blonde sadistic women waiting to ruin your world with jerk-off instructions, cam-to-cam, cam slave tasks, skype and Kik, and many more

Brunettes – The kinky girls of the bunch who enjoy all areas of humiliation and domination

Redheads – Fiery and always ready to dish out more extreme tasks – Watch out for the ballbusting and cruel cbt

Teens – Always eager to remind you that they are younger than you but still in charge of you, they enjoy orgasm control and tease and denial

Milfs – They just love to tease as they demand you do edge play with them

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Thanks to the fact there are Goddesses from all over the world, there is every single type you could ever wish to services available at any time of day or night.

Grannies are Older and mature and not afraid to use their slippers on your bare ass.

Shemales – They enjoy humiliating you and demanding you suck their cocks

Tattooed – The fetish Mistresses covered in tattoos

Black – Cruel, sadistic, and evil, the ebony Dominatrixes who like to twist things.

Asian – Asian girls who know a lot about caning and flogging, watch out for the welts they leave on your ass.

Tall amazons – They enjoy roleplaying Giantess and humiliating you for the tiny man syndrome

Use the search function to narrow down the selection to your preferred type and then you will find dozens who fit your profile and match your dream, Goddess.

You will also be able to find out which ones offer free chat, which allows you to fine-tune the details of your session without it costing you any money.

This is great as it allows you to be specific in a relaxed environment, rather than worrying it is eating into your credits which in turn may mean you will rush through it and not explain yourself properly or miss bits out, meaning you won’t get the session you want and will leave disappointed which is not what she or you want so unless you are happy to pay for the setup part, find a Mistress who does free chat.

As you can see, there are many fantastic reasons to use female domination cams to submit to a powerful woman.

You don’t even need to have an actual session. If you just want to talk to get your submission needs out there to get them off your chest, no matter what Domme you select, she will be just as happy to sit and chat about domination as she is doing an actual physical session.

There is no shortage of dominant ladies and mean bitches online waiting for an inferior male creature like you to get their claws into.


Nothing makes them happier than having a man crawling around the floor, kissing their boots, and humiliating them for her amusement.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up to this site now, and you could be in a live session with a cruel Domme in a little over 2 minutes.


INTENSE SENSUAL DOMINATION From Cruel but Erotic Mistresses on Webcam

This is the ideal description of my style. I have the tendency to seduce my victims into submission. I will guide your humble souls, stealing from you any remorse as you submit to my will. Playing with your body as if it was a musical instrument enhances your senses with each touch. Testing boundaries and pushing your limits with each step until we reach a crescendo and slowly bring you back to reality.

Our skills are far and varied. Adaptable to most scenarios from timid to extreme forms of fetish play.

Specializing in a range of scenarios involving sensory deprivation and/or enhancement via the means of –

*BONDAGE – mild to extreme, In all forms of Latex, Leather, Rope, Mummification, Cling film, Lycra, Chains, Satin, Silk, and Nylons.


*CORPORAL PUNISHMENT (CP) – an extremely accurate and precise measure of strokes by means of Caning, Strapping, Paddling, Flagellation, Spanking, and OTK. On buttocks, groin, back, soles of feet and inner thighs, etc.

*ELECTRICS – pulsating sensations of electrical current, with many attachments for the groin, nipple, and anal. (anal device to be supplied by subject, for purpose of hygiene).

*COCK AND BALL TORTURE (CBT) – or sensual play. Testing the limits by exploiting the groin with various devices and implements, including; weights, sounds, electrics, bondage, pegs, wax, surface piercing, etc. Find a Mistress here at Cam’s joint

*NIPPLE TORTURE (NT) – or sensual play by caressing and titillating the nipples warming up to pinching, pulling, clamping, and testing limits with weights.

*SUSPENSION – part or full suspension by the wrist, ankles vertically, whole body, or horizontally, using suspension cuffs, harness, sling, suspension cage, leather, or rope.

*FISTING – I have slender hands with short manicured nails, where I can slowly stimulate the anal passage to accommodate my hand working up to a fist or two!

*INTERROGATION – My sadistic nature and many skills enable my imagination to perform intense interrogation scenarios involving the skills listed above.

*ROLE PLAY – We enjoy all types of roleplay from headmistress and pupil to nurse, doctor, naughty schoolboy/girl, boss, and secretary, and so on

*FETISH – All of the Mistresses enjoy fetishes, from foot fetish, smoking, latex, high heels, giantess, spit, face slapping, nylon, watersports, latex, and so many more More fetish cams here

Sissy training –(I will teach you how to be the slut you always knew you were)

– Full crossdressing – I will dress you up and do your hair, makeup and clothing and take you for a walk

– Strap on the play – Abusing and stretching that ass I enjoy pegging

– Adult Babies – I am always looking to humiliate adult babes and ABDL

– Wrestling

– Catheters

– Smoking Fetish

* Slave contracts/collars (for seriously committed slaves only)

* Financial domination (I really enjoy this, beware. :-D)

* Forced Feminisation –

Beginners Welcome


Never done this before? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Enter into the live mistress chat for some kinky, erotic slave and sissy BDSM training. The mistress live chat is available 24 7 for all who need to be taken by hand and owned.

Have you always been curious about BDSM? Not even sure what BDSM is? Our Online Mistress Chat is a great way to test the water.

Are you a little bit nervous? Do you have lots of questions to ask?

Are you itching to try something new and different but not so sure about the thought of unwanted pain or having telltale marks on you?

Introductory sessions were made just for you!

That’s right; there’s no need to worry or feel nervous. Wade into the shallow end of the pool and join our Mistresses for a nerve-relaxing first session.

During your first session, you can choose to be a bit bolder or continue on with light Bondage & Discipline play. Your session can be tailor-made for you based on the questions and feedback you’ve had up until now, or you can leave it in the skilled hands of our expert Mistress. The choice is ALWAYS yours to decide.

Mistress has had the Best-equipped fetish dungeon to offer specialized introductory sessions to interested newcomers with their special needs, questions, and possible concerns.

We are here to help you explore your desires in a safe, fun, and consensual environment. Whether those desires are of a BDSM, Fetish, or exotic role-playing nature, or even if you just have a taste in trying something out of the ordinary, there is sure to be something in Mistress Cam Chat‘s repertoire that can make it become real.