My first ball busting experience.


I can’t say this was something I ever fantasised or thought about in the past, it certainly wasn’t something I would have considered a positive thing, but somehow this experience shaped my feelings for the rest of my life.

It was a midsummer morning as I walked home from buying a paper, I realized it must have been the end of a semester at the local university, as 1000s of students spilt onto the streets, all out and free for the summer.

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In an attempt to avoid the crowds, I crossed the street and took a footpath I knew would lead me through the backfields home, a slightly longer route, but if it meant avoiding walking through a crowd of wild students, I was happy.

As I headed down the footpath and along into the woodland, I was pleased with my decision; no one anywhere for miles, or so I thought.  Reaching a clearing in the woods, a gather of 6 students sat around a small BBQ.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized they were all female; I didn’t expect any trouble from them and continued my route.

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The tallest girl shouted something in my direction; not hearing her properly, I went over, assuming they had something to tell me.  ”Our friend hasn’t shown up,” She said, with a mischievous grin, ”Maybe you’ll do”.

I had no idea what she was referring to, but not wanting to disappoint, I agreed I would help them if I could.  At this point, everyone at the gathering started laughing, making me feel a little nervous; they knew something I didn’t.

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Before I had time to ask any more questions or change my mind, the girl who had initially called me over was standing behind me, the others up alongside her, grabbing at my arms and slipping my wrists into cleverly designed cuffs that had me restrained in seconds.


”What’s happening,” I asked, now terrified for my life.  ”You’re about to find out,” they replied, laughing as they peeled my trousers down, leaving my trousers and underwear around my ankles, exposed and standing in the fresh air; I suddenly began to feel very vulnerable.

The tall girl positioned herself in front of me, ”have you ever had your balls busted? ” she asked.

Not fully understanding the question, I tried to ask her what she meant.  It was too late.  With one of her hands on each shoulder, she leaned forward and thrust her knee hard into my balls.

The shock winded me, and unable to scream, I braced myself for what I knew would be another hard kick.

The girls roared with laughter, ‘Well if you hadn’t had your balls busted before, you have now,” she shrieked as the others gathered in line.

Oh my god, I suddenly realized these girls all intended to bust my balls one after another.  I started writing around in the shackles, but they were too tight.

Realizing I was a complete victim, I prepared myself and braced for each kick.  For what seemed like forever, they took turns in punishing my balls; I was in pain levels I had never before deemed possible.

I was flying on a new dimension of pain, catalyzed by the sounds of their laughter with every new impact inflicted on my black and blue balls.   I saw bruising starting to appear, and pain seared through my body.

The girls poured more drinks and lit a BBQ as I hung there, in pain and praying to be let down.

Laughing, one of the girls took the knife she was preparing BBQ firewood with and cut me loose.

I grabbed helplessly at my clothes and ran, still barefoot but without looking back.

Getting away from the girls, I dressed and made my way home, my sore balls a very real reminder of what had just taken place.

It’s a memory I will never forget, and I jerk off thinking about something similar happening again.

Meeting a set of women and becoming their ultimate victim, having my balls at their mercy, was terrifying but one of the hottest things to have ever happened to me.

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