Permanent Orgasm Denial

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Masturbation denied, how to control his jerking

Permanent orgasm denial is one of the most common and exciting fantasies held by submissive men.

The idea of having your orgasms taken away forever, with no hope of cumming ever again, while at the same time knowing that your wife, girlfriend or Mistress will still have as many as she wants, any time she wants, is a huge turn-on for subs.

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Many people, even other submissives, think that this form of fantasy is restricted to only the very kinkiest and extreme of masochists and slaves but the truth, surprisingly, is far from that.

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It may seem incomprehensible to some as to why someone would choose to live an eternity without orgasm but in fact, many men find the constant state of arousal much more pleasurable than the actual sexual relief, and to them, once they have come down from the high of cumming they feel deflated and regret going over the finish line. More here on my domination phone sex line

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If you are a Dominatrix then you will have been requested by slaves to deny their orgasm.

If you are a woman whose husband has asked you to permanently deny his orgasms then it may be strange to you (you may even be tempted to run a mile and think he is insane) but whether this is femdom permanent orgasm denial or if it is within a loving relationship, the actual truth is that there are massive benefits to you both if it is done correctly.

The biggest advantage of all goes to the female. A frustrated and horny man is an obedient man who will not be able to do enough for her.

He will be keen to fulfil all of her needs, including oral sex and the use of toys. A constantly aroused man will never tell you he is too tired or not in the mood. We also have the best submissive cams for slave training

He will always be there and ready to make you have what he is denied for the rest of his life. An orgasm.

As bizarre as it may sound, men who live with POD feel proud of their sex lives as their partner is ALWAYS fully satisfied.

Most males worry that they are not satisfying their partner’s needs and that they are not as generous lovers as they should be.

While in a constant state of denial, the entire lovemaking session is geared towards what she wants and making sure she has her earth-shattering orgasm because there is no point worrying about him since he isn’t getting one regardless.

The next advantage is geared towards the woman. He does not need to whine, whine, complain or attempt to manipulate her into giving him an orgasm because he won’t be getting one.

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It just won’t ever happen. Therefore, he can be trusted to always be thinking of her and how he can genuinely improve her life and she can relax with the knowledge that he has no ulterior motive because there is no point.

He will always be sincere and honest because it’s pointless being any other way.

The difference between permanent denial and denial

Is that with the latter, it is still in his head that he will get to cum at some point?

No matter how much you deny him, he is aware that at some point he will get to cum. With permanent denial, that won’t happen. Ever. His total focus will be on either his arousal and frustration or 100% focused on the female’s needs. Mistress phone chat for all your kinky needs and desires

This is the perfect tool for female domination and any Mistress in the femdom world knows that making a slave suffer total frustration with no hope of relief makes for a more placid, compliant and useful submissive.

It’s not all a big plus though. As good as all these reasons are, there is still a ton of downsides.

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The number one con is for her having to find the strength to say no. A Mistress in a femdom environment will probably have no trouble with this but amateur BDSM users will find that, despite asking to be put into constant denial, when he is being teased and at the brink of orgasm he will beg and plead and whine and promise the earth to be allowed to cum.

She needs to be aware, despite it all, that he doesn’t want to cum. Sure he will be happy at the time but once the endorphins have worn off he will regret it.

For a loving wife or girlfriend, it is hard to keep saying no.
This brings us to con number 2.

Guilt. Many females feel guilty about keeping their partner denied and frustrated all the time. They see his constant state of arousal and their instinct is to satisfy him.

Likewise, during sex, they are turned on yet they feel guilty that they will get to cum and feel that glorious feeling but he won’t, not to mention the fact that not making a man shoot his load and hear his grunts of pleasure as he cums can make a woman feel like a failure.

Despite his wanting this, the guilt can cause the woman to not fully relax. He will be grateful, we promise, but at that moment it can be difficult not to give in but you will both regret it if you do.

The best way to live a permanent orgasm-denial lifestyle, whether in an amateur femdom relationship or as part of a sub/Domme lifestyle, is by the use of a male chastity device.

This ensures no cheating on his behalf and lets the female know that she is fully in control that he has been faithful to his wish and that this is truly what he wants.

Total and permanent orgasm denial certainly isn’t for everyone and a lot of patience is needed, as well as more than a few moments where you both decide to give up but if you stick with it you will find a pleasurable experience that makes sure both male and female get what they want from it.

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