Reasons Why People Like Sexual Submission

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Why do some people Like Sexual Submission?

Natty is my sub/slave. She serves me and obeys my word no matter what I want from her. How so? Well, it is difficult to explain why people like BDSM. Apart from that, you are asking the wrong person because that is the best way for them to answer you.

Why someone should submit voluntarily and what exactly is the motivation behind letting dominate, you will all of this throughout this medium profile where we look at many different areas of BDSM

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It is difficult to say exactly what you like about it, but if I had to list something it would be:

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  • Trust
  • The Domination and humiliation
  • The impotence
  • Dropping

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So you have a BDSM relationship with your boyfriend. What’s this?

We are a normal couple in public and most of our friends don’t know about it. It is our little secret. I am his slave and he is my master. I belong to him, my body belongs to him, my life belongs to him and I do everything to make my masters proud and satisfied.

No matter what my master asks me to do, I do it. If my lord wants to torture me with pain, then he does it, if he wants to fuck me in the mouth, he does it too, and if he wants me to kiss his feet, then I do it.

And I love these things. I love doing all these humiliating things for him. This humiliation excites me and makes me incredibly horny.

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How did you find out for yourself that you like BDSM?

I enjoyed reading sex stories online. In the beginning, I only read normal stories, in which the couples were very tender with each other and had romantic sex.

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But at some point, I realized that these kinds of stories don’t excite me. So I started reading other stories. I just started reading across the bed.

After a while, when I got older, it became clear that I like it when a person is humiliated and humiliated. If she is subject to the other person.

What do you like about BDSM?

BDSM is a very complex, unique and individual topic ( what exactly is BDSM? ). It is difficult to say exactly what you like about it, but if I had to list something it would be trust, humiliation and humiliation, impotence and dropping.

Some things of it satisfy me sexually and some of them do not sexually.

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1. What exactly do you mean by trust? Is there no trust in normal relationships?

Of course, there is also trust in normal relationships. Trust is the basic building block of every relationship because if it is not there, then there is no relationship or it will not last.

The trust between us is completely different. Not just this normal trust, like: “I trust you that you will never cheat or lie to me”, but like: “I trust you that you only hurt me as far as I can take and you know when my limits are reached. ”.

He knows my taboos and my limits and when I surrender to him in a session, I know that he respects them and does not exceed them. He is considerate of them, but of course, he also tests them from time to time, but only to a certain extent.

I, for example, am very afraid of waxplay (dripping/pouring hot candle wax on my body), and am rather panicked. I told him that and I know very well that he will never do that to me, not even as a punishment or as a mere threat.

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No matter what we are doing, whether he is hitting me with the whip or clipping me to any part of the body; I know that he doesn’t overwhelm me or burden me more than I can carry. I can trust him in everything he does. I like to put my life in his hands and know that he is not doing anything bad with it, but is guarding it like a treasure.

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2. What do you like about impotence? Isn’t impotence something negative?

Now impotence is not a bad thing. Rather, it is an indescribably great feeling. It’s probably difficult to understand, but it feels so good to have no power.

You can’t and don’t have to decide anything because all decisions are taken away from you. So you can fully indulge in the cathedral.

For example, if I am tied up by him, for example with handcuffs (here is my recommendation for handcuffs), then I am completely at his mercy of him.

I have no more power (this is only possible if the trust I have already mentioned is present). He can do what he wants with me and I know there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s a very exciting feeling.

3. How do you feel when you are humiliated or humiliated by your Dominant?

It is difficult to answer this question and to put into words how I feel about it.

First of all, I love to be humiliated by my cathedral. For example, I find it very humiliating to be his cat, to eat out of his hand and to behave like an animal.

I think I like that because I realize through such things that he can do anything he wants with me, without restrictions. He can let me do any humiliating chores that I will do.

I think it is this feeling, this demonstration of power, that makes this feeling so great and exciting.

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4. You mentioned dropping. What does it mean to let yourself go?

For me, letting yourself go simply means forgetting everything around you and surrendering yourself to the cathedral. You can forget all your thoughts and everything you have to do, such as learning, cleaning or cleaning up, and just concentrate on the cathedral and the game.

But you don’t just hide thoughts like how to clean, but also thoughts like “What is it if he turns too much now?” or “That could be dangerous.” As I said, you give yourself to the cathedral and trust it in everything it does.

You can give him your full attention, without any distractions. You can simply indulge in the game/session and “let yourself go”. Letting yourself down also means that you can relax.

But the “dropping” of the sub only works by catching the cathedral. Because at the end of the session, the cathedral should slowly and carefully bring the sub back into reality. Take her in your arms and show her that he is there for her.

In the so-called aftercare, he can show her his affection. Or show her that he is proud of what she has just done, such as enduring pain for him.

Because the cathedral gives its sub closeness, the feeling of security and makes it clear that it is safe, secure and in good hands with him.

I think that’s very important. Because without this trust and security, i.e. without catching the cathedral, the sub would not be impossible to drop.

Are you also submissive / sub and want to share your point of view? I would be happy if you leave a comment below explaining what you like about being dominated and submitting.

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