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Sissy Cbt Cruel Femdom Punishes her sissy girls

All sissy sluts need to be punished from time to time and to be put in their place and using cock and ball torture, also known as CBT, is one of the best ways to do it. Even showing them the items that will be used on them and watching the fear on their face is enough to make any strict femdom happy. In this article, we will talk about sissy CBT and femdom sissy cbt with pictures from real sessions that Mistress has had with her disobedient girls

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Types of Femdom – Sissy CBT Sessions

With so many different ways to punish a sissy girl, we will list below some of the top ways we use our girls as a form of discipline and punishment. From ballbusting to electros to sissy training days and leaving them in a locked cage naked and alone.

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1 – Ballbusting using weights and stretching the balls
2- Using e- stims – Electos vibrations tied around the cock and balls
3- Erect Cock Whipping
4- Sewing Foreskin
5-Cock crushing CBT
6- Heel insertion into cock
7 -Make them edge that cock until its redraws
8 – Pins, Pegs, and cock and ball spanking with a wooden or rubber ruler
9 – Trampling the cum out of the cock
10 – High heel CBT with Trampling
11- Hang a Bag on their balls or a bottle filled with water
12-  Hang them upside down, tied and bashed, and ensure cock is slapped and castration bands added
13-drainage pipe – Cock and ball crushing

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Sissy CBT Torture Cumslut Cockwhore

These are just some of the techniques we like to use on our sissy girls when in a CBT punishment session with us, not forgetting locking them in the cage with ball weights on and sounds deep inside the cock as well as a buttplug up that slutty little ass of theirs. Listening to them squeal in pain and beg to be forgiven. These cumsluts and cock whores know how severe and brutal any punishment session will be.

ballbusting pictures


Ball stretchers for sissy girls

Using a ball stretcher on our slutty sissy bitches can be a lot of fun for us Mistresses; the pulling sensation on the balls get the submissive so excited it keeps the cock erect and alert. Still, when you start to use a whip against that cock or slap it with a wooden ruler, it becomes all too much for them. This is all part of the punishment in our cock and ball torture sessions. Dress these sluts up and pimp them out; if they don’t make enough money for you as a Domina, then punish them severely.

ball stretching picture

Testicle torture is one of many ways we use in our online webcam rooms to ensure at all times that our sissie is in restricted bondage so as not to try and escape from our clutches.
Our brutal BDSM is all about power, the power we have over these sissy maids, sluts, whores, ensuring they know at all times that we are in charge.

From cock milking to testicle bondage or using tortured handjob techniques, you can be assured in our sessions our sluts know their place at all times

cock and ball torture picture

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More ideas for Femdom Cbt For Sissie

• Urethra play
• Dick Slap
• Ballsack Torture
• Scrotum stretching
• Testicle Weights
• Genital Spanking
• Penis pump Torture
• Using a cock and Ball Harness
• Candle wax – Hot & Cold Play
• Using sounds – electros
•Masturbation Torture – Edging, forced orgasm torture, cum denial

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Forced Intox with poppers is another way that is used in punishment sessions as well as incorporating some of  the medical fetishes and instruments used as well as chastity ball abuse

I have known Mistresses who enjoy ball biting and scratching as part of a disciplined routine, tieing the balls tight than biting them hard, slapping them, spitting on them, and using a humbler on them, are all part of sissy torture sessions. If you misbehave or don’t obey these are all part of your training in punishments as to what can and will happen in our torture sessions for disobedient slaves and sissy girls

cock and ball torture picture

We also enjoy using Tens machine with shock therapy to the cock and balls, watching them squirm as we turn the power up higher and higher, we also have a zapper that has a remote control, and we stick the pads to the cock and balls and then go shopping with the sissy slut and zap them as they walk around the supermarket. These are just some of what can be expected in a real session as well as an online training session with one of our top-class femdoms

cocn abd ball torture picture

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estimms electro play


cock and ball torture pictureAll of our pictures are from real sessions we have had with our submissives both online and in real-time in our BDSM Dungeon in the City. We have many tools, from the more erotic to the downright brutal and scary. If you are ready to test us out in our online rooms, then head on over, click the link and watch out for live free cams right now.

No matter what type of crossdresser/Sissy you are, you will meet a strict online Femdom waiting to take you to the next level in your slave training sessions. She will ensure you know how you will serve her and be punished if you do not obey her.

There are some of the most Vicious, cruel female domination sessions online with not just sadistic Ladies who enjoy power, but females who enjoy making a sluty sissy whore’s life a misery, from humiliation to domination and cruel, twisted cock and ball play; these females know exactly how to make their submissives suffer, they know how to train, abuse and manipulate their little bitches.

sissy slut in cbt and lingerie

If you are ready to test out our serious Mistresses in true Mistress style who thrive on forced intox using poppers, sleep deprivation and alcohol intox while they use urethral sounds on your sissy cock, then enter into our live rooms now and introduce yourself to our kinky femdom Mistresses. They are available 247 to abuse, humiliate and degrade you in every way you could imagine, including a cam-to-cam sex session.