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Small Penis Humiliation On Cams Live, there is something that all male slaves like you who come to me in live sph cam rooms have in common.

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You all have disgusting, tiny little dicks that make superior women online like me want to vomit. The Live Chats Below are Females and Girls who love to laugh at little dick losers like you

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Small Dick Humiliation

Listen to our audio below talking to little dick losers just like you.

standing there with your ridiculous little hard-on poking out in front of you. Eugh, I am sick in my mouth just thinking about it. The thought of you spanking your monkey like a spotty teenager as you think about having sex with me turns my stomach, and let’s get one thing straight. It is NEVER going to happen. Get ready for small penis humiliation on cam with females who enjoy every aspect of making you look ridiculous and stupid.

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You, you tiny dick loser, have ZERO chance with gorgeous, powerful alpha females like me. We would not spit on guys like you if you were on fire, let alone even touch that horrible little thing between your legs. Two little raisins, a tiny nub, and a pile of unkempt, minging pubic hair are no good to gorgeous hot babes like my friends and me. We want REAL men with big thick dicks who know what they are doing when it comes to sex and can satisfy a woman. We do NOT want ugly little runts like you whose idea of a long sex session lasts beyond 45 seconds.

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Laughing, belittling, degrading, and humiliating useless submissive men is what I live for. To make you feel so pathetic, worthless, and like such a joke in society. Making you do outrageous things so we can take pictures and videos and put them online for all to see and laugh at. We Love Humiliating public scenarios and letting the world see how stupid you are. Click for live BDSM chat.


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I am an online Mistress, and I work on many slave training webcam shows where I deal with lowly slaves and inferior males every single day and what they all get, no matter what they come to me for, is a big dose of small penis humiliation.

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Get ready to be made to stand in front OF Mistress with your trousers at your ankles so she can take some pictures to show her girlfriends. Can you imagine a crowd of girls, or Mistress and her lover or even Mistress and her friends all laughing and pointing and shouting, “Show your tiny dick”

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I always completely ridicule their dick size, width, and thickness. I, like all dominant women, know only too well that one thing all men treasure above all else is their cock so it stands to reason it will be the very first thing a powerful female like me will zero in on to let slavey know that I am a heartless, ruthless and sadistic size queen without mercy or compassion for insignificant, silly little males with tiny willies. Our Mistresses may decide to make you a sissy girl as they love sissy humiliation online.


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Girls Laughing at little dick losers On webcam.

On my small penis humiliation webcam, I love nothing better than to have a guy standing in front of me with his hands behind his back as I swing on my swivel chair and smirk at him. The look of fear in their eyes and the way they tremble always turns me on a little. I then lay into them with a load of personal insults about their penis. I always begin this way to ease myself in and to let the slave know I can say anything I like. This is why we know we have the best dominatrix chat rooms online, and all of them are available 247 for losers like you who need to be degraded and told how useless you are and how you should always be the cuck in any relationship.


Show your Little dick Loser Names

– Tiny cock loser
– Maggot dick
– Baby dick
– Chipolata cock
– Pinkie dick
These are just a few of the things I come out with. Some good verbal degradation on a webcam does a man good and lets him know I am firmly in charge.
Another part of SPH online that I like to utilize is making them measure their dick against small and ordinary household objects. Things like –
– AAA batteries
– Biro lids
– Chipolata sausages
– Their pinkie finger
– Baby carrots
– Bottle tops
haha sph - laugh at little cocksAnd anything else I can think of on the spur of the moment to emphasize to my small dick loser slave just how insignificant and minute his poor excuse for manhood is. I get off on seeing the dejected look in his eyes as it hits home to him that he will NEVER sleep with a hottie like me and the only kind of attention he will get from mean bitches on cam is some SPH and verbal abuse. How their cheeks burn, and they bow their heads in shame as I make them hold those objects against themselves, and it dwarfs their cock is hilarious.

I have a very sadistic laugh that I have been told haunts slaves for weeks afterwards. As I howl with laughter and am in kinks with tears running down my cheeks, I will make you stand there with your cheeks glowing bright red, and a look on your face like you want the ground to open up and swallow you. Squeezing your little disaster dick between their sexy feet on cam
You are so pathetic you will probably get a hard-on as well. I am a big tits Mistress, and it always seems to get slaves all hot and bothered. Like they have a chance with me! Yeah right! If you are one of the idiots who gets erect without permission, then maybe I will snap your dick into a chastity cage.

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I am an online chastity keyholder to many slaves, and I keep their penises locked away for weeks at a time, rarely letting them out. Well, their dick is used less anyway, so why should they be allowed to jerk it whenever they want?

tiny dick losers to abuseThey should be made to realize how ridiculous it is, and they need to be punished for it. When I use forced chastity on a man, the way he slumps forward when he realizes that I now control his orgasms and his days of jerking off willy-nilly whenever he feels like it is over always makes me smile. I wear that padlock key proudly around my neck. Hence, it hangs deep between my big tits, and I love to torment them by dangling it in front of them and telling them how much I enjoy having their tiny pecker locked away in a plastic prison, knowing he can not cum without my express permission. Even on the rare occasions, I let you out for a wank; I’ll be using jerk-off instructions to control how you do it. Or to be made to stand naked in a corner as your Mistress, Goddess and owner are fully clothed; this is called a CFNM cams show.

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Wanking instructions for small penis Losers On Web Cam

– Faster
– Slower
– Start/ stop
– Left hand
– Right hand
– Upstrokes only
And ill mix it up to keep you frustrated and desperate. You are so small it’ll be thumb and forefinger only. No way you will fit a whole fist around it for a proper wank. Either that or a pair of tweezers!

I am a superior strict Mistress from SPH webcam, and you want me to give you some of my precious time and with a minuscule dicklet like yours, having a gorgeous live dominant female abuse and humiliate you is the only way we would ever even think about acknowledging you. So log in now and get ready to find out EXACTLY what women like me think about tiny dick losers like you.