So you want to be a cuckold?

I see that there are many men here who are wannabe cuckolds and I just wonder if they really have any idea of what it is really like to be cuckolded. I have been a cuckold for just under a year now but if I am honest I wish I had never got into it.

My story began about two years ago. I was 29 then and my wife Jane was 28. Married for 7 years with no kids we had a very good sex life.

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Like a lot of guys here I often fantasized about her with another guy. Don’t ask me why, it was just something that turned me on. For a long time, I kept it hidden, but one night after a few drinks and while we were in bed I brought the subject up while we made love and Jane got quite into it. It soon became a regular fantasy.

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Sometimes I just liked to share with her what it would be like for me and other times I would actually role-play and pretend to be someone else. Jane never objected at all until I started to discuss the subject outside of the bedroom. Sometimes she would dismiss it and shrug it off, but other times she would get upset.

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One night she got very upset with the fact I wanted other men near her, and we had quite a row. After making up with her, I promised never to discuss the subject again.


I managed to keep my promise for almost a month, but it wasn’t easy. I just couldn’t let it go and one night as we lay in bed I broached the subject again. Jane got upset and I had to sleep in the spare room that night.

The following Friday Jane went out with some of the girls from her office – it was someone’s leaving do, and she didn’t come home until the early hours. She was also slightly worse the wear for drink.

I commented that it must have been a good night but she told me that most of the girls went home at eleven o’clock and she went off on her own. Then she told me that she met some guy and went off to a club with him.

I was quite upset and told her so but her response was ‘I am only doing what you want. You want me to fuck other men’. I was quite taken aback but she was right. I had no defence. It turned out they had only chatted and kissed but she told me that she was tempted to go back to his flat with him. It was then that she gave me my final warning that if ever I brought the matter up again she would start fucking other men.

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This time I lasted only a couple of weeks. The thought of her with another man in one respect hurt me. I was jealous. But on the other hand, I couldn’t stop myself from fantasizing about them together. I kept wondering if they did more than a kiss.

Did he touch her?

Did she touch him?

I could imagine what it would have been like for him to slide his hands up her skirt; slipping his fingers inside her panties; touching her shaved pussy.

I could also imagine what it would have been like to feel her hand around his cock, before having her kneeling at his feet and taking his cock in her mouth. I also knew what it would have been like to have his manhood inside her tight cunt.

Those feelings, those imaginations got the better of me and as I dogged her that fateful night I blurted out that I wished he had fucked her.


She never said anything afterwards but gave me a strange look as I kissed her good night. The next night, which was a Saturday, I came home from a football match to find her dressing to go out.

I asked her where she was going and all she said was ‘I need a night out’. I could tell from her mood that there was nothing I could do to stop her.

As she left that night all sorts of things were running through my mind but I honestly did not suspect that I was about to be cuckolded.

Part 2

Jane came home just after ten that night. I was pleased to see her back so early but as we kissed she dropped her bombshell. “I have brought someone back with me”, she told me, “He’s just parking up his car”.

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I looked at her in disbelief and was waiting for a smile to cross her face. I thought that this was a wind-up but when I heard a knock on the door all illusions were quickly shattered. Moments later she was introducing me to a man called Steve.

He was a little older than us and although not particularly handsome, he was tall and stockily built. “I have explained to Steve that you want another man to fuck me and he is willing to oblige!” She explained as she stood next to him holding his hand.


I hardly had time to open my mouth when she turned around and led him upstairs. I sat down dumbfounded. I sat there half expecting them to come back downstairs, thinking that this was some stunt to rid me of my obsession but after about twenty minutes I realised that this was no joke and no stunt. This was for real.

I crept upstairs and for a moment stood outside our closed bedroom door contemplating going in, before deciding against it, and going into the spare bedroom instead.


Little did I realise at the time that it was intended to be a lesson to stop me going on about her fucking another man. Jane was to tell me later that Steve was the man she had met that first night and through the effects of drink, she had poured out her heart to him over my obsession.

Steve, an ex-soldier, had never been married but he had suggested to her that she put it to the test. That night was that test.

The two of them sat on the edge of the bed together waiting for me to come up an interrupt them. Jane wanted to see me burst through the bedroom door telling her to stop, but when they heard me come upstairs and go into the spare room, they turned and looked at each other.

Jane shrugged her shoulders and said, “Oh well it looks as if he means it”. Moments later they were kissing.


As I lay there I could hear her moans growing louder and louder and very soon I could hear the bed creaking to the rhythmic sounds of their lovemaking. My wife was getting fucked for real and it was gut-wrenching.

Listening to her screams of pleasure tore me apart and when I heard his loud groan of pleasure from his own orgasm I felt like crying. During the silence that followed, I drifted off into sleep, but it was short-lived.

I awoke a while later to the sound of their lovemaking again. Then in the silence, I fell back to sleep. Four times that night I was awoken by their moments of pleasure and passion.

I awoke early the next morning and got up and washed. I ate breakfast alone and was treated to another encore of their sexual pleasure.

Because our bedroom is directly over the kitchen the sounds were more audible and I even half expected the ceiling to collapse! It was almost midday when they appeared together. I was still sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.

Steve’s eyes averted mine as they entered but Jane looked right at me. She looked different. There was a glow about her.


“Well did that meet your expectations?” she asked me. I pulled her to me and kissed her and told her that I never wanted to go through that again.

“You don’t want Steve to fuck me again?” she asked. I shook my head.


With her hands on my shoulder, she made me promise to never again mention sex with other men again.


“If you do,” she told me, “Steve will be coming round regularly, and let me tell you now he has a lovely big cock and knows how to use it!”

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Three weeks later I was coerced into asking Steve to fuck her……….Jane turned the tables on me and forced me into being a cuckold for life.

Part 3

It had been my intention never to mention it again but Jane had plans to make me break that promise and although I tried to be resolute, she broke my resolve three weeks later.

At first, she was subtle about it, lying in bed and fondling me as she told me what Steve had done to her in our bed. She described to me that first fuck with him.

How nice it was to have another man kissing her and touching her. She told me how wet she was when his fingers found their way into her knickers.

She also described how wet he was with precum and how she licked it off his big cock. She told me what a lovely tongue he had and how he had made her cum licking her pussy. Then she described that first moment when he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and pressed his cock against her.

‘I looked into his eyes and told him to fuck me hard!’ she told me. I was almost screaming with excitement as I kept saying ‘no’ to her requests to let him fuck her again.


When that failed her methods started to get bolder. One evening I caught her in the bathroom shaving her pubic mound as she showered.

I was surprised because she had never done it before and neither of us had mentioned it either. ‘Steve likes shaved pussy!’ she told me when I asked her why she was doing it. She told me how he had lain next to the following morning running his fingers through her curls and telling her she would look great without pubic hair. She told him that if they ever met again she would shave especially for the occasion.


Then she told me that Steve had phoned her a couple of times. I was unhappy about her talking to him but she responded that Steve needed to keep in touch to see how things were going.

‘Steve is desperate to fuck me again and is sure that you will soon be telling me it’s okay to fuck another man’ I told that there was no way it would happen again but she just gazed up into my eyes as she rubbed my bulge.

‘I know you Dan’, she told me, ‘You want to stay in the spare room and listen to me fucking again. And you will!’ Again I told her no way, but deep down inside I knew that she was right. As she stood up and kissed me she told me that if I was worried about her leaving me for another man then there was no need. ‘I will always be here for you’ she stated.


Her next ploy was to start wearing stockings instead of tights. Stockings had previously been for special occasions of lust and passion, but now she wore them constantly. On one particular morning as I watched her put on her makeup as she sat there in her stockings and suspenders she stood up and asked me if I thought Steve would like to see her like that. I knew damn well he would!


Her final ploy was to buy herself a white see-through baby doll nightdress. She tried it on in front of me that night and as she posed in the mirror she told me that she had bought it to wear for Steve.

I just stood there open-mouthed for a few moments and then she came up to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Rubbing herself against me she asked me again if I thought Steve would like it.

I just smiled at her. ‘Mind you, it will be pointless wearing the knickers…they won’t be staying on very long!’ she said. I was disappointed when she took it off and got into bed.


Despite all the taunting and teasing, I managed to stop myself from saying yes to her request. The final assault came after three weeks when Steve came to the house. Jane knew he was coming but I had no idea and was quite shocked when I found him on our doorstep.

He said he wanted to take me for a pint but Jane told him that we had been in and anyway it was better if we were to discuss things in private. As we sat at the table having a beer he came right to the point.

‘I want to fuck your wife again!’ he said. I told him no and then he asked me if I would give an honest answer to his next question. When I agreed he asked if I got turned on by the thought of Jane fucking with him. I had to be honest and say yes, but even so, I did not want it to happen again.


They spent the next while trying to get me to change my mind but I was insistent and then they left the subject alone as we sat and had a few drinks.

As the evening wore on Jane suggested that Steve stay the night in the spare room and I reluctantly agreed. Jane went up to bed first and a few minutes later we headed for our beds. When we got up the stairs our bedroom door was open and we saw Jane standing with her back to us in front of the mirror brushing her long dark hair.

She was wearing the new nightdress – without the knickers. We both stood there speechless for a few moments and then Steve commented what a lucky guy I was. Suddenly Jane turned around and said ‘I think it should be Steve sleeping in here tonight!’


I didn’t know what to say. Jane then came up me and kissed me and then said ‘I would like you to ask Steve to fuck me’. Flinging her arms around my neck she pulled me close and spoke softly into my ear.

I want Steve’s big thick cock in my pussy tonight. Ask him to fuck me’. To this very day, I still don’t know why I turned and looked him in the eye and said ‘Please fuck my wife’. A few minutes later I found myself sliding into the cold sheets of the bed in the spare room to the sounds of Jane’s moans of pleasure coming from our bedroom.

Part Four

After that night Steve became a regular visitor. At first, he stayed over only on Friday and Saturday nights but then came the odd weekday stay that grew into a regular nightly sleepover. Each time he stayed I slept in the spare room.

At first, I didn’t mind. I enjoyed listening to the fucking and it wasn’t long of course before I was also catching them shagging. The first time I caught them they were fucking on the settee in the lounge.

I had come home early from work and was greeted by the sounds of Jane’s orgasmic cries coming for the lounge. The door was wide open and Steve was lying on top of her pounding her ass into the leather, his trousers round his ankles.

Jane’s jeans and panties lay strewn on the floor, a further witness to their eager coupling. It was also the first time that I saw Steve’s cock.

Climbing off her when he had finished he stood up and faced me as he pulled his pants back up. He smiled proudly as I stared at him. I remember glancing too at Jane. Her top and bra pushed over her breasts, a satisfied smile on her face, but more poignantly her legs were wide apart and I could see his cum trickling from her pussy.

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I knew very little about creampies in those early days, but I remember how inviting the sight of her cum filled pussy looked. It was about a week later when Jane called me into the bedroom one Sunday morning. Steve had gone off somewhere and she was having a lie-in.

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As I stood by the edge of the bed looking down at her she reached up and started to fondle me. I was still in my boxers and tee shirt.

‘Want to fuck me?’

she asked as she pulled out my erection. I didn’t need a further invitation, but as she pushed back the bedclothes and opened her legs wide she said ‘Eat me first’.

I could smell his cum as well as see it. Her inner thighs were also covered in cum. ‘Come on clean me’ she said. Moments later I was lying between her legs feeding voraciously on Steve’s cum.


Shortly after that, they started to humiliate me with creampies. I remember sitting in the kitchen one afternoon and the two of them came downstairs together.

They had been fucking. Steve sat down and as Jane stood by his side he lifted her denim skirt up and told me that he had a present for me.

Pulling down her white panties he proudly showed me his cum leaking from her. ‘Creampie for tea Dan!’ It wasn’t long before I was on my knees cleaning her pussy and her panties with my tongue. It soon became a regular occurrence for me to be cleaning her.


That, of course, wasn’t the first act of humiliation. The first happened quite early on in the relationship when Jane called me into the bedroom one morning and asked me to bring some tea up to them.

They were kissing and cuddling when I came back with the tea and as I put the tray down Jane suddenly reached for my groin and started to unzip my trousers. I said nothing as she took my cock out and started to masturbate me. ‘

Why don’t you thank Steve for being such a good lover and satisfying me?’ she asked. I started to speak but couldn’t find the words. ‘Come on Dan say it’ she said, ‘He’s so good in bed and his cock really fills me!’

Not only did I thank him but I came at the same time. ‘Steve takes much longer to cum’ she told me as she wiped my cum off her hands onto my trousers.

Not long after that Steve began to humiliate me by saying things like ‘Jane was really horny last night….she really loves cock doesn’t she?’ Other times he would come up to me rubbing his crotch and say ‘Think I’ll take your wife upstairs and give her one


Then, of course, there were the long displays of affectionate kissing and Steve constantly had his hand up her skirt or inside her tops.


My own sex life with Jane did not diminish at first. Jane had the sexual appetite to satisfy us both and she was getting the best of both worlds.

A well-endowed horny lover and rampant husband. I loved to fuck her after she had been with Steve. Plunging my hardness into his wet leftovers was good.

However, as Steve began to extend his stays then my time with Jane started to get less and less. I could do little about it for a while because Jane had made the ruling that Steve always took priority in her bed.

But when Steve had to move out of his flat when his landlord decided to sell things changed. Jane asked if he could move in with us and when I objected, because of the lack of sex between us, Jane came up with the idea of Steve moving into the third bedroom and each of us taking in turns to share her bed. This worked very well for all of us.

Steve and I had this unspoken competition between us to see who could fuck her the most. Jane once again had the best of both worlds as far as sex was concerned.

As I said at the beginning I now wish I had never got into cuckolding. A few months ago we celebrated Jane’s thirtieth birthday and as we all sat sharing a birthday drink Jane reminded me that we had agreed to start a family once she reached 30.

I didn’t see a problem but then Jane asked ‘What about Steve?’ I replied that it had nothing to do with him but Jane said that he was part of her life now.

‘I always planned on having two children and I think it would be fair if you fathered one each’. It then sunk home just how deep I had gotten into cuckolding.

Jane then went on to say that she wanted the correct father’s name on the child’s birth certificate. ‘It means then that whoever is going to be the father is the only one who can have sex with me until conception’.

Steve and I looked at each other and he commented that it seemed fair enough to him. My heart sank. Jane then said ‘The question is who is going first?’

I told her that as I was her husband I should go first and Steve seemed okay with that but then Jane said that she wanted Steve to get be the first to get her pregnant. ‘Steve is also the heavier cummer so he will probably be quicker in getting me pregnant!’

She was right, as I write now Jane is now 3 months pregnant with Steve’s baby and although my sexual relationship with Jane has got back on track things will never be quite the same again. Jane has also told our family and friends about our 3-way relationship and they look on us now as strange, if not weird. Although I quite like Steve and we all get on very well together I still regret the moment he came into our lives, and, I regret even more wanting her to sleep with another man in the first place.

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