Submissive Husband Rules – The Code To Follow

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Submissive husband training – The Rules & Ideas

There are certain rules that must be followed by any man who wishes to marry a dominant woman.

Few males truly understand what is required of them as a slave husband, and think it is as simple as being tied to the bed for an hour or so while their hotwife teases them or calls them a bad boy.

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That is far from the truth. A subby hubby must remain devoted to his wife at all times and all of his time, energy and effort should, and must, be spent serving her, even if this means he must make huge, large, and life-altering sacrifices.

That is true slavery. For any man who still wishes to be an acceptable husband slave to their Domme hotwife, or for a dominant wife with a submissive husband who has said he wishes to be her total slave, there is a specific code to be followed.

A set of rules which is non-negotiable and unbending in their need to be adhered to. Think you still want this lifestyle? Read on and find out


The code/Rules is as follows –

1 – I own you completely. I am your superior Mistress and no being on earth has a higher authority over you than I. Your useless body, soul, and entire being belong to me

2 – You will forever worship me. From your first waking moment till your last before you sleep, your whole time shall be spent worshipping at my throne

3 – Your every waking moment shall be spent advancing my life and making my life better. This will be a detriment to your own advancements. If making my life better comes at the consequence of making your worse, this is something you accept without hesitation

4 – I will ALWAYS be your only thought. You will never allow your mind to falter or to deviate from thoughts or images of me and me alone. When you are not required by me and not in my presence, you will devote your thoughts to worshipping me in your head, admiring my beauty, and worshipping my entire being. I must be your only thought.

5 – You will never, ever, question my commands, and nor shall you hesitate to do as I order. Any hesitation should bring from you begging for punishment from me, as well as forthright and prompt apologies. Always remember that you are inferior to me, and as such when I give an order or make a request, I have my reasons. Reasons I do not need to share or give to you. Your only need is to follow them

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6 – Always remember that everything you do is only permitted because I have allowed it. TO eat, sleep, urinate, defecate, even so much as breath is because I, your supreme Goddess, have allowed you to do such. Remember everything you do is a privilege I have granted you and that I can remove these privileges any time I see fit

7 – My name is holy. It is not worthy of being in your mouth, never shall it leave your lips. You will address me as Mistress, Ma’am, Goddess, Princess, or Queen, whichever moniker I choose.

8 – You are nothing to me but a plaything. You are an object that exists in my life solely to make it better or for my own personal amusement and/or pleasure.

9 – You will sacrifice all luxuries. You do not need them anymore, for your entire existence is now devoted to me. You will dismiss anything luxurious that is not required, and focus all your attention on mine

10- You will accept all punishments given by me graciously, without complaint and you will accept the pain from my whip without attempts of avoidance. Understand that if I must punish you, it is your fault and that I am doing it to make you a better slave which should be your ultimate goal.

In addition to these ten commandments, which are about the slave’s state of mind when in servitude to his betters, there are other rules which should be followed by slave househusbands to improve the lives of their Dominant wife on a day to day basis.

The daily routine for the House Husband Slave being controlled by a Mistress wife should be as follows.

1 – Have her dinner ready for her coming home. Always be sure to plan ahead and time things perfectly. She has had a hard day at work and does not deserve to have to wait for her evening meal. Have it ready upon her return so she can eat and then relax for the rest of the evening.

2 – Prepare yourself. Be refreshed and ready to serve her when she gets home. If you are a sissy husband, touch up your makeup and put a pink ribbon in your hair. If you are not a sissy, then be on your knees to greet her at the door. Take her coat, bag, and anything else she is carrying.

3 – Have the home clutter-free. Your wife has been working all day. This should be her haven. Her stress-free environment to unwind. Before she arrives home, walk through the path she will take and remove unnecessary clutter to avoid adding any stress to her mind and make the trip pleasurable.

4 – Keep the noise to a minimum. Have all your washing and cleaning chores done BEFORE her arrival home so that the washer and dryer are off? All hoovering should be finished as well. The home should be quiet to enable her to relax

5 – DO NOT greet her with problems. Problems are yours, not hers. Do not complain if she is late. Her day may have been stressful, which should be your only concern and as such she does not deserve to hear your problems

6 – Make sure she is comfortable. Guide her to the comfy chair. If it reclines, recline it for her. Have a pillow ready for behind her head. Offer to remove her shoes and give her a foot massage. Suggest she may wish to lie down in the bedroom. Speak always in a relaxed, calm, and soothing voice to enable her to destress

7 – Listen. You may have things to say but her arrival is not the time for you to speak. Her issues, grievances, problems, or stress is far more important than yours so keep quiet and allow her to get everything off her chest

8 – The night is hers. If she does not want to go out to dinner, does not want to go out for a drink, does not want sex, or does not wish to watch a movie together then accept her wishes and move on. Do what SHE wants to do, and understand the pressures and strains she is under

9 – The ultimate goal. Remember your ultimate goal is to serve your Mistress wife and to make her life a calm, contented, and ultimately better experience.

If you remember these rules, and always ask yourself before doing anything “will this make my wife’s experience better?”, then you will do what you should be doing which is improving the life of your superior Mistress.

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