The Seven Rules for the Cuckold Husband 

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Wife’s domination of the weaker Sex

The Seven Rules for the Cuckold Husband 

The following rules are mandated by the wife and are to be memorized in the first person by the husband, along with the Seven Truths. The wife may require him at any time to recite them from memory.

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  Start memorization: 
Since you are female, the superior and stronger sex, and I am male, the weaker and inferior sex, you have required the following of me:

1. I am required by you to pursue important personal characteristics: faithfulness to you, truthfulness to all, a hard-working nature, a responsible character, a gentle and loving spirit, a strong personal self-image, and a free and open sense of self.

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2. You require me to obey you in everything. You have allowed me the right to discuss any matter with you I choose, but only on the terms, you dictate.

3. You require that I do not argue with you or raise my voice to you, that I never threaten you physically, and that I never contradict you in public.

4. You require that you will have the ultimate and final decision on all substantive matters that concern the two of us, especially joint financial matters, and that I defer to your decisions whether I like them or not.

5. You require that I masturbate on command as a physical demonstration of my inferiority to you.

6. You require that whenever we have a discussion about any matter you consider serious, you have the option of forcing me to strip naked for the discussion.

7. Finally, you require that I am subject to any discipline or punishment you may decide to give.

Notes on Cuckold Discipline – slapping and beating:

Short of causing any physical damage to the husband, the wife has the right to treat the husband kindly or to slap and beat him for as long as, or as hard as she likes.

His response must be one of mere submission. If this causes the husband to cry, that will be of little concern to the wife, since she will be pleased to see his sorry male dick crumble before her.

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