Unauthorised Erection Ballbusting Story

I watched Mistress Kane as she stood about four feet in front of me. Her skin-tight leather trousers shone as the powerful overhead lights reflected off them.

Her tight black t-shirt showed off her slim figure and her jet-black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. I was more focused on her stiletto boots, though.

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I was strapped to the wall with my arms above my head and my legs held 5 feet apart by ankle cuffs.

I was stripped naked, as she believes in full CFNM, and my cock and balls felt utterly exposed, which was the whole point I suppose.

Sweat was dripping off my forehead, stinging my eyes, as well as running down my armpits, chest, and down my thighs. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it would burst and I was scared. Like really terrified.

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I had been caught with an erection as I was massaging her feet and now I was in BIG trouble. Unauthorised erections are a big no-no and I had been sentenced to an extreme ballbusting punishment session.

She stood staring at me with a smirk on her face, clearly enjoying my fear.  With her hands on her hips, she was certainly an imposing figure even if I weren’t in my vulnerable state.

She dropped her arms and marched towards me so fast I couldn’t even register it was coming and


Her right foot came up and caught me right in the balls. I saw stars and my eyes filled with tears as my knees buckled but I was held up and my legs apart. I couldn’t breathe but just as I lifted my head


Another kick slammed into my testicles and I felt a sickness in my stomach. I groaned and almost passed out, only to be slapped awake by a vicious backhander.

“Get up asshole, don’t you pass out on me”

My stomach muscles tightened as I looked at her and as fast as lightning she grabbed both my shoulders, pulled me forward she leaned towards me and


I received a knee to the balls. I coughed and spluttered, saliva dripping from my mouth as I struggled to focus beyond the pain I was feeling between my legs.

This was going to be a brutal ballbusting punishment, and we had only just started. This was femdom at its most severe. I slumped my head forward and sagged against my arm bonds as I watched her march to the table on my left and pick something up. She turned and looked at me and held it to her face.

Vice grips

I instinctively tried to close my legs, to protect my jewels, but I couldn’t. She came to me, turning the screw as she walked. I tried to rise, and went onto my tiptoes but of course, it was pointless.

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I felt the cold metal on my balls before the pressure increased and I felt my nuts getting squashed. I let out an involuntary scream as the pressure got intense and I felt ready to collapse.

“Shut the fuck up”

The grips clipped shut and my balls felt like they were on fire. The pain was incredible but not as bad as when she started to twist my nuts. Round once and by the time they were almost twice round, I was ready to pass out.

She yanked them down and I felt like they were going to be ripped from my body. I was as far down as my arm cuffs would allow but she just laughed as I pleaded for her to stop.

She unclipped the grips and threw them away. My respite was short-lived though, as she grabbed my balls and began to squeeze.

Tighter and tighter before she pulled them up and began to hit them with a cane. Harder and harder, faster and faster she hit my testes nonstop as I squirmed and prayed for this to be over soon

After what felt like an eternity, she stopped.

“You going to get hard without my permission again boy?”

“No Mistress” I managed to whimper, my balls already swelling and bruising

“Good. Just to be sure though……”

And at that, she grabbed my shoulders and


A knee to the balls followed by another and another in quick succession, the only other sound apart from my muffled grunts was her boot heel landing on the tile floor as she steadied herself.

I couldn’t stand up. I slumped down, tears rolling down my face as I tried not to throw up. She grabbed my cheeks with her hand and squeezed.

“DON’T test my patience again”

Before she stormed off, leaving me here to feel my balls get swollen and to suffer the dull, relentless ache of the pain she had inflicted on them.

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