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One thing that all Mistresses love doing with their slaves is a femdom smoking session.

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They know full well that the sight of powerful women like them with a cigarette dangling from the end of their fingers as they stare at you arrogantly as you kneel before them, trembling in a mixture of fear, anticipation, and excitement. We have the best smoking Cams online.

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Taking drag after drag, they will enjoy their smoke while you await your orders or are made to listen while they insult you and call you all sorts of nasty names.

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Smoking Fetish Online Live Webcam Shows

Smoking webcam chat rooms

There are dozens of live female dominants online, and almost all of them smoke, so if you have a smoking fetish, then you are in the right place. All of the dommes on this site know how weak it makes guys like you when they smoke their cigarettes or cigars. They can enjoy their cigarettes while you
– Perform your boot or foot kissing duties
– Worship their ass
– Serve as their ashtray
– Serve as their chair
Or any other tasks they want you to do. From the very second you enter their private femdom cam room, they will be ready to light up and smoke for you.

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Looking at you with an arrogant stare, they lift the packet and take half a cigarette. Moving it to their mouth, they part their lips and grip the end between them.


Pulling it out, they look at you and flick they are lighter. Closing their eyes, they light the tip till it burns bright orange and then snap the flame away. Placing their two fingers on the ciggie, they will stare at you as they take an inhale, and their cheeks suck inwards.

Removing it, they will hold it for a second and then open their mouth slightly and then blow out a cock-stiffening plume of white smoke directly at you; you will instinctively close your eyes and soak in effect, and you will practically be able to smell it and feel it enclosing you.

Smirking sadistically, they will then put that delicious ciggy back to their lips and inhale again. They’ll do this again and again till they are finished, and you will love every minute of it.

Or maybe they will make you serve as their ashtray. Forcing you to your knees in front of them, making you open your mouth and keep it open. When there is a nice long end of ash hanging, ready to fall off, they will hold it over your mouth and then casually tap the end with their forefinger and cause the ash to drop into your mouth.

The stale, dry taste is unique and will instantly dry your mouth. We have so many hot females in latex smoking online just for you.

You will be ordered to swallow her ash and possibly also to thank her. She will look down on you as you swallow the disgusting mouth full.

This will be repeated until she is finished, at which point she will stub her fag out and then pop the mashed-up mess into your mouth and make you swallow that as well.

Serving as the ashtray of superior females is a privilege for any inferior male slave, so if you are lucky enough to be granted this honour, cherish it. Enjoy viewing our live fetish chats on our 247 High-definition webcam sites.

There is no end to women online who smoke, and no matter what your perfect mistress may look like, be she teenage, black, Asian, BBW, mature, or shemale, there is the ideal one for you available for a femdom smoking webcam show.

They love to tease and torment you while smoking, so enter their private room now and enjoy. Keep up to date with all the live sessions on our online video chat rooms by viewing our live fetish webcam chats, which have all types of scenarios ongoing, from bizarre to taboo to downright kinky and horny.

You will always find something to get you in the mood and to keep you coming back to our live chat rooms. These females enjoy blowing smoke all over and teasing you to the brink, so do come and check them out live today and see why they are often known as the best online.

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Why Do People Have a Smoking Fetish? Here is What You Should Know

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Smoking is something that most people in this world are very familiar with. However, many people do not understand why some have a smoking fetish, and others do not.

Many reasons can be cited as to why a person would have a particular fetish, such as smoking and licking pussy, but the common reason why most people have a smoking fetish is that it makes them feel good when they watch it.

Some people have turned this into a career and made a living by taking orders from customers on what they should smoke during their webcam shows.

They make sure to use their hands and mouth in an erotic way when they smoke, blowing out thick smoke and following the fetishist’s instructions.

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Now, if you think about it, if you are going to smoke, why not do it in front of a webcam? You get a feel of what it is like to be close to someone smoking while you watch them.

Plus, it gives you a rush of excitement as you watch someone doing something that truly turns you on and excites you, and you are in control of how fast or slow they smoke that cigarette.

Another one of the reasons why people have a smoking fetish is because of the power it portrays to some people and being able to watch movements coming from the mouth, especially lips that are thick in red lipstick and gloss.

Some men love being close to women who smoke as they imagine talking dirty as they take long drags of that cigarette or cigar.

The smell of the smoker and the taste of them after they have been smoking can also be a huge turn-on to smoking fetishists.

You can watch a video of a woman smoking and decide that’s all you need to get you off. However, being able to control the session and tell the female what to wear and what way you would like her to smoke and having proper interaction is always a much better experience.


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