Sissy Tasks

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Being A Proper Sissy

Being a proper sissy is more than just dressing up and parading in front of your Mistress.

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There is a deep commitment that needs to be taken and respected. If you enter a live sissy webcam show, then your Goddess will be sure to test your commitment and dedication by giving you tasks to complete, both while on cam and also to be performed before your next online session with her.

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These tasks will vary depending on what sort of sissy bitch you are (maid or cock hungry whore) but should always be performed to her high standards.
No matter how degrading, how humiliating, or how much you want the ground to open up and swallow you whole, you must fulfil your list and prove your commitment.

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Of course, it may be nothing to do with commitment and all to do with her just fucking with you, but regardless, you will comply, and that is all you need to know.

These will be standard, recurring tasks to be done at certain times and intervals or they may be random via text message instruction. Either way, you do not want to disappoint.

So what are some examples of the types of sissy tasks you may be ordered to complete?

The following are some examples but it is certainly not exhaustive. On this sissy webcam Mistress site, you will find strict Dominas with sadistic personalities and wicked imaginations and they will always find new tasks to keep their prissy sissy sluts and maids on their toes and always guessing.

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1 — Wear your butt plug at all times, even while not dressed. This will ensure you always remember you are owned

2 — Wear a thing or sissy panties under your male clothing. This ensures your commitment to being a sissy more than a man

3 — If you are allowed to cum, you should lick it up off of your hand

4 — Your sissy tasks, whether it Is your cleaning or cock sucking duties, must always be performed to 100% satisfaction. For the avoidance of doubt, this is HER satisfaction and not yours Check out Mistress Vonn for sissy tasks

5 — Your toenails should be painted at all times. These will always be hidden but will serve as a constant reminder to you of your status

6 — All sissies should be locked in chastity to ensure they are not touching their clit, even absent-mindedly, without permission

7 — A picture of you fully dressed or sucking a cock/dildo (Mistresses choice!) should be sent to the Mistress at a specified time every day

8 — A bra should be worn under male clothing for a specific amount of days per week to help sissy appreciate how women feel

9 — You should masturbate like a female, not a male. Close your legs so they hold your erect clitty and then use your fingers to rub it till you cum the way women do.

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10- You should wear a tampon. If it is a tube, it goes in your ass. Pads should be worn as normal. You are a sissy female and this is expected

11- Wear your prettiest or sluttiest outfit and take pictures to send to your Mistress

12 — Your fingernails should be perfectly manicured. If this (or Mistress) requires you to go to a beauty salon then this should be done without question

13 — You should flirt with other men while dressed as a sissy and record this to send as proof

14 — Demonstrate to a satisfactory level how you would attract punters if you were to be pimped out as a cock sucking whore

15 — If you are pimped out, a specified amount of money should be made for each “session”. If there are not enough men or some decide not to pay you then that is your problem and you simply need to work harder

16 — Fuck yourself with a dildo, or give it a deep-throat blowjob, for a specified amount of time

17 — Always call yourself by your Mistres’s new chosen name for you

18 — Take pictures of yourself to post to the blog you are made to keep off your sissy gurl journey for sissy public humiliation purposes

19 — Wear a pink collar to show you are owned and are merely a possession

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20- Submit to a sissy panties inspection at least once per day on request.

So there you have it.

20 sissy tasks that should be undertaken whenever your Mistress commands it. This list is by no means exhaustive and is under no illusions that any Dominatrix you choose to session with will have lots of tasks of her own that she will expect her prissy sissy sluts to abide by.

There are literally hundreds of Mistresses online who all love to deal with sissies and sluts and make them perform tasks that are designed to be as humiliating and degrading as possible. View the mistress cam to cam page to find more

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