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What is a skype mistress femdom session?

It’s a skype based female domination session where men with a desire to submit and be dominated by a woman use their webcam and Skype to be dominated live without using a femdom cam website.

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What’s different between webcam sex and femdom Skype sessions??

First of all, let’s clarify what BDSM is. It is an acronym that describes the umbrella under which female domination falls. It stands for Bondage, Domination, and Sadomasochism, and almost every act or scenario in femdom can be traced back to it. You can even talk to a UK Mistress here on her live uk phone sex  

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It is not for everyone, but basically, if you like it rougher than normal then it may just be for you. Many men experience the desire and lure to submit and be controlled by a woman.


They get turned on by being dominated and having her take control over them, abuse them and humiliate them. If you are one such male, then this is where you need to come.

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Skype is a major communication platform and has excellent security and stability, Not to mention that you will be in a private 1-to-1 session with the Mistress of your choosing. Just like in a real-time environment but with the added relaxation of being on cam.

We have sexy Skype cam girls from all over the world, UK, USA, RUSSIA, ROMANIA, Canada, Ukraine, and many more, just run a search on the site and start chatting to the Mistresses Live today. We list the very best Dominatrix cam girls, they have experience and they know how to use it with their, subs, slaves, and sissy girls You can also view the adult phone chat girls  for more kinky sex chats

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The types of Kinky Sessions in a BDSM show Top 20

  1. Cock and ball torture by kinky Mistresses
  2. Edgeplay with orgasm control, jerk-off instructions, orgasm denial, chastity control
  3. Forced feminization
  4. Sissy Humiliation, sissy training, public humiliation
  5. Small Penis Humiliation
  6. JOI & CEI
  7. Strapon Training, Anal play, Prostate Massage
  8. Verbal Humiliation
  9. Fetishes – From foot fetish, smoking, giantess, latex, PVC, high heels
  10. Blackmail fantasy Teamviewer sessions
  11. Financial domination Findom, finslaves, financial ruin
  12. Spanking, over the knee ( OTK) Spanking instructions
  13. Bondage – self-bondage instructions
  14. Roleplays – Headmistress, naughty nurse, Kinky Neighbour, Mistress & Slave
  15. Homewrecker scenarios
  16. Whipping, caning,& flogging – Corporal Punishment
  17. Tease & Denial  With Jack in chat
  18. Cuckold Humiliation
  19. Cam to cam via skype with audio or phone
  20. Adult baby – ABDL – Diaper bondage

These are just a few of the Types of webcam shows our Online Mistresses will have listed on their profiles, but be sure to chat with them first before starting on a pay-per-minute type of session.

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How do I get a femdom skype session?

It is really simple actually. Take a look through the site and find a Dominatrix who fits your ideal fantasy of the type of Mistress you fantasize about submitting to.

Have a look at their bio, their likes, and dislikes, their do’s and don’t, and make sure that whatever area of femdom it is that you are interested in is in there and something that she does.



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When you have found and selected the Domme you wish to session with, click to add her to your skype contacts list and wait.

Once she has accepted your request (which usually only takes a few minutes) tell her what you want, what you are in to and what you want to happen during your session.

Lots of guys who want to go online to be dominated will use one of the bigger femdom cam sites.

This is fine but it will usually mean you need to share your Mistress with other males and you do not get her undivided attention.

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Now whilst you may be perfectly ok with this, it makes for a much better session if you opt for a personal 1 on 1. This site has hundreds of Dominas who all offer single, private domination sessions.

Private femdom shows with quick and private Payments.
Paying for your session is totally hassle-free and is billed discreetly.

They accept all credit cards as well as PayPal and even Bitcoin! This ensures that you are always able to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about what will show up on your statement.

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Much more fun for the same price!
Most of the Dominatrixes on here have sessions that start from as little as $1 per minute (yes, you read that correctly!). It is a common misconception that Skype femdom sessions are extremely expensive but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Many sites do still charge enough to cover small countries’ national debt with prices from up to $10 per minute but not here.

Here it is about affordability and quality and it offers both
This is a totally secure environment with a personal and private cam session.

You can session with confidence that there is no one else able to see what you are both doing. What can be better than that?

You can even use it on your mobile phone!
With the Skype app being available on almost every mobile device such as phones, iPad, and tablets, you can use it anywhere the fancy takes you.

If you have a spare few minutes and wish to show how inferior you are to a Mistress you can jump into any cam room and be dominated.

You do not need to wait until you have a computer to use. You can just hit the app button, bring it up and you are good to go!
It is so simple to use and the ease is one of its biggest attractions.



Pay per minute versus block payment bookings.
Almost all of the Dommes here offer pay-per-minute which is infinitely better than a block pre-paid booking. This allows you to start your session and then end it when you are ready.

You do not need to try to keep it going to get to the end, you don’t need to stop and interrupt the flow to go and buy more time if you are enjoying yourself so much you want to keep going after your time.

There is obviously the possibility to prepay a fixed amount, and there are advantages such as knowing how much you spend at the time, but ppm is the better option

Only verified and high-quality contacts are available
All models are verified for age, ethnicity, and capability as well as the quality of the webcam.

Too many domination cam sites allow anyone on with no checks and you can get a woman who barely speaks any English or a total scammer.

Not so on here. No one is allowed to session with a submissive until they have been verified and approved in order to keep the high standards expected and demanded.

Particularly with BDSM and femdom, trust is a big thing. You are giving this woman carte blanche to hurt and abuse you so you must be able to trust that she will respect your limits and more importantly, knows what she is actually doing! You can be assured of both those facts with each and every Domme online at this site

Don’t take our word for it though. Go and check out for yourself just how easy it is to make someone a member of your contacts and to have a female domination session with them live.

You will find the ease of use and simplicity will mean you won’t want to go anywhere else for your domination and humiliation needs.

So what are you waiting for? You can also check out the Uk phone sex chats here if you would rather chat on the phone

Go to your skype femdom site now and find a Mistress. There is no shortage of Dommes available and you will be on your knees and begging for mercy in less than 5 minutes.
Sign up today and begin your journey

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