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With Our Cfnm Cams,  I enjoy Keeping my slaves naked as I am fully clothed on live webcams. This is slave training 101. By having him with no clothes on while I remain fully clothed, he feels a deep sense of shame and humility.

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Being in the nude in front of another human being, no matter how submissive you are to your superior women owners, is still extremely humiliating, forcing him to regress to shame. This, in turn, makes a submissive male even more submissive and humble.

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He keeps him in line and reminds him that without question, I own him and can do anything I like to him.
If you come to me for a live femdom cams session, I always insist that you are stark bollock naked when you enter. I should not have to tell you to remove your clothes, but if you are wearing any, rest assured, telling you to take them off will be my first order.

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What IS Cfnm?

CFNM, or Clothed Female Naked Male, is a popular fetish among submissives who enjoy the power dynamics of being naked while their mistress remains fully dressed. As a mistress, I specialize in CFNM sessions and understand the thrill and excitement that come from having complete control over a naked submissive.

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During my cam session, I will remain fully dressed in a variety of outfits, ranging from business attire to lingerie, PVC, latex leather and more, while you will be naked and at my complete mercy. The power dynamic of the session is incredibly arousing for both of us as I tease you about how you will never see me naked, while you are naked and vulnerable, as I am in control and you are the one on display.

This is a highly requested type of session on camera or phone, as it allows submissives to fully embrace their submissive side and surrender control to their mistress. As a mistress, I enjoy the power and control that comes with having a naked submissive at my disposal, I will use my words, gestures, and even silence to guide you, to feel the power of my authority and surrender to it, teasing, dominating and humiliating you about your vulnerabilities.

I specialize in CFNM Cams sessions and understand the thrill and excitement that comes from having complete control over a naked submissive. Whether you’re looking for verbal humiliation, physical domination, or financial control, I will tailor the session to your specific desires to ensure that you have the most intense and satisfying experience possible.

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Clothed Female Naked Male On Live Webcam – Humiliation

cfnm webcam chatsAs you remove your t-shirt, then your trousers, and are down to just your socks and boxers, I will already see your breath quickening and your heart will be pounding. With hands shaking, you’ll remove your shorts and expose yourself to me. I do not particularly enjoy having to see the pathetic, tiny thing you call a cock but needs must. CFNM is a necessity in the online Mistress webcam world so I tolerate it to make sure you do not get any ideas about thinking we equal or that I might think about going easy on you. By having a clothed female naked male then the balance of power is without question in my direction and I then have total control over you by simply ensuring you are deeply ashamed at being forced to be naked in the presence of the gorgeous, unattainable, and powerful females such as me who are live and online to dominate, humiliate and crush insignificant little runt males like you are barely even worthy of our time and attention.

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slave collared on camAs soon as I have them starker, I usually make them stand with their hands behind their back. Exposing their genitals and their piss-poor excuse for a penis that could barely even satisfy anyone, I will sit and smirk at them as their cheeks glow red with shame, and they want the ground to open up and swallow them. I enjoy how they shift uncomfortably and squirm as the reality of a submissive life and alive cfnm cams session begins to hit home. Faces burning bright red with shame, they are a truly humiliated slave now and I am only just getting started!


As they stand there before me, I will indulge myself in some small penis humiliation and ridicule that tiny dick loser till he is close to tears. Insulting his penis size and laughing as I tell him he has no chance with hot, mean bitches like me who want REAL men with real big thick cocks who can satisfy a superior woman like me.

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Get Naked Slave And Worship Mistress Clothed

spoil me now loserThen I sometimes have them jump up and down. It always has me in kinks of laughter and fits of giggles as they jump up and down and their willy bounces about, flapping around like a distressed fish. As it slaps against their balls, it means I usually get some cock and ball torture in as well!

After I am bored of humiliating him, I will usually then have him scurry around and perform some chores. With his dick flying around as he moves and his lily-white ass on display, just ripe for some anal training online or some live spanking cams action, I always find it gives me a supreme sense of power to know that the clothed female nude male scenario is working and he does whatever I tell him to do.

If you are a submissive male in need of online slave training cams then enter my female-domination webcam room and step into my world. I am a superior woman who loves nothing more than to humiliate and degrade insignificant little male creatures who are nothing more than a blot to the world and not worthy of anything other than CFNM humiliation, SPH, and torture and abuse at the hands of an expert live dominatrix like me. So enter my realm and prepare to suffer for my amusement.

We enjoy all areas of being fully clothed as our slaves and sissies are humiliated it makes it much more fun for us when we can see how pathetic and useless feel.

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Our super sexy Mistresses love wearing huge high heels and trampling all over you, making you suck that massive stiletto ramming it down your throat, or fucking your mouth hard with it. This is all part and parcel of our live training rooms with cruel, mean bitches who are spoiled brats on cam

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