Sissy Slave Humiliated Story

Sissy Slave Story of Humiliation And Degradation

As I stood in my white high heels, my white stockings, complete with suspenders and frilly sissy panties, my puffy sissy dress, blonde wig and makeup done, I pressed enter on my computer and waited with my hands clasped in front of me and my head bowed. It beeped for a few seconds before my Mistress answered it.

“Oh hello sissy bitch,” she said in her icy, stern tone.
I gulped. I knew that tone and it did not bode well. She was feeling particularly cruel and twisted today and was in a bad mood. I would probably end up paying for it.

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I have served my Mistress on live sissy femdom cams for as long as I can remember. She is a strict, heartless dominant female who is live and online to deal with prissy sissies like me.

She takes no prisoners and demands total and complete obedience at all times, just like all other mean bitches online, and dominant females on femdom webcam live.

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She is a hard taskmaster whose favourite session involves strict humiliation and degradation of me and her mood today was one that told me I was in for severe humiliation.


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I was straight away ordered to curtsey for her. It is extremely humiliating as a male to put one foot behind the other, lift the sides of my skirt and bend my knees to curtsey like a woman, but I did it. She was not happy, however, and I was ordered to do it again and again as she watched.

My knees ached, but I must have done it about 50 times before she was happy. I was then ordered to my knees.

The last time I had a femdom cam session with my Mistress, I had been told I was going to be given anal training and to be trained in the art of being a good cock sucker. I was dreading it, but now it was time. I turned to face away from the camera as I picked up the big rubber dildo I had brought and looked at it, and gulped.

She was in no mood for hesitation, however

“Stop fucking staring at it and get it in your mouth you cock sucking faggot bitch”

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I opened my mouth and took that big rubber cock in my mouth, sucking on it for all I was worth. Down my throat till I gagged on it. I was now a cock sucking faggot bitch. A cum guzzling whore for my Mistress. Deep-throating that rubbery dick while on my knees was so humiliating I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Sissy humiliation phone

“Tilt your head back. Let me see that fuck your face”

I did as she commanded and had my face fucked by the dildo. Every inch till it hit the back of my throat.
Then I was told to stop sucking and to stick it u against p my ass. I begged her not to make me do it but she told me the more I resisted, the longer it would last when it started. I gulped, took a deep breath, and inserted that dick into my ass. Get ready to have the best phone chat at

“Now fuck your slutty ass. NOW” she yelled


I moved it in and out, slowly at first, in and out as it filled my ass. Stretching it and as it slid in, I felt it hit the end and I winched. This made her laugh. My sadistic mistress was enjoying my humiliation with my skirt around my waist and my sissy knickers pulled down to my knees and a 10-inch thick rubber cock up my ass. Thanks to the HD femdom webcam she had a perfect crystal clear image of it being rammed up my hole. Every inch made my eyes water and was causing my makeup to run.

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The eyeliner was now in thick black globs and running down my cheeks. She howled with laughter as she saw it and I was a real sissy maid humiliated as she called me all sorts of names and told me quite gleefully how she was going to pimp me out as a cheap fuck to earn her money. My mistress loves sissy degradation

The look of fear in my eyes amused her!
Eventually, I was allowed to stop screwing myself and I was told this was only the start of my live anal training webcam sessions. I would be doing this every session from now on until I was properly trained in the art of being a sissy fucked in the ass.
To round up the session, she made me spit in my hand and rub it in my face.

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With saliva all over me, she took off her boot and made me get up close to the cam and worship her feet. Tell her how perfect they were and how much I adored them. How I would suck her toes and perform foot worship on them. It was so humiliating with spit running down my face and I wanted to clean it off but this was a serious no without permission.

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Eventually, she told me I was done and then told me to piss off before closing her female domination cam chat room and disappearing.
She is a very strict mistress and one of many mean bitches online who love to humiliate the sissy bitch at their feet. If you are one such cross-dressing slave then log on now and let one of these cruel women take you on a journey you will never forget.

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