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What is ballbusting?

If you’re wondering what ballbusting is, then you’re probably already interested in it; either you’re a ball-busting dominatrix or heading that way, or you’re a guy with a pair of balls that need busting.

Ballbusting is the art of inflicting pain via any means, often including kicking, kneeing, punching, or more imaginative methods, such as suspension and dropping of weighted objects, the pain caused during a ball-busting session causes pleasure for the dominatrix involved, and doing so, causes pleasure for the submissive undergoing the pain.


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Are you curious about ballbusting?

If like me, you’re curious about having experienced this for yourself but are too shy to take the plunge, online webcams are the way to go.
You can watch mistresses having hours of fun taking out their frustrations on their bound and broken slaves while revelling in the power they gain from their pain infliction. Ballbusting phone sex here

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I’ve spent copious amounts of time watching live streams and recorded footage of submissive men desperate to feel the power of a dominant woman by surrendering their balls and undergoing excruciating pain. At the same time, the Mistress laughs and continues to kick, punch or stomp without showing mercy.

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The most sub-servant way to serve a beautiful woman is by offering up your balls to her and letting her have her fun with them at the cost of your humiliation and pain.

Whilst cock and ball torture is a common and recurring theme in almost every submissive male’s fantasies (almost every act within BDSM and femdom comes back to cbt at some point), it takes on a whole new meaning when you enter the level of ballbusting.

When you get to this level, there is no holding back from her. No limit, no edge, and no restraint. She will unleash her full fury and venom on your poor unfortunate balls, and there is nothing you can do about it except take it.

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You don’t have to be a man-hater to be a Dominatrix

The common misconception among vanilla people is that to be a Dominatrix, you need to be a man-hating ballbuster. This is not true. You need to know what you are doing and how to facilitate the requests of submissive men who wish to serve.

And while there are a lot of men who are into ball-busting and want just such a Goddess, the man-hating part is purely fantasy and it is nowhere near as simple as just kicking them in the balls until they have had enough or passed out from the pain. The mistress chat line here

Many ways to abuse his Balls

There are many different ways with which to abuse a man’s nuts place beyond simple cock and ball torture and it is much more intricate than just kicking him in the testicles. Sure, that is the main act but there are many more ways.

Sissy wearing a very heavyweight round the balls

Ideas for A  BallBusting Session

– Punch your balls. Either as you stand in front of her or with you lying on the floor as she straddles your chest and punches you in the nuts. She can also slap you or use implements such as a hairbrush, wooden spoon, spatula, cane, crop, or belt.

– Use of electrics. The e-stims machine, in particular, can send incredibly painful jolts of electricity through your cock and balls but by using a tens machine or a violet wand she can cause severe pain in your balls.

– Twisting. Grabbing your balls as hard as she can and then twisting them around until you think they are about to be yanked off. She will laugh at your anguished yelps as she holds your twisted nuts in her hand while you are desperately on your tiptoes trying in vain to lessen the pain

– Burning. For the more serious players definitely, she can use cigarettes if she is a smoking Mistress but the more imaginative Dommes can use hair straighteners, curling irons, clothing irons, matches, candles, or cigarette lighters. Not for the faint-hearted!

– Kneeing. Holding both your shoulders to get the maximum thrust she will bring her knee up to meet your nuts with full force.

– Crushing. She can do this in several ways. Putting them between two pieces of wood then pressing down on them, clamping them in a pair of vice grips while you are helplessly bound in bondage, putting them in a vice and turning the handle, or attaching a specialized ball-crushing BDSM device that has four threaded screws, two plexiglass plates and is tightened down to squash that useless raisins almost flat

This is far from an exhaustive list. Thanks to the devious nature and sadistic tendencies of dominant women they will always find new, inventive, and above all else, cruel ways of busting the balls of their unfortunate and hapless slaves.

Some of the cruellest and most sadistic Mistresses are found on this live femdom cams site.

On here there are hundreds of Dominas and each one has a twisted imagination and heartless disregard for the pain and suffering of a useless male creature like you to make sure they suffer greatly and are in great pain.

If you are a slave looking for severe ballbusting live then this is the best place to find it.

All of the Dommes online at this site have the required levels of experience and expertise needed to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Each one is a professional Dominatrix and not an amateur who does not understand what exactly is required. They all know this is far more advanced than just abusing your balls.

They need busting properly and some of the new and inventive ways these mean bitches online can and will come up with to make you yell, scream, groan and beg for mercy as you crumple to the floor will make your blood run cold.

In the past slaves on webcams have been forced to do things such as tying 2 4 litre bottles to their balls, holding them up them drop so the full weight yanks their balls.

They have been made to slam them in between doors or in drawers, hit them with hard objects, and some slaves have been ordered to put staples in their nuts. This is how far things can go to get true ball-busting.

Use the free femdom cam chats option to discuss with her where your level is. If you are looking for ballbusting then you are obviously at the end of the scale anyway but you can tell her where your limits are or what particular areas of busting it are that interest you.

For example, you might not be into burning but want to have your nuts punched so free chat is a perfect place to set out the details rather than just diving right into it and ending up having to interrupt the pace by telling her what you want as you go, or having to tell her not to do a particular thing.

She isn’t a mind reader so needs to know about your desires before you get started!
There are hundreds of live Dominas awaiting a guy like you right now.

A sub-male who needs having her useless cock and balls tormented, abused, tortured, and battered at the hands of a gorgeous and sadistic Mistress.

A never-ending selection of Ladies is here and they are itching to get their hands on your plums and make you scream in pain and beg for mercy as they laugh at you with glee and continue to torture you more.

Are you brave enough?

Do you think you have what it takes to suffer the wrath and relentless abuse from one of these cruel, heartless bitches? If so, join the site now and you can be in a private 1 to 1 session being dominated in less than two minutes.
Enter now and be prepared to suffer at their hands.

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30 things you can do in a Ball Busting session with a cam slave

  1. Scrape your long fingernails down it
  2. Dig your nails into  the balls
  3. Twist the balls so tight then hit them with a wooden spoon
  4. Cover them in jaggy nettles  use sellotape to keep it in place then press your foot on it
  5. Make him do star jumps with weights on them
  6. place a brick on them and stand on it
  7. Tie them to the handle of a door and then pull the door shut
  8. Make him go through a couple of days with no ballbusting so he is more super sensitive for when you commence
  9. Try some pins but be careful with this one
  10. Blindfold him so he does not see them coming  – That increases the intensity
  11. Make him hold his breath as you land that first kick or punch
  12. Kick his nuts from behind  this can be very sensitive for him
  13. Shake things up a little don’t always kick from the front as he gets used to this, make him  kneel in front of you  or go on all fours, even grabbing them from behind
  14. You can tie them up but not too tight unless we are going for blue balls – But tie them up and use objects to slap them you could buy a whip or paddle or you can use a spatula or wooden spoon as it has the same effect anyway.
  15. If they are open to it have 2 people kick  at the same time
  16. Wear heavier boots when kicking
  17. Testicle crushing machines
  18. Tens machines on high vibration mode as u stick your nails in
  19. Hang balls on something in the house
  20. Zap them with an electric fly swatter
  21. Ping them with an elastic band but they must be tight at the time
  22. Drop an apple into a sock and it becomes the ultimate weapon for busting the balls, hold the balls on the worktop or chair or wherever you can, and wack it with the sock.
  23. Dance on them twisting into them as you move up and down.
  24. Put pegs on them and make them ping and twist each peh until it falls off itself – have around 30 pegs on the balls. The more the better. With every flick, or twist it’s gonna sting
  25. Again with pegs on the balls, whip them, kick them stand on them or do whatever else. The point is it’s going to be very painful
  26.  If it’s a sunny day expose the balls to the heat ( good if you stay in a warm country) Get the balls all sunburnt then start kicking and scratching them
  27. Try a nut Cracker – Very painful
  28. Hot wax and ice at the same time
  29. Try and make a CBT Box – Using this means you can stomp on his cock and balls for hours
  30. Toilet seat lid – This can be very painful on the balls when slamming it down on top of them

Self Ballbusting Methods

Here is a list of methods you can yourself at home or when in a cam show.

  •  Toilet seat method – Drop the pan lid on them
  • Ball inside a sock and hit it
  • Tie them tight with an elastic band and then hit them with something
  • Tens machine unit you can pick up from any chemist
  • Put the balls on the floor push a very heavy textbook on top of them and press them down
  • Take a belt to them and whip them
  • Take a shoe, flip flop, wooden spoon, hammer, or spatular type items and slap them hard
  • Tie to the inside of drawers and doors
  • Using humblrs, and stretchers

These are just a few other methods that you can use but we will be adding to this list daily to give you more and more ideas and methods to use.

Thinking outside the box is something I am good at and looking for new ways and suggestions to add to my lists which allows me to explore new kinky ways to stretch and hurt the nuts.

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