d/s lifestyle

d/s lifestyle & What It Involves

Whilst most femdom and BDSM activities are via either a paid real-time session with a professional Dominatrix, on a live femdom webcam site or as a bit of foreplay between couples in a relationship, there is another way for a Domme/Sub S & M interaction. It is only for those serious about a power exchange environment, though.

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Many people think that female domination is just about a guy having his balls beaten or his back whipped, and they do not understand what true slavery and BDSM are all about. A DS lifestyle couple though understands it perfectly.

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True slavery is about power exchange, and for this article, it will be centred around femdom. Whilst almost every dominatrix has a dominant personality in real life, many submissive men are only part-time. They are a sub when horny but lose it once they have cum, or only submit because it turns them on.

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submissive lifestyle

They have no concept of actually being a slave to a superior woman. True subs, however, understand it completely. They have an overpowering need and desire to submit to women and are willing to sacrifice everything to serve what they perceive to be better. The submissive lifestyle is more popular than some people would realize, with many people living this way on a 247 d/s relationship and lifestyle

A dominant female is willing to accept a slave with this level of commitment will create a DS lifestyle.

A DS (Domme/Sub) lifestyle differs from a DS relationship in that the lifestyle is a 24/7 arrangement. There is no time out, no equality and what she says goes. The submissive male is a slave to the dominant female, nothing more. His very existence is spent solely on serving his Mistress and obeying any orders.

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Different levels with a Ds Lifestyle- Relationship and submission

There are different levels within a DS lifestyle, and the participants can find the right stage that suits their level.
Two types of domination can be used in the lifestyle. Sensual or strict. What type is used depends on the top and bottom levels. Each partner must want the same type of Dom to complement each other.

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The way the sub is treated and how the Mistress treats him vary greatly in each scenario. Some Dommes don’t like yelling and abusing their slaves, beating their balls, slapping their faces and treating them like dirt. Likewise, some subs only want to be under a woman’s control and serve her, but only in a calm, nice way. He is still under her control and expected to serve fully and unconditionally, but he has been treated more in a firm but fair way.

With a sensual DS lifestyle, whilst the Dominant always expects her orders and tasks to be followed, she will speak softly and ask pleasantly. For example, “Salve, be a dear and get me a glass of orange juice, please?”. It is ordered since he knows better than to refuse, but it is phrased like a question.

Slaves must obey the lifestyle of domination and submission.

There will be a calm atmosphere in the house, and the slave will be thanked for doing a good job and told he is a good slave on many occasions. He will do the general housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. He will massage her feet, paint her nails and do tasks of that nature. Some couples have the male feminised and dressed as a sissy maid, either 24/7 or occasionally.

Some of our Dominants enjoy masturbating in front of their slaves to tease them and check that they are controlled properly; this can be hard going for these slaves/submissives, watching and not being able to join in depending on the situation you are in and sometimes being sent to check out masturbation chat rooms to tease the slave even further.

Even punishments for wrongdoing are almost gentle. A spanking followed by corner time, being ignored (this hurts a submissive more than ANYTHING) or made to atone for his sins on his knees at her feet. Most sensual domination punishments rarely involve physical pain.

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In most sensual domination lifestyles, couples will have the sub as a sex slave for the Domme. He will be expected to administer oral or provide sexual services when required, i.e. when she is horny. Being a sex slave may sound like fun, but because he is required at the drop of a hat, he rarely gets to cum and needs to remain horny at all times. A sensual lifestyle is almost like it has mutual respect, although only one wears the trousers.

Within a strict dynamic, however, the slave is treated like dirt. He will be at her beck and call at all times and be expected to show her 100% respect, regardless of what she is doing. She will yell at him for doing things wrong (sometimes even when he has done the right, just because she can) and administer harsh and cruel punishments on a whim. She will bark orders and run him ragged.

Many couples have the male sleeping on a blanket on the floor or in a cage. Most will be kept in chastity to prevent “wandering hands”. Most subs in this type of scenario live in fear of their cruel Mistress and try not to displease her in some way.

Of course, those are two extreme sides of the coin. There are lots of in-betweens that each couple can apply to suit themselves. A good mixture of both sensual and strict can be found quite easily.
For those who seriously are into BDSM, a dom/sub lifestyle is a perfect way to live. To find your opposite is a bit tricky, however. You can’t exactly approach women in bars and ask if they want to be your Mistress. Likewise, plenty of fish isn’t exactly going to be awash with replies if you announce you are looking for a Dominatrix lifestyle. One of the best places to find someone is via a femdom cam or BDSM webcam site. These sites are full of dommes who live life so maybe start there.

You can keep up to date with our site, where we list many different styles of BDSM and bondage, where we enjoy exploring all areas of live femdom and weak slaves, from lifestyle to relationships, to fantasy or fetish or just sheer kink you can be assured to find girls and guys on our site who enjoy every aspect of the kinky lifestyle.