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Ready for Cum eating instructions on cams? Enter our live video chat rooms and get ready for cei and joi live with Kinky Mistresses, who enjoy making demands and giving instructions on webcam.

CEI stands for “cum eating instruction” and it is a fetish in which one person instructs another person, often through verbal commands or written instructions, on how to perform oral sex on themselves and consume their own semen.

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CEI can be done on a webcam through video chat platforms such as Skype or Zoom, with one person giving instructions while the other person follows them and performs the act it can also be done in a phone sex chat.


Some people enjoy CEI as a form of BDSM (bondage, domination, submission, and masochism) role-playing or as a way to explore their own sexuality and fetishes.

It can also be used as a form of erotic hypnosis. It’s important to note that not everyone is into CEI and it should only be performed with consenting adults.

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Every so often, live cam Mistresses will relent and grant you, the pathetic horrible little slave, the privilege of being allowed to wank and have an orgasm.

As much as I like to keep my slaves denied, frustrated and constantly tormented by being always horny, It is medically unsafe to keep their balls full of cum so it needs to be released at some point.

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cei camsThis annoys me though. As soon as the slave has ejaculated, he loses all the submissiveness I have bestowed on him and got him to show and because he is no longer horny and desperate to cum, they can become a bit of a handful for a day or so afterwards as they forget just who is in charge. Get ready for your online Cum eating instructions live CEI PHONE SEX

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cei cams liveThat is why I will always make you eat up all that sticky, horrid little puddle of a mess that you leave behind by employing cum eating instructions on you if I let you cum. Oh, you will gag, turn your nose up and try to talk your way out of it but I will simply force you to lower your head, stick your tongue out and lick up all that spilt cum.

Days, weeks or months of pent-up cum have been swirling around in your aching blue balls and finally, I grant you relief and allow you to tug your ugly little dick till it spurts.

The sweet sense of relief and that enjoyable, satisfying glow you feel after ejaculation will quickly turn to fear, and your face will go chalk-white as you hear the four words every orgasm denial slave dreads.
“Now lick it up”
cei liveAfter a while of live jerk-off instructions webcam, your balls will be churning with pent-up spunk and when I finally give you the cum command, you will happily let your hard dick stiffen to its full three inches then jerk as it shoots out thick, aged cum while you twist your face like a dorky teenager as you enjoy your first orgasm in god knows how long. As you slump forward, however, the fun really begins.

sexy Mistress giving cum eating instructionsWell, for me anyway. I will give you live CEI cam training and make you get your face down to that thick, disgusting pile of spunk and make you clear it all away.
There are many ways I can order you to eat up all that creamy man juice. I can make you simply stick your tongue out and lick it all up. You will no doubt gag, and try to resist, but it is pointless. I am one mean bitch online and I enjoy making you suffer so I will not let up you will endure forced cum eating for me. Each lick makes you gag and almost puke. Our cruel dominas here are full of females who know how to manipulate, demand and train in a BDSM lifestyle.

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It strings on your tongue and the salty taste as it slides down your throat. Cold and horrible, it will be disgusting but every single drop will be gone before I allow you to stop. Then you will thank me for allowing you to orgasm. Then it’s back to forced chastity or tease and denial webcam for you till the next time.
humiliation mistressOr maybe I will really make it bad for you and have you get a straw and suck it all up. Feeling it hit the back of your throat, it will make you choke and almost be sick but you will need to keep sucking up all that spunk from the floor. Cheeks sucked in and stomach heaving, I enjoy the look on your face as it grimaces and you feel ill. Not my problem though. JOI is only the start of your problems!
Once, I made a slave mop up his spunk with a slice of bread. He hovered over it and hesitated until I threatened him with forced chastity and cock and ball torture so he soon mopped it up and swallowed his mess. He threw up in his mouth a bit but he held it down.

I gave him some nipple torture and became his online chastity keyholder to teach him not to hesitate when I give him an order in the future. You must do as you’re told or you could be met with severe cock and ball torture
CEI webcams are a favourite of mine as I like to torment my slaves with horrible tasks and eating their own spunk is as horrible as it gets.

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It always makes me howl with laughter as it dribbles off their chin and they look at me, pleading to let them stop. They are totally humiliated slaves on cam and I LOVE it!
There are dozens of superior women and powerful females like me on live Domina cams and we all give cum eating instructions and jerk-off instructions for slaves who need to be taught humility and to be reminded who is in charge after an orgasm they are permitted to have.

Log on now and get ready to lick it up! Some people have a fetish and desire for cum eating assignments and visit fetish webcams often  to have their kinky needs met in an online environment where everything goes

In conclusion, CEI is a fetish where one person gives instructions to another person on how to perform oral sex on themselves and consume their own semen. It can be done on a webcam or phone sex and some people enjoy it as a form of BDSM role-playing or as a way to explore their sexuality and fetishes. However, it should only be performed with consenting adults and with proper precautions.