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Chastity webcam, are you ready to Surrender your orgasm and submit to online chastity keyholding by sadistic Mistresses who will control your sexual relief? These online Mistresses love to hear you beg and whimper for release

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Chastity plays on webcam with a locked box

Chastity play is a popular form of BDSM in which one partner, the submissive, gives up control of their sexual pleasure to the other partner, the dominant, also known as a keyholder or mistress. One of the most common ways to engage in chastity play is through the use of a chastity device, such as a locked timer box.

As a mistress, I enjoy using chastity devices to control and deny my submissive orgasms. This type of play allows me to have complete control over my submissive’s sexual pleasure and can be a powerful tool for both psychological and physical submission.

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During a webcam show, I will often lock my submissive up in a chastity device, such as a locked timer box, which I control remotely. This allows me to tease and deny my submissive’s orgasm while also being able to watch their reactions and control the timing of their release.

One of the most important aspects of chastity play is trust. As a mistress, my submissive needs to trust me and understand that I will only release them when I feel it is appropriate. This type of trust can be incredibly empowering for both the mistress and the submissive and can lead to a deeper level of submission and intimacy.

Chastity play can be a highly erotic and satisfying experience for both parties. As a mistress, I enjoy the power and control that comes with being the one in charge of my submissive’s pleasure. And for my submissive, the denial of orgasm can be incredibly arousing and lead to a more intense release when they are finally allowed to orgasm.

If you are interested in trying chastity play, I highly recommend investing in a locked timer box. It is an affordable and easy way to get started in chastity play and can add a whole new level of excitement and pleasure to your BDSM dynamic.

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As always, communication and consent are key. Make sure to discuss boundaries and safety with your partner before trying chastity play. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun and explore your desires!

With our Strict Mistress cams, you will find that your life will no longer be your own; they will take over your life, as well as your cock and balls and orgasms. No more wanking, no more jerking off, no more cum play.

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chastity cams, orgasm control, joi webcamAll you weak-willed, pathetic little male slaves have one thing in common. You have an uncontrollable urge to constantly tug on your cock like a spotty teenager who has just seen his teenage neighbour in a bikini. It’s pathetic. A hint of female flesh or a hot woman in tight clothing and a tent forms in your shorts and you run to the bathroom and start spanking your monkey.

Well you know when we have you in the chastity webcam session, you will be made to sign the slave contract, which includes handing over ownership of your manhood

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Mistress Controls your wanking – You Only get to cum under instructions

It is even worse for some superior women like me. Every time I have guys like you come to me for a femdom cam session online, I know you are thinking of me wearing my tight leather dress or my rubber leggings or PVC outfits while you are playing with yourself. It gives me the creeps. the best chastity phone sex here

Well, no more. I do not have you with your grubby little hands on my property. Your cock and balls belong to me, as do your orgasms and you get to wank when I say so, you get to orgasm when I allow it and you get to touch My property when I decide you can.

Get into our live chastity webcam room now and submit ready for your orders to serve and obey me, No more wanking for you

Chastity cam Lifestyle Mistress – Tease And Denial Cam Shows

 chastity webcam,orgasm control, tease and denial t&d camsI have been an online chastity keyholder for several years and have lots of slaves with their dicks locked away in a little plastic prison. With the padlock firmly snapped shut, your ability to get erections, wank, and shoot your piddling little dribble of spunk as you cum will be absolutely ZERO. You will never cum again unless I let it happen and let me tell you, that is extremely rare.

I get a sadistic pleasure from the look of abject fear on a slave’s face when I tell him he is going to be using forced chastity and orgasm denial on him. The thought of not being allowed to abuse himself whenever he wants is something that makes most of them break down and cry.

Not that I care of course. A slave’s problems of aching blue balls, orgasm denial, and cum control are just that. His problems, not mine.

This is one very popular part of a slave, sub-sissies training, and a highly requested fetish online.
As soon as I have that CB 6000 on your penis, I have you under my complete control. I already own you but now I own you.

I will immediately be using tease and denial to torture you. I get off the pain in your face as your cock tries to grow but is stopped by the cruel plastic I have it caged in.

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enter into the chastity webcam room now and submit your cock and balls to your new owner

Flashing my cleavage, bending over to torment you with my pert ass, or dangling my feet at you, I will drive you to the brink of insanity as your balls churn with cum, desperate to be released. I will make you watch as I pleasure myself or make you watch an entire porn video online before leaving you denied and frustrated. Or to receive live jerk-off instructions in joi cams sessions

Wanking Instructions Online – Mistress Owns your Orgasm – Locked Away

chastity key - slave locked awayI am one of many mean bitches on webcam who utilizes chastity torture and cum control cams as a way of controlling slaves who keep letting erections pop up all over the place. By keeping you securely locked away, I can sleep easy at night knowing you are not touching my things and stroking my cock without my express permission.

When you come to me for live female domination cam, I will be wearing whatever turns you on. Leather, rubber, PVC, lingerie, whatever it takes to get those balls of yours churning and your dick struggling. Nothing is more fun to me than hearing the pathetic begging and pleading of a denied chastity slave grovelling for an orgasm. After days, weeks, or even months of denial, they are willing to do almost ANYTHING to be unlocked for a wank.

It is hilarious to watch and some of them actually break down in tears when they hear the dreaded two-letter word. NO
Even when I DO allow them to empty their balls, I make them suffer for it. I make them sit and jerk off but I do not let them have relief.

If I choose to allow real men to have sex with me then you will be an obedient cuckold in chastity cam bitch and sit quietly and watch

You will be treated the same. The tease and denial webcam is a favourite of mine as I love the whiny voice of a pleading slave. With his dick rock solid and desperate for that final jerk, I use strict jerk-off instructions to keep you right on the edge and I will drive you nuts by having you
– Change hands
– Speed up, slow down
– Stop, start
– Only go upstrokes
– Or downstrokes
losers are my toys - bdsm cam showsAnd anything else I want to do on the spur of the moment for that matter. The groans and cries of anguish reverberate through the crystal clear audio of my HD femdom webcam and it always makes me smirk at their torture. Even when I DO eventually let them spurt, I will sometimes order them to stop RIGHT AT the edge so they are forced to sit and watch as their much-longed-for orgasm slips away.

Giving him alive ruined orgasm is hilarious to me and also makes him understand that I completely and control and rule his orgasms.
There are dozens of mean bitches and live femdom webcam Dommes like me who use chastity torture and CBT to control their male slaves.

Control the dick you control the male. Never truer words were spoken as after only a day locked away, a male slave is already meeker and more obedient.

Are you ready to enter our chastity webcam rooms? Are you ready to obey, serve and worship your new keyholder? Make sure you bring a pen to sign that chastity contract as it is  a Must

So get your hands OFF my property and enter my live female domination cam room. I am online now and ready to fuck your life up and make you suffer.