Slave Tasks And Assignments

Cam Slaves Tasks And Assignments

Cam slaves Tasks & assignments we enjoy giving our sissy and slaves tasks whether it be dominating or humiliating cam tasks and assignments we love to entertain ourselves and below is an outline of what you can expect in a cam slave tasks webcam show. We have also included our femdom tasks for ideas and methods.

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Our site is for weak male slaves slutty sissy girls in Training on cam

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There is nothing more irritating to a dominant female than an idle slave. It infuriates them to think that inferior male specimens like you are sitting doing nothing or, even worse, out having fun. our online femdom chat rooms are available at 247. Check for  our submissive phone sex lines 

You are a useless pathetic excuse for a human being and as such should be kept busy with tasks, assignments, and chores for every single waking moment. Read on and learn about our femdom tasks.

The online femdom mistress is always waiting to tease and interrogate you in the kinkiest of ways.

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sissy thumiliatin tasks

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If you are not running errands for Mistress or doing work for her then you need to be doing something. The femdom assignments you will be given must be followed to the letter.

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This is where all superior females and powerful women come into their own for they all have wickedly twisted imaginations and sadistic ideas rattling around in their heads and when they need to keep you busy then they have no shortage of things to dish out to you.

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Any male slave who uses live femdom cams to serve a superior woman has plenty of time to sit around doing jack shit with his time or even worse, sitting and playing with himself so these dommes like to give you things to do to keep you busy.

It means you have no free time to sit tugging your dick like a spotty teenager and that you are not sitting and getting any funny ideas about how you are somehow equal to the female species.

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chastity slave tasks are always part of this online training, where you are made to wear locked chastity and made to do degrading tasks for your Mistress

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sissy tasks
During your live BDSM webcam session, your Mistress will give you your assignments for you to do until you use her next. Each Domme will tailor your tasks to fit in with what areas of S and M interests you.

Are you ready for your duties, training, and homework? Get ready for your daily tasks slave. You are our servant, and you will always obey your Mistress

Be warned, however, that these are mean bitches online and they are not messing around. They are cruel, sadistic, and heartless to the plights of their submissives and slaves and they have no scruples when it comes to giving out orders and tasks.

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They can range from mind-numbingly boring to extremely humiliating but no matter what it is, you will need to have them all completed or there will be severe consequences. This is all part of the  sissy humiliation training to see if you can become a full-time live-in bitch for a mistress

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For Example

  • Some Mistresses enjoy public humiliation and they can direct you to maybe dress up like a sissy maid and go fill your car up with gas. To make sure you are obeying, they will require picture proof which will mean you will need to ask someone to take your picture.
  • Extremely humiliating and degrading, fully dressed in your high heels, stockings, French maids outfit, wig, and makeup you will stand with the nozzle in your hand as your picture is taken by a sniggering bystander before you flee red-faced and dejected.

sissy degraded

  • Or they will make you go to the store and purchase ONLY a large cucumber, condoms, and KY jelly and keep the receipt as proof. Your online Mistress will get a sadistic kick from hearing all about how you were humiliated and your cheeks burning as the cashier looked at you like you were weird. She will love hearing about how you were forced to grin sheepishly as she sniggered and tried not to burst out laughing. Yes, public humiliation webcam tasks are very enjoyable to a dominant female.

female sucb humiliated licking toilete pan

  • Of course, it does not have to be public. They can make you trash your living room, picture it then have to sort it or they can have you empty all your CDs on the floor of having to sort them all. Maybe they will have you text her every 10 minutes at specific times of the day.
  • Perhaps they will make you miss all your favourite shows and instead write a commentary on tv programs on the other channels. For example, if you like football, she might make you miss it so you can write a report on the gardening show on the other channel.
  • Most brat princesses and mean bitches online love to do this as it totally rejects their slaves.
    Slave tasks and assignments are not purely limited to off-cam though. Lots of times they like to issue orders during the session. That way they can keep you busy without having to bother you too much.

sissy maid cleaning

  • Maybe she will have you write thousands of lines? Forcing you to write “I am a little sissy faggot” or “I belong to my Mistress and Superior Goddess” over and over till you get writer’s cramp yet forcing you to keep going while she sits and browses websites or watches TV.
  • Or maybe she will make you get a box of cornflakes or a tub of rice and empty the contents on the floor then make you sit and count them one by one. Mind numbingly boring yet you have no choice but to obey. Sitting counting those itty bitty pieces of rice, your mind will be mush and you will want to curl up and die just to stop the tedium but you will have to keep on going with your assignment while she ignores you and sits painting her nails or filing them for her real man lover.

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There are literally hundreds of dominant women and superior Mistress webcam chat Dommes online right now who are ready to dish out humiliating or tedious tasks and assignments to their male slaves. They have no interest in whether you want to do them or not.

They just want you kept busy and out of harm’s way. So if you are a submissive male with a desire to serve at the feet of a powerful woman and to obey her and follow her commands, log on to this femdom cam site now and be on your knees ready to obey.

Stand in the corner in huge high heels and face the wall and made to walk in those huge heels all day without being able to sit down at all. Fetish high heels are enjoyed by many fetishists as well as high heel punishments for weak bitches, whores, sluts, and cock lovers

Get ready and enter our sissy slave chat for some extreme BDSM assignments, the domme tasks you will be given are severe from sissy maid ideas to sissy online training.

If you are a webcam slave boy looking for a severe slave training session then be sure to enter our live chat rooms for cruel cam sessions where we train and give many different assignments and tasks. We have a superior femdom waiting to spank you, control you, blackmail you, and more.