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Hello there, butt-slut! I’m Mistress Lydia, and I’m pleased to see you here at Femdom cams Mistress. If you’re poking around here, I’m assuming you have an interest in naughty anal play phone sex. You’ve come to the right place! Femdom kik are you ready slave?

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Mistress Kik Can also be found on Skype – I am a Skype Mistress with attitude

I am always around online waiting to train and modify my webcam slaves behavior and lifestyle, you can find me on many of the instant messengers offering live BDSM cam training from Kik, skype, yahoo, snap chat, and not forgetting facetime and yahoo messenger. No matter what type of slave or sissy you are, you can be assured my sadistic charms await you right now I am a cruel femdom Kik enthusiast who enjoys training cam slaves.

If you are looking for a Mistress on Kik then look no further we have you covered our Kik mistresses know exactly what to get from weak webcam slaves from cock and ball torture, to forced feminization these skype mistresses and online femdom will push every button to get what they want from slaves on webcam

Your Online Kik Mistress Enjoys The following Bdsm& Fetish sessions

  • Cock and ball torture
  • Panty play – sniffing stuffing, forcing my slaves to wear them, and all things kinky to do with ladies lingerie.
  • Blackmail fantasy scenario included slave contracts and financial domination.
  • Humiliation both verbal, physical, small penis domination
  • Corporal punishments – canes, floggers paddles, and slippers
  • Orgasm control – edge play, orgasm denial, masturbation control, and ownership – Jerk off Instructions
  • Cum eating instructions
  • Fetishes – smoking, high heels, latex, boots, strapon, socks, pantyhose
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Now, let me tell you a bit about myself and my beloved Ladymaker. I’m an educated, thoughtful, sometimes sarcastic, and always enthusiastic Mistress. One of the most frequently asked questions posed to me is if my style is more sensual or strict. Mistress chat city where all of our dominatrix and Goddesses seek subs and slaves for an online slave training session

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mistress Kik

Let me answer that for you. I am naturally sensual, and the word “sweet” is often used to describe me. Don’t let that fool you, though! When my intuition tells me that you require strict discipline, it flips my “bitch switch” to the ON position. I love guiding Assplay newbies through their first pegging sessions, and I definitely can make seasoned butt-sluts feel the wrath of my Ladymaker.

Don’t forget these women are kinky & sadistic she owns your manhood and will never ever let you forget it!

Speaking of My Ladymaker, let me tell you about him, too. He is my pride and joy, a black 9.5-inch strap-on dildo. Don’t make assumptions about his moniker, though.

The Ladymaker is not reserved only for feminization purposes, although that is one of his favorite hobbies. His name is simply a reflection of the power exchange that he represents – me doing the fucking, and you being fucked the way a lady would be fucked. (And I do love doing that fucking! Yum.)

kik mistress

I have created this blog to celebrate my love of all things ass. You can look forward to reading all about my passion for pegging and lots of kinky strap-on erotica. If you’re interested in playing with me, (or, rather, me playing with you) you can set up a session and pop in and chat with me on my live webcam or for a real-time session where I will always call the shots.

With hundreds of different Mistresses for you to chat with and not a mistress chatbot but a real mistress.

How about Mistresses who enjoy wedgies? By this I mean they enjoy doing this to their sissy sluts. So what is a wedgie I hear you ask?

 A wedgie is When said subject includes yanking up someone’s underwear directly into their genitals, which makes the changeover to porn slightly simpler. It’s additionally an all-natural match for an underground fetish network. This is a technique Mistresses enjoy using when humiliating sissy sluts.

The most popular stuff men and women look for on Pornhub before they try to find wedgie porn: Are – spanking, thong, bully, cameltoe, JOI ( jerk-off guidelines ) wrestling, catfight, lesbian crotch, a rope of some sort, diaper spank, BBW, catfight, panties, bondage.

Personal interests include but are not limited to the below following activities.

  Mild to Extreme CBT, NT, Face Smothering/Sitting
  Chastity Training, Key Holding, Sensory Manipulation, Foot and Hand Worship
  Leather-Rubber-High Heel Fetish, Militant Dress/Demeanor, Multiple Scenes
  Toilets in Various Forms, Mind Fucking, Sissy Slut Boys, Cigar Smoking
  Mild to Heavy Corporal Punishment, Breath Play, Slight to Encasing Bondage
  Excel in Physical and Verbal Humiliation, Body Trampling, Experimental Subject
  Teasing and Denial, Chastity, Slavery Training, Pain Sluts on All Levels
  Interrogation Drills, Abdominal Kicking/Punching, Sensually Strict Control
  Electrical/Medical Scenes, Adult Babies, Total Objectification

Also, directing slaves to surrender themselves to please My dark, erotic nature and wicked sexuality which can be in many contexts and forms.

No matter what the scenario we have something for everyone. if you fancy something a little different whether it be to be dominated or  for them to be a submissive do check out the shemales live where they enjoy exploring new kinky ideas with everyone

Mistress looking for a slave – Dominant Mistress

Mistress is always on the lookout for new slaves to add to her collection of losers. Are you looking for Mistress? Kik Mistress Finder is another great place to find us. We always hang out in places where we know our submissives will look for us. -wedgie mistress or mistress chatbot who enjoys all types of wedgies and teasing of her submissives

We are not just on Kik, but snap chat, skype, facetime, and many other places.

Our Promise to Our Slaves & Sissy Whores:
A super Amazing, unforgettable, kinky Erotic Experience, which is always discreet, anonymous, and With No Risk to You

From HeadMistress and Site Owner, Ms. Ally

Over the years we have been building to be the very best at what we do both online and offline on webcam or via the erotic telephone entertainment company which we have been doing over the past decade, one thing has become clearer to us each day:

 However keeping in mind that although we do operate within the Adult and kinky Entertainment Industry, there is one thing that we owe to each and every one of our callers: a World-Class customer service experience.

We want to make it easy and enjoyable to do business with us. We want you to be able to pick up the phone and enjoy yourself fully, and not be concerned that you might not receive the quality of service you’re hoping for and deserve