She Owns Your Manhood

Oh She Owns Your ManHood – She Is In Control

She owns your manhood. A four-letter phrase simplifies female domination and wraps it up into one easy statement.

One thing that all submissive men understand, or soon will do if they don’t already, is that the superior woman is their better.

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she owns your manhood

She owns their body and mind, and that includes, of course, your manhood. The very thing that symbolises that you are a man (well, male at least since most subs do not count as real men) hangs between your legs and the second you fall under the spell and control of a dominant woman, she owns it.

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Cock, stock and two silly prunes, you might say!

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show owns you rmanhood, cock and ball torture

They will own your manhood and go to great lengths to prove to you that it does not belong to you anymore.

There are many ways she can do this, and one of the most basic, yet most effective is by locking it up in a cage and becoming your online chastity keyholder.

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By putting you in chastity, you can no longer even get an erection, never mind jerk off and achieve an orgasm. That cock is her property, and she does not want you playing with it without her permission so keeping it under lock and key is the safest solution.

cock and ball torture, controls the manhood

With the cock locked away, she now controls you even further since while the cock and your orgasms belong to her, the feeling of frustration and desperation for relief is all yours.

She will keep you locked up for days, weeks and even months at a time till she is ready to deal with it.

Your Dick & Balls Belong to Mistress – She owns your manhood

Since you are not a real man, that dick and balls are useless except for one thing. Her amusement. And her amusement is garnered from one thing. Making you scream.

She can use cock and ball torture on your manhood if she chooses. In a live femdom webcam session, she can have it abused by being whacked with a wooden spoon, flicking the balls with a finger or tapping them with a pencil (this is surprisingly effective despite not sounding like much), tying string or shoelaces around the shaft or separating the balls, smearing it in chilli powder or hot sauce or for the more hardcore CBT on cam players, slamming it in drawers or doors.

ballbusting techniques, ball bustin gpictures

There is also the possibility of having an e-stims or tens machine used on you for electro-torture. Nothing is sweeter to an online Mistress than hearing a weak male yelping in agony or grunting and abusing your manhood will certainly produce that effect.

Small Penis Humiliation Controls your manhood

To further increase her hold over what used to be your property, she will make you start to resent it and curse it by inflicting small penis humiliation and cock mock on you. Making you stand with your hands behind your back and that little pee-pee on display (and no doubt hard, all 3 inches of it) she will rip into you and mercilessly aim sadistic and cutting insults at you.

Maggot dick, baby cock and micropenis are among the nicer things she will say to you. Maybe she will force you to get chipolata sausages, baby carrots, AA batteries and biro lids then make you hold them against it so she can laugh at how minuscule they look beside them.

This has the bonus of making you all too acutely aware also of just how small it actually is.

small penis humiliation

She will also make you feel utterly ashamed and degraded as she laughs at it, points at it and if you are really unlucky (or lucky, depends on how you look at it!) she might also phone her friends and tell them all about the maggot dick loser who is live in her femdom cam room.

Just imagine how you will feel, forced to stand there and say and do nothing while she laughs with her friends about you and they all join in and rip the piss out of you. By the time she is finished with you, you will be cursing yourself for having been given such a stub for a cock.

From small penis humiliation to chastity to cock and ball torture, there is no end to the possibilities of what these supreme ladies can and will do in a BDSM webcams session to prove that she owns your manhood.

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