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Cuckold cams are where pathetic, useless little pin dicked men get forced to watch the woman of their dreams fuck other men or tell you all about their sexual encounters with real men. Men with proper, big thick cocks.

Get ready for real webcam humiliation from serious females who love nothing more than explaining in excruciating detail how your wife/girlfriend hates your cock and loves to be with real alpha males and making you listen to it all.

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Live cuckold cams are for “men” who can not please a woman. Men who just don’t have what it takes to make women orgasm and give them the pleasure they deserve.

Men who have small dicks and do not know what they are doing, even if they ever could get a woman to sleep with them. If you’re reading this, men like YOU.

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Being her cuckold is your only chance to get attention from these gorgeous women. Normally hot women screw their faces in disgust if they even have to look at you. You crave their attention, to be near them.

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“So how long has it been? Three weeks? I am feeling so sorry for you, So I will jerk your cock….But I set a timer. You are not allowed to cum before the timer goes off. When It goes off you have five seconds to squirt your load. If not, you don’t cum at all. If you cum too early there will be no cumming for the next six months at least.”


Wonderfull tease. Because of the time pressure, he’ll not be able to cum at the right time. He’ll do his best not to cum before the timer goes so he’ll be focussed on not cumming. Then when he has to cum it takes too long for him to switch mode. Result; no squirting and licking balls for him.



Part 2 down below



Becoming their cuck is your only chance. They will never sleep with you. Not ever. What they will do, however, is give you the attention from them that you crave by making you watch them with other men.

Aren’t you lucky? Now you can finally be of some use to these women. You get to be their new toy. Their plaything to torment and abuse, and you’re so pathetic you’ll accept it.

If you are a man so inept, useless, and so pathetic in bed that any woman unfortunate enough to have you flopping on top of her will find out you are a two-pump chump who couldn’t satisfy a blow-up doll, then this is the website you need.

Dozens of haughty, superior and cruel Dominas will turn you into their lowly cuck and degrade and humiliate you until you cry.

You have no chance of getting the hot babes you lust after into bed. They will never entertain the likes of you. You don’t even come CLOSE to making the grade.

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They want REAL men with really big thick dicks, muscles and six-packs.

Not pasty flabby small dick losers like you, a two-pump chump who dribbles out a tiny amount of cum and who has never even rocked his world when having one of his pathetic stroking wank sessions, never mind giving a woman any pleasure.

You are so ridiculous you could never make a woman orgasm, and all she would do would is lay there staring at the ceiling, wishing it was all over. It would be so bad she would not even bother faking it.

Superior Females Humiliate Cucks

Nope, superior females do not deserve to be subjected to you sweating and flopping around on top of them. They deserve to be satisfied properly, and you are not up to the job. You don’t measure up.

You deserve to be the lowly cuck on your knees, watching her get laid and fucked by a real man with a big dick who knows what he is doing.

Acting as a fluffer to get him hard by sucking his dick and then shoving into the corner so he can plough her pussy, and then when he is done, you suck his cock clean and have your head shoved between her legs to lick her out and clean her of his real manly thick creamy load.

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On this live femdom cams site, there are dozens of hot babes who are unattainable for dweebs and losers like you. You do not get ladies like this. Sure, you can try, but ultimately, you will fail.

With their fit, hard bodies, long flowing hair, pert ass and gorgeous big tits, all of which are not for the likes of you, they are every man’s dream woman. The type of female you fantasise about and dream of kissing and having sex with.

They don’t want you for sex, though. All you get is made to strip naked on a cuckold webcam and stand there with your tiny dick on display as she and her man laugh at you and call you names, insulting you by calling you a faggot, a tiny cock loser, a two-stroke joke and anything else they can think of.

Her disgusting, useless little cucky is only good to serve her and her lover and to be their verbal punchbag.

It is extremely humiliating for you to be forced to stand there as a hot babe you fancy and are desperate to fuck laugh at you and insult you. It is even worse and even more degrading to have another man call you names as he paws her tits and runs his hand up her leg to the pussy you are so desperate to feel and kisses the luscious lips that you ache to kiss.

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They don’t care how much this tortures and kills you. They will get off on your suffering, and in one of the cruellest twists of fates, this will only spur them on to become dirtier, kinkier and have an even harder and filthy sex session, all whilst you are forced to kneel in the corner and watch.

As they kiss and grope each other, they will make you watch them have fun online via their webcam and practically ignore you. You will barely be thought to them as they begin to make out.

Him groping her body, feeling her tits, grabbing her arse and running his hands through her hair whilst she strokes and wanks his dick and wrapped her long, slender, perfect legs around his waist.

Sexy females smoking and using you like the ashtray as they fuck real men in front of your eyes will also drive you to tears. Watching her precious, sultry lips suck on a cigarette and a cock but never yours. As she drops to her knees and unzips his fly, she will take his big hard dick in her hand and look at you. She will scornfully and sadistically tell you that he has a real dick as she strokes and wanks it before she takes him in her mouth and makes you watch.

He has a thick cock. The kind that women want and that you will never match up to. Your 2-inch dick is gods joke, and as she starts to wank it, she will laugh as you winch and your little pecker starts to grow hard to its full 3 inches.

As she sucks his cock, he will grab her hair and look at you smirking. He knows how desperate you are to feel a babe like this suck your dick and have her mouth around your cock. He might even give you a cheeky little wink as he enjoys her wet mouth and the fact that you are suffering as she inflicts a live cuckold cams session on you.
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As he lifts her and bends her over, her smile will tell you she loves doggy style, and you get a lovely close-up of the look of pleasure on her face as he pounds his big hard dick into her pussy from behind.

They throw Insults and Belittle you.

She will insult you and forbid you from touching your hard throbbing dick as she gets royally screwed and given the pleasure she deserves from a real man, not a pasty loser like you.

Being a humiliated cuckold webcam slave is all you deserve.

She may Invite her partner to the cam show.

Sessions can be with another man involved as above, or it can be just you and the superior woman who will tell you all about her real men lovers.

All the femdom webcam dommes know that slaves like you lust after them and fantasise about them, so they enjoy telling you about their real men to leave you in no doubt that you sleeping with them is never going to happen.

They enjoy seeing the frustrated look on your face as they tell you all about how they cum, and he shoots his load while you only get to hear about it.

Forced Chastity may be Introduced.

Maybe she will use forced chastity on you and become your online chastity keyholder?

You are locking your dick away in a plastic prison that forbids erections. You can kiss goodbye to having a cheeky little wank while thinking about her.

Instead, she will make you watch as she gets herself off or listen as she tells you all about her sexual exploits with proper men who know what they are doing.

There are dozens of gorgeous, unattainable powerful females online right now, just waiting to give you the cuckold webcam online session you deserve. Do not keep them waiting for login now and get on your knees to where you belong.

You can view hundreds of our live online cuckold cams night and day with humiliatrixes who enjoy the art of making you feel as small a person as possible.

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So what happens in a Live Cuckold Cam show?

Essentially, anything you want. Being a cuckold comes in different forms. You can be the cuck who will never get a handjob, blowjob or sex from her but is forced to sit and listen as she tells you she will never do any of these things with you and make you hear all about her sex episodes with her real men lovers.

It can take the form of a cuckold fantasy roleplay scenario where she plays the part of your cuckolding hotwife. She can be mean and belittle your sexual performance or accidentally let it slip she is about to sleep with another man, for example.

Or the ultimate form, you are made to sit and watch her with her lover. A ripped male with a big dick. He is forced to watch her suck him before he fucks her tight, wet pussy.

The choice is yours.

Can I only have a cuckold webcam session if I have a small dick?

Not at all. Sure many cucks have tiny cocks, and small penis humiliation is a big part of cuckolding, but if you are better endowed than sph guys, you can still have a cuckold webcam session. You can still be a submissive cuckold and be humiliated even if you don’t have a little penis.

Will another male be in the session, or is it just a fantasy chat?

It depends on what Dominatrix your session with. Many of them have boyfriends, husbands or lovers they can bring to the session to have sex with in front of you. Some do not, however, so it is a good idea to use the free cam chat option to find out.

Having another man right there is not for every cuck. Many like the thought but not the reality and prefer just fantasy chat. If you want another man there to humiliate you, then it is entirely possible; you just need to ask her if she can bring someone in.

How long does a session last?

That depends on you! This session is about you and what you want. It can be as long or as short as you desire. If you just want 2 minutes of full-on verbal degradation as she calls you names and insults your sexual performance, then this is fine, but if you want a full hour of her and her lover screwing each other’s brains out while you sit watching and wishing you were him then this is ok as well. You call the shots regarding length. Unlike you, her lovers can last!

Do I have to be a cuckold in chastity for a cams session?

Not if you don’t want to be. Chastity isn’t for everyone, and if you do not want to have your cock locked in a cage, then you don’t have to. Likewise, many cucks enjoy being forbidden from masturbating, but if this isn’t something you are into then you can wank away while she is with her real man getting laid.

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Is it possible to buy her used underwear?

It can be, yes. Many Dominas will sell their knickers after they’ve worn them after their lover has cum inside them. Not all Mistresses sell their undies, but many of them do. They enjoy the humiliation you feel sniffing them, knowing you are smelling another man’s spunk in her pussy, so they will gladly sell them to you. More cuckold phone sex here

Will I be forced to dress as a sissy cuckold? 

Again, only if that is something you are into. Many cuckys like to be humiliated by being dressed as sissies while their Mistress is with a real man, but it is not compulsory. You do not need to be a sissy maid or dressed in a bra and panties if you are not a dresser.

She can, however, “force” you to be reluctantly dressed if forced feminisation is a fetish or fantasy you harbour.

What do I need to bring to enjoy a webcam cuckold session?

Whatever you want to include—a butt plug, chastity cage, blindfold, cuffs, restraints etc. You do not “need” to bring anything but anything you think will make your session more enjoyable and as close to your ideal fantasy as possible, it will be more than welcome. Chat with me about cuckold scenarios on my cuckold phone chat line

Use the free cams chat facility to tell your chosen Cuckoldrix what you have, and she will be able to include their usage in your session.

What happens with cum eating? Do I have to?

Of course not. Very few cucks do. Many, many of them will request it and genuinely mean it but once men have cum their endorphins disappear instantly, meaning the huge turn-on of eating their cum that excited them and made them rock hard now disgusts them. If this happens to you, simply tell your Mistress you have changed your mind, don’t just hit end session, then tell her you lost your connection. She’s not stupid!

You can include CEI (cum eating instructions) as part of the fantasy but know from the start you won’t follow it through; you can be determined to do it right up until you’ve cum, then change your mind and tell her you want to end the session there or you can be one of the few and go through with it if this is what you want.

Cuckold Marriage Humiliation Idea

How about picking up a blow-up doll for your hubby, and when you and your lover are finished knocking you up, you both sit down with a drink, and you tell your fresh husband to consummate your marriage with the blow-up doll?

With you two laughing hysterically at him while he is consuming your marriage. Kinky humiliation phone sex here

Of course, you can wait until the last day of your honeymoon and keep him locked up all the time in a chastity belt (CB3000 does the trick).

And let your lover keep the key around his neck while you suck it and kiss his neck while hubby watching!

Of course, afterwards, he’s got to clean up the plastic wife of his cum with his tongue while you and your lover have another go knocking you up… just to be sure!

When your lover’s finished, your husband can clean you up when he’s done cleaning up his plastic wife.

Even more, fun if the blow-up doll is a sheep or something! It could be the initiation of your marriage…